Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Modish Matrons #23: All White

Happy May!
As usual, I start a new month with a new Modish Matrons link-up (open for the whole month) and a new, most unexpected theme offered by Beate - ALL WHITE! Please visit my dear friends TINA und BEATE to see what they have in store for us this time. 

I think I understand why Beate chose such an uncharacteristic theme. All the three of us LOVE colors, and it definitely isn't a huge challenge to any of us to come up with a bold colorful outfit. How about something so completely out of character that we actually dig deep into our inner fashionista selves and get excited about WHITE? Now, that IS a challenge! And I think not only for us, but for pretty much everybody I know with only one exception, which happens to be...my landlord (the best landlord on planet Earth, by the way). This guy wears head to toe white year-round! Despite the fact that his job is physically demanding and often plain dirty, he pretty much seems to manage a fresh all-white outfit every single morning, or at least when I see him. I know he would have zero problems with our challenge - talk about love of a particular color! 

I don't know about Beate and Tina, but I felt like a beautiful bride in my all-white outfit - happy, lighthearted and fancy! I even offered Justin to marry me again! I was extremely lucky with the sunny and warm weather last week, when we did this photo shoot - it even got to almost 80 F one day. So I didn't need any outer layer, otherwise I would wear a white cardigan or my off-white cape. I am cheating a little bit here by wearing a white dress with black polka dots, but as my daughter says, you need some contrast, right? The dress is by Gabby Skye - a brand I had an eye on for a while for their gorgeous dresses. The irony is that when I was purchasing this dress (online), I had no clue what the brand was. I found it in Dress Barn, of all places, and I believe it is my first purchase from this store, ever. You can see my black bra peeking which adds to the flirty feminine vibe of the dress (for a more formal situation, I would use a pretty brooch or just sew a snap on).

For texture and visual interest, I added this gorgeous necklace (I fell in love with this design so much that I bought its colorful sister - you could have seen it in my JULY 2017 and MARCH 2018 posts). My beautifully embroidered-on-both-sides purse is an antique mall find. The off-white leather pumps with an open toe and cut-out sides are from DSW (a discount shoe store) 2 to 3 years ago.

For our photo shoot location, I also wanted to choose something white - for one reason, if the background is too contrasting, a white outfit can end up looking too washed out on photos, and you'll start loosing details (wisdom from Justin); and another reason is of course I just wanted to play on the theme too. The old school in my neighborhood became my choice - and not only for the off-white color of the stucco, but also for the elegant lines and shapes which I think harmonize with my classy dress so well. The white blooming tree in the school yard was a bonus! Built in 1924, the school is now a historical landmark and a home for preschoolers, continuing the education of new generations of local residents. (I wrote more about my historic neighborhood in my post 111 YEARS from July 2017.)

Do you have any all-white looks? Then join us! And even if they are not totally white, jump right in! 
I think I've got a few in my archive that are pretty close to all-white, that I can link to this post.

Dress - Gabby Skye via Dress Barn (I also found it on Amazon)
Necklace - Talbots (last year)
Purse - via antique mall
Pearl earrings and bracelets - gifts from friends, years ago
Sunnies - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (old)
Shoes - via DSW (old)

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  1. this is a dream of a dress!!!
    and you look marvelous in it <3 <3 <3 !!!! love which accessories you picked - the necklace is a big stunner, the colors of the purse look like a bouquet of flowers and the shoes are dainty and chic (my white pumps have a tan "stacked" heel too!)
    justin is such a great photographer - no outwash, no glare, all the details are very visible. our shot was pure luck - the big shady trees of the park did the most ;-)
    thank you for taking up that challenge!! i´m very happy how we 3 did it!
    hugest hugses & much love! xxxxxxx

    1. And I am happy that you are happy! <3
      I remember picking this necklace a year ago or so thinking that I would wear it with all-white outfit if I ever create such a look. It's very unusual for me, but I loved it!

  2. Natalia you look stunning! I am in love with this dress... and these wonderful pictures.
    I would like to marry you Natalia :))
    Öhm you find me at amazon, looking about this dress ;)
    Much love and a very huge hug, Tina

  3. You look like a dream, Natalia! All the women are so lovely in white, and I love the backdrops you chose. Gorgeous jewelry and bag too, xox


  4. What a fabulous fit that dress is, I love the flirty ruffle! xxx

  5. That dress is amazing and fits you to perfection. Your accessorizing is spot on too: I'm loving the necklace and how divine is that purse. You even managed white backdrops for your photos! Well done, my dear! I would have had a big problem with this challenge, as I've hardly got anything white. The only white dresses I have have colourful patterns ... Hugest of hugs xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! See, I also cheated a bit with a pattern here! :))

  6. You look gorgeous in that dress! Love the peep of the bra! Love the white background! Unlike your most perfect landlord, I'm a mess and ruin white stuff!! Adding my bridal Tia Tortilla pic in honor of the white!

    1. Beate in her post explained why people used to wear white every day in old times - and it says everything. Now I know why our landlord wears white even for his messy job!

  7. You look divine in that white dress with polka dots. I do love polka dots.:) It's such a feminine dress. You wear it very well and look so lady like in it. Perfect perfect dress for this challenge! I think this dress still qualifies as an all white outfit because polka dots aren't dominant but even if they were- what matters is the sharing, right? I'll take it as an inspiration. The heels and the necklace you've paired it with are lovely as well. You make me want to wear more white. I don't wear white often and all white hardly ever. Usually my outfits are very colourful, but as of late I found myself gravitating towards black...so why not try the other end of the colour spectrum? I do like this all white challenge and I'll try to wear something of the sorts, and if I don't manage to take some photos, I'll link one of my recent looks that was almost all white. I also like Tina's and Beate's outfits, they are very pretty.

    I love how you always share historical buildings! I'm a ban fan of historical buildings. When I was a little girl, I connected historical only with Roman ruins and that sorts of thing but now I know better.:) I love looking at buildings from different ages and I think that I'm really starting to recognize different periods. It makes me sad when I see a historical buildning scheduled for demolition, but these things happen. That historical school looks so pretty, it makes me nostalgic. :)

    1. History is very interesting, even a relatively recent history! I don't think I appreciated old buildings when I was a child or teen, they just seemed weird, the understanding and appreciation came much later in life.
      You will look beautiful in white - with your fab tan and stunning black hair! I will check your post soon. <3

  8. That dress was made for you, not just in the fit, but in the style. It says glamorous elegant artist to me,which is what you are! I bet it is fun to wear too. Like an elegant flamenco dress.
    It also reminded me of May blossom for some reason.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. You know I am in love with this outfit. This polkadot dress seems made for you. It has unusual drama for a sweet dress. I also love your necklace. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I really enjoyed this post.
    This dress reminds me more of a honeymoon dress than a bridal dress though. I mean that in a very good way.

    1. Thank you, Elle, and I understand what you mean! My wedding dress was red - I am not especially traditional. :)

  10. Ohhh, that is a lovely outfit and the bag is just gorgeous!

  11. woww, that's really a challenge!, but you look so cheerful and summery in your dress, and so elegant! And you picked a fabulous background too!