Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Modish Matrons #31: Black and White


Just as billions of others, I wanted to start the new year with a bang! In real life, I usually celebrate at home with my family or, as it is this year, one-on-one with Justin, my one true love (our daughter spends New Year's Eve with her closest friends, for the first time). And I usually wear something nice and comfortable. But here on the blog, I celebrate New Year partying with my dear blogging friends TINA und BEATE, wearing something extra fancy - because really, when else to wear this outfit if not for the New Year's party?

Please visit my gorgeous friends on their blogs as we are opening 2019!

I bought this velvet jumpsuit by Melissa McCarthy in an online secondhand shop last Summer. It was brand-new with tags, and it fits me like a glove. I adore Melissa's designs and am looking forward to new ones - hopefully some time in the near future. And if you know me at all, you know that I love jumpsuits! They are a great alternative to dresses, and I will probably never stop wearing either of them. Somehow I feel bolder in a jumpsuit, and this particular number calls for a glass or two of champagne and a maybe disco ball!

This exquisite choker is by Chico's (clearance, earlier this year) and the earrings were found at Goodwill. They are not of the same style, but I thought they worked well together - sometimes I love matching styles, and other times I prefer eclectic mixes.

I can't remember the brand of my purse, but it was a TJ MAXX find a few years back. The location we chose for these pictures is quite a new one in the city of Federal Way - Performing Arts and Event Center with the new modern art in front of it.

I have owned this fuzzy jacket for about 4 years or so and only wore it a handful of times so far, but I think it's quite perfect for a New Year's party when I need a little extra zing to complete a festive look. When I first came up with the Black and White theme for Modish Matrons, I was thinking mixed prints, stripes, something like that. But as the date got closer, I realized that there couldn't be a better occasion for this opulent outfit than January the 1st. 

Welcome 2019! 
I am so happy to greet you!

Photos by Justin
Haircut by Erica

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  1. Happy new year from Australia you look incredible in the MM jumpsuit,
    hope 2019 is wonderful for you.

  2. Your velvet jumpsuit looks fabulous on you, and the choker fills in the neckline perfectly. Excellent choices, Natalia! Happy New Year!

  3. Wow Natalia, you look soooo fabulous! I love this jumpsuit with this necklace! it's a perfect match. Stunning this fuzzy jacket.
    I spent the new years eve in yogapants, and for went out of the house on 0 hour an wish the neighbors a happy new year, I wear my jacket and stunning glittering earrings :)) Nobody look at my pants ;)
    Happy new year for you and your family with a huge hug and much love Tina

  4. TOTAL GLAM!!!
    what a great find this velvet suit was. its so perfect on you! and the white jacket has a lot star appeal! earrings & necklace are both very art deco - so they match each other and the glamorous vibe of your look - indeed very champagne & disco ball. the modern architecture behind you is a fab backdrop for your festive & elegant ensemble............
    happy new year, nasdjenka! <3 <3 <3 xxxxx

  5. What a fabulous, chic and glamorous outfit, Natalia. You're looking totally awesome in a jumpsuit and that stunning necklace and pretty earrings do work perfect with it! Oh, and that fuzzy jacket! It really deserves to come out more! Wonderful backdrop too! Hugest of hugs and a Happy New Year to you, Justin and Anya! May 2019 bring all sorts of fabulousness! xxx

  6. I love the jacket with the black outfit. Necklace, earrings and bag looks most glamorous. I'm with you, we have all these lovely outfits, take them out and enjoy them. You look elegant.

  7. I adore your black & white look---the shaggy coat is perfect. I mismatch my earrings sometimes, too.

  8. Happy New Year!! I love your shagtastic yeti coat and the velvet jumpsuit is divine on you! xxx

  9. Hello, dear Natalia,
    your look is perfect for a New Year's party "with a bang"! :-)
    And although your outfit is black and white, it looks colorful and radiant on you. Or is it because of YOUR glowing? Just like your eyes are shining, I have never noticed them that green.
    Happy New Year, Traude

  10. You look fantastic in this black and white styling. This jumpsuit looks great on you. The white faux fur jacket is simply perfect. I really like the mini bag as well. You put together a very feminine and glam combo. You do look beautiful!!!

    Счастливого рождества!

  11. Wish you a happy 2019, even if I'm late (but sending you my best wishes from heart!)
    You look particularly elegant in your velvet jumpsuit, so cool and luxurious!, and love it with your white jacket and fab accessories!. The choker is a beauty! and so are you!!

  12. What A way to bring in the new year! I really love all of these beautiful textures in this outfit. The velvet jumpsuit looks comfortable and elegant. I’m surprised that gorgeous choker came from Chicos, I should shop there ! I love the bag from TJ Maxx. I also find some treasures there from time to time. That creamy white coat with the furry texture is the absolute perfect topper.
    Sorry I’m so late in getting to this post.
    Last but not least you look absolutely stunning. I like your shorter haircut.
    It is a milestone when a child spends the New Year with a friend!