Thursday, February 11, 2021

Meet Me at Twilight


Sometimes, to get unstuck, all we need is to break loose from the tension of the old patterns. That will allow us to see a new possibility, a new opening that most probably was always there, dismissed as unsuitable, as "not good enough"...

That small opening is an entryway for a breath of fresh air - a new inspiration. No need to look for a small opening if the inspiration arrives as a powerful waterfall, whirlpool, tornado with the unstoppable if somewhat destructive flow of energy which opens any blocked gates on its way. But what if it's not arriving? 

Find that very thing that blocks it and right there in the heart of it there always is a small opening just enough for a tiny movement of airflow. It won't be perfect, but it will be live and genuine. 

Just like taking pictures on a dusty veranda, crowded with outdoor furniture waiting for warmer weather. At twilight, because there is never enough time during short winter days for a night creature who goes to bed when most of the world starts their busy life. Because it's just the thing to do to awake creativity. And because it's absolutely magical.

All the items are remixed from my closet, bought on sale, thrifted, vintage.

Photos by Justin
who always meets me at twilight

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  1. helloooo natalia!!
    adorable outfit! love it from the beret to boots! gorgeous vintage jewelry, fabulous prints, cool lace tights...... LOVE!
    and you are so very very right about inspirations. you know, i´m an artist my whole life - and of cause there were times where the the muses ignored me...... thankfully i had very good teachers at art school who told exactly this - *change a small thing* - e.g.: use the "wrong" hand when drawing, work at an unusual time, use an uncommon material - etc.etc. and it worked! did the most interesting sketches with left hand.... came to brilliant ideas in the wee hours.... could entangle the knot in the head by playing around with trash :-D
    love the photos - they have an avantgarde air!! chapeau to both of you!
    <3 <3 <3
    much love!! xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much, dear Beate, for your wonderful comment! I was so happy to read it (just too slow to respond). Thank you for loving our a bit avantgarde photos :) and for sharing your art school experience! Your support means a lot.
      Lots of love!

  2. You're so right, Natalia! I've been in a bit of a rut lately, doing the same old things - or rather not doing very much at all - day after day. Bored with limited possibilities at my disposal. Starting with the smallest of changes or doing something, however small, out of the ordinary, can be the start of getting unstuck!
    Twilight is magical, especially if you have someone meeting you there!
    Love the photos and your outfit is absolutely delightful, quirky and playful.
    Lovely to see you in the twilight xxx

    1. And I love your comments, Ann! :) You have been amazingly creative during this strange year, I see you on IG and FB from time to time and am always in awe with your creative flow! Lots of love!

  3. I love this style Natalia. Geat idea to use the twilight for pictures.
    a huge hug Tina

  4. Looking lovely, dear Natalia. Love your red jacket, your beret and boots and the amazing details as patterned tights and fab accessorizing!. You Rock It!
    And love the way you write about inspiration, changing something, opening a new possibility. Then everything happens, it flows!.

    1. Thank you, dear Monica! Yes, sometimes a surprisingly small change can make a huge difference, it's true about so many things, including inspiration.

  5. Love that outfit! I had a hot pink leather jacket but lacked the nerve to wear it. Regrets!

    1. Thank you, Annie! Colors are fun to wear, but no regrets please - there are many opportunities still to wear colors! :)

  6. Such a gorgeous outfit! I think I remember it from IG. That leather jacket is fabulous.
    I'm sometimes a night owl but I also like to get up early. I just love to experience dawns. I haven't found my perfect sleeping schedule yet. I love working at night but also in the morning. Perhaps it is best to sleep in the afternoon? :)