Saturday, January 19, 2019

That's the Thing to Do

Hello my sweet friends,
It's been a while since I posted last time, even though I had a couple of photo shoots and pictures ready to go. January got busier than I expected with continuous celebrations (Russian holidays and our daughter's birthday), personal stuff,  getting ready for work and getting out of my comfort zone in that sense, then finally some computer problems and trying to figure out how to work on Justin's laptop and still get access to all my programs, pictures, videos, etc. (still a work in progress). I guess it all boils down to balancing life which isn't easy to do at times, but we do our best.

I showed this coat briefly in my DECEMBER 2018 post, but didn't have a chance to talk about it. As many of you who live in cold climates and appreciate style, I'm sure, realized at some point, a collection of coats is a must! We need different coats for different occasions, styles, moods and outfits. I have quite a few, but still from time to time am lacking a coat that fits a particular outfit or weather. And last year I was on the lookout for a good neutral coat that would go with most of my outfits yet wouldn't be boring at the same time, and that's how I found this wool coat at a Nordstrom sale. 

It has a classic man's coat silhouette and retro appeal which I appreciate. I love the plaid pattern in warm brown tones and the most unexpected playful details - inner edging and lapel buttonhole in hot pink! This coat quickly became my go-to outerwear this Winter, and I am pleased with the quality so far, the only question remains to be answered is this. I am used to coats and jackets with inner lining, and this coat doesn't have it. I wonder how it'll hold its shape after a while. Any ideas, my experienced and knowledgeable friends?

On a different note, I had one of the most unforgettable moments recently when I saw my book in the library for the first time. It made me speechless, teary-eyed and deeply grateful. From the moment when the first idea and inspiration came to me, through all the years of writing and rewriting, editing, translating, illustrating, publishing, through all the work, hopes, disappointments, dreams, to the day when I saw it in our local seems like a whole life, 12 years to be precise, but it is finally here, and I can hold it in my hands, and what's more important, YOU, my reader, can hold it in your hands, go on a journey, laugh and cry with my characters, dream and believe in your dreams! Because that's exactly why we human beings are given our dreams - so we can dream them and watch them come true. 

By the way, the mural in our little library depicts another woman dreamer, Mary Rose Kobetich who served Tacoma Public Library for over half a century, from 1914 till 1965 and left a part of her estate to the Library, to build a new branch in the area, in honor of her parents. It's a wonderful neighborhood library, where I met some fantastic folks, and I am deeply grateful for their support of my work, not only having my book there, but also starting my program soon! In fact, Russian Story Time will begin this February in two libraries in Tacoma for the very first time (Kobetich and Swasey branches), as well as renewed in the Federal Way Library. 

As you know, I adore folk tales and children's literature. Sharing stories with families was something I enjoyed doing for years, since 2009, and I find it truly rewarding for both kids and adults. I am honored to serve my community by offering my program at local libraries, while also introducing myself as a children's books author. If you live nearby, I invite you to join me for some stories and games in the Russian language. If you have Russian-speaking friends and neighbors, please let them know about this wonderful and rare opportunity. All ages welcome!

My darling blogging friends, I miss you and will be visiting you shortly!

Coat - Avec Les Filles via Nordstrom (last year)
Dress - old via Target (last shown in OCTOBER 2017)
Beret - ModCloth
Shoes - old Dansko
Purse - Frye via Nordstrom (last Summer)

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  1. This is a beautiful coat. I do agree with you on a coat collection being essential in a cold climate. Where I live it is not that cold, we only have around three months of real winter, but I like to have options. If I had the room for it, I'd probably hoard a bit and get at least a dozen of coats. It is great that today coats are not as expensive as they used to be. When I was a teenager, they were really pricey. I remember I once borrowed one from my friend's mother (and my own too!), I don't think I had any of my own. I had jackets but not coats. Makes me appreciate them even more now, I'd say.

    I really like the coat you're wearing. The pattern is so pretty. You know how much I love tartan. I think it goes well with so many things. For me tartan is a classic. The colour is very nice as well. It is a good neutral coat for you. Maybe it is not a neutral coat for everyone, but for us, lovers of bold colours and patterns, this coat counts as a neutral. Now, about the lining. I don't have experience with coats that don't have one. Maybe it doesn't need one because it's a wool one? You can always take it to a seamstress and ask her to add lining.

    This red dress is wonderful. Red is your colour! I checked out the old post and it looks great there as well. I really like the red beret as well. You always put together beautiful and feminine outfits, and this one is no exception. Lovely bag as well.

    I can imagine what you have felt like seeing your book in a library. I always get emotional when I see a rare or a new and promising book (or simply a book that is special to me) in a library. I can't imagine what it is like to see your own book, it must feel pretty amazing. Who knows maybe I'll experience it some day too?

    I'm super interested in your work with the library. Oh, how I wish I lived there so I could visit your Russian story telling project. You know I'm quite fond of the language! Moreover, hearing you tell your stories would be a treat. Well, maybe some day, we never know.

    Have a great week ahead!

  2. Lovely to see you, Natalia. I've missed you! It seems you haven't been sitting still ... Sorry to hear about your computer problems. My, I do hate it when that happens. Love your coat, but I'm sorry I'm not able to give you advise. I only own one or two unlined jackets, but all my coats are lined. Do let us know how you get on with it, and if it is holding its shape. I do agree with you that in our climate you need several coats to cover all weather options, and moods too! I love wearing coats, and they're one of my many weaknesses. I have to tear myself away from the coats whenever I'm out shopping. But I do wear them all! Congratulations on "meeting" your own book in the library. You must have been so thrilled! Hugest of hugs xxx P.S. Forgot to mention that I love your gorgeous red floral pleated dress and your red beret, providing a much needed splash on colour on these grey days!

  3. Natalia congratulaion about your book in the library and your story telling time. If I live there I would like to come and hear you speeking russian without understanding :)
    I love you in this dress and this coat is wonderful.
    A very huge hug and much love Tina

  4. it's a fabulous coat, despite being unlined (I prefer them this way too). Love the pink edging and other cute details!. You look particularly lovely in your red dress and red beret! gorgeous!
    And it's so moving to see your books in the library (and such a fab library, the mural and the story of the amazing librarian is something that lifts my heart!). And I admire your talent to share stories, culture, experiences!, so fantastic to share all these things in different languages!. You're brilliant!

    1. I prefer my coats lined, I meant!
      (sometimes I'm pretty confusing!)

  5. cheers to the *seeing your own book in a library*!
    how wonderful must this feel!!!
    you´r wearing a supercute outfit! that rosy dress with the beret - the stylish coat and your chic clogs - love it!! <3 <3 <3 you look soooo sweet!!!!
    its not the lining that holds a garment together ;-D i have a vintage harris tweed jacket that is unlined for extra soft look - it still goes strong even after 40 years and lot of wear - at least from me.....i even washed it. that means - its the main fabric that makes for a long wear or not. of cause i can´t tell from the photo about your coat :-)
    i´m so happy with you about all that activities around your awesome books!
    @computers: yours & mine must be siblings - mine lost its mind ca. 4 weeks ago.....
    tons of hugs & much looooveeeee!!! xxxxxx

  6. Lovely coat! How wonderful to see your book in your local library <3

  7. The coat is so amazing.
    I love the touch of retro (the coat) and the eyecatchy dress. Lovely and perfect for the colder days and you can be so proud. Your own book, in a That sounds amazing.

    schau gerne auf meinem BLOG vorbei und auf meinem INSTAGRAM

  8. So lovely to see you in your pretty Winter dress, stylish coat and beret. Even though it is never freezing cold here I do enjoy my coats .
    Many congratulations on seeing your book in the library, I can only imagine how excited and proud you were, it is quite an achievement. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your book readings , as will those lucky children and their parents.
    Hoping those pesky computer problems are sorted soon. All best wishes, Jill. xxx

  9. Dawno u Ciebie nie byłam:(((a to za sprawą nowego sprzętu który dopiero się uczę obsługiwać:))ślicznie wyglądasz w czerwieni:)))bardzo podobają mi się berety a Twój jest super:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))))

  10. Just stopping by to wish you a lovely day!