Sunday, July 8, 2018

I Heart Dresses

I don't know what's your most favorite type of clothes, but mine, without any competition, is dresses! This past weekend, I made my goal to go out, wear dresses and take pictures. You see, more often than not, I stay at home and don't dress up at all; or if I go out, I don't take pictures of my outfits; or I don't feel satisfied with my outfits enough to share them. It's all fine, but as a result, I don't blog as often as I used to, and while it is also OK, still sometimes I miss it. I miss sharing my pretty dresses (and other things) with you, my stylish friends! So this weekend my faithful photographer and I made a point to bring our camera along, and I made sure to wear the prettiest outfits which I will be sharing with you over the next few days. And I am eager to do that! Are you? I sincerely hope so, 'cause ready or not - here I come! Yay!!!

I'm starting out, in no particular order, with the outfit I wore yesterday. Now isn't it a gorgeous dress? I was in awe when I spotted it on the ASOS website (which I visit quite infrequently, not sure why). It was still available in a few sizes when I last checked. I love everything about it - the floaty pleated skirt, dreamy cape, large floral print in prettiest colors, dark background, and the overall retro feel to it. I can see myself reaching for it over and over again for fancy events or date nights with my sweetheart!

Mount Rainier peaking from behind my shoulder in all its glory!

It wasn't especially hot last night, so I wore make-up (which I rarely do in summer, in fact, can you believe that my make-up kit was still in a bag that I brought with me to DC back in May?). Trying out my new red lipstick called Kiss of Life by Rimmel. My lovely hairstylist has been on maternity leave, and I've decided not to look for another one, but let my hair grow wild for a change. It's very soft and a bit unruly at the moment, but I do my best. I am not sure whether I will continue letting it grow and change my hairstyle later, or go back to my usual pixie cut, which I love both for the look of it, and for the simplicity of the care involved. (With longer hair, it seems no matter how much I care, it is still a messy look, haha!) When I have my appointment with Erica in August, I will decide what to do next.

Who said the back has to be plain?

I played on the retro vibe of the dress and paired it with faux pearls and T-strap shoes by Clarks which I bought last year (I also have them in metallic, HERE with a red dress and HERE with a green jumpsuit). I have to admit that shoes are sometimes an afterthought for me. I think it is because for ages, it wasn't very easy to find both cute and comfortable shoes for wide feet, so I got used to a small selection, and wasn't always able to choose what I really liked. My shoe collection still isn't especially large, but this is a good addition to it, as it hits all the right boxes. What doesn't hurt either, I bought them on clearance for only $44.

Snowy mountains touched by a pink summer sunset - is there anything prettier than that?

Well, that felt good - to chat about dresses and stuff with you again!
Stay tuned for more summer outfits!

Photos by Justin

Dress - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Clarks (last year)
Wicker purse - via TJ MAXX (about 8 years ago)
Faux pearl jewelry and sunglasses - collected over the years (thrift finds, sales, etc.)

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  1. jawohl! natasha in a dress!!
    <3 <3 <3
    and what a dress - a beauty of its own. and so perfect for you with its dainty, vintage-y elegance - well played with the accessories, even the sunnies are retro....
    as for dressing up & shooting pics - me too. at home in casual shorts (turnhosen) and a bikini top or an old blouse - and out & about & dressed i often forget to make pics while being busy enjoying the life ;-D
    much love to you!!! xxxxx

  2. You look lovely in that dress, I love the wrap sleeves and the pattern.

  3. I heart dresses too, but of course you already knew that! Your floaty, floral dress is absolutely delightful, and that's before I saw that gorgeous back and the sweet little capelet. That snowy mountaintop is gorgeous too, what a backdrop! I had to smile when I read your remark about your hair, that no matter how much you care, it still looks messy. That's what my hair is like, and why I can't go too long without a haircut. Yours still looks pretty good compared to mine! Hugest of hugs xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! My hair stylist is back from her maternity leave - ahh, thank goodness! I will be a new person in a week or so!

  4. Is there anything prettier than that, you asked about that stunning mountain view, yes, says me, you in that lovely dress! I love the capelet and the back cut out and it's retro vibe and your hair looks good that length.
    I always dress up even if I'm going nowhere but with our current heatwave I'll admit to living in a bikini and flip flops and loving every minute! xxx

    1. Thank you, so kind, Vicky!
      I am happy that you finally got hot weather to enjoy!!!

  5. Beautiful colours in the dress. When ASOS gets it right, they really do.

  6. You look so lovely in that pretty dress with pearls. I too love the capelet and the cut out in the back, makes the dress so interesting. I like the softness of your hair a bit longer. I know what you mean about not taking photos , I do this too. Enjoy your dresses.

  7. Loving this dress, Natalia! The shape is like a dressy-dress from the late 40's, love the crossover bodice. You're glam and gorgeous, xo


  8. what a lovely dress and it fits you so nicely and you look elegant and gorgeous in your 'pearls and dress' ensemble!. I do love a dress (and Asos uses to make some cute ones!)
    And that snowy mountain looks breathtakingly beautiful!

  9. Wspaniale wyglądasz:))śliczna kolorowa sukienka i super torebka:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  10. I have a dress that reminds me of yours, it's not exactly the same, the floral print is a bit different and the dress is shorter, but it is also plaid and it is one of the my most dresses.

    I think dresses are my favourite thing to wear as well. They're so just throw them on and that's it. Dresses are so easy to dress up and down. I have quite a few dresses and I also wear them as tops under skirts- that's probably why I don't have that much tops. Dresses are also great for packing.

    You look so lovely in this dress. You should wear it often. Your hair looks nice, I wonder what it will look like longer. Have you ever thought of curling it or trying some vintage hair style? I think that with your lovely collection of dresses, a cute vintage hairstyle would look fantastic.

    P.S. Mont Rainier looks amazing! I love mountains like that.

    1. I'd love to see your dress, Ivana! Love your idea to wear dresses as tops - I don't do it often, but I will!

      I had all lengths, styles and colors of hair in the past years, from long to super short, from blond to almost black (not quite). I came to conclusion that pixie is my style - I can't stand fussing with hair for more than 1 minute! Plus, hair is really hot in warm weather, and I can't wait to have my usual cut soon... I enjoy seeing vintage styles on others, but it's not for me.

      Lots of love!