Saturday, October 26, 2013

Feminine Shine, Clogs & Frogs

The Feminine Shine Utility jacket by Chico's was one of those items which sell fast. It's pretty unique and got my attention right away. When I found it on a 40% off rack in a store, it was the only one of this kind with all sort of other jackets, and just like a little girl, I made a wish that it would be in my size. :)

And so it was! I paired it here with straight leg blue Platinum jeans (Chico's, old collection) and Sofft clogs which I bought a few years ago and wore quite a lot as you might see. :)
Clogs, I thought, historically being traditional working folk shoes in many European countries (sabot in France, klomp in Netherlands, Träsko in Sweden) is a perfect pair to jeans (traditional worker's clothes in America). The utility jacket speaks for itself in this ensemble. :)

After a fun lunch in a seafood restaurant, Justin and I stopped by a jeweler to pick up a couple of fallen apart fave bracelets and a pair of pearl earrings of mine. (They did an amazing job, by the way! I will include a link to their web site in a future post.) The jeweler couldn't help but noticing my frog ring. "Cool frog!" he said. "Four bucks!" I responded. :) Style is not only not about size or age. It is also not really about money. :)

Location: Des Moines

Utility Jacket, Jeans and Earrings by Chico's. Suede clogs by Sofft. Ring by Lane Bryant. "Mudslide" nail polish by Sally Hansen

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