Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Le Rouge et le Noir, Naturally!

When, after a long mostly quiet period, while we were wearing neutral, "safe" colors, we suddenly choose a piece like this gorgeous boiled wool jacket in "Sultry Red", it makes a statement to the world and, most importantly, to ourselves: I am me, but I am a changed me.

Other than one of the most striking combination of colors, red and black, I love the geometry of this outfit. The widest linen pants, which you had a chance to see here, go beautifully with the short jacket in simple and elegant, pure lines. Minimalistic, yet definitely far from boring. Classical, yet modern. A bit of Asia. A bit of 1920s. A bit of New York City. A little bit of Paris, too.

Women wearing trousers in Paris in 1922

This outfit is definitely worth of styling up and down. Since that day was our family day (about which I said a few words here), I did not add too many details. Just simple elegant little two-toned earrings from Italy, which go well with everything, and my favorite ring, a gift from my husband (the last one usually gets many compliments... the husband I mean... well, the ring as well :).

I'd like to mention my lipstick here. For years, I did not have many bright colored lipsticks, and bright red seemed overwhelming to me. But these days, I find myself drawn to deep reds as well as purple hues. I recently bought three different shades of red lipsticks. This one is 09 Rosetto / Rouge a Levres by Kate (inexpensive English brand Rimmel which you can find at a pharmacy like Walgreens). I loved both the color and the quality -- it does last on lips.

Just a few days ago, I had a brief exchange with my dearest friend back in Russia about natural fabrics vs. artificial fabrics. I have to say that, as probably many of you guys, I do appreciate the convenience, practicality and comfort of long-lasting artificial fabrics, and at the same time I am absolutely in love with natural fabrics. Why do we have to be exclusive? Let's have the best of both worlds! :) Softness of natural silk, smoothness of leather or warmth of wool (it is soooo soft when it is boiled wool like this one)! These fabrics are timeless. The photo above is to show how beautiful the textures of the wool and linen are, especially under warm light of the autumn sun...

It was such a beautiful, sunny October day, and we were together, all three of us, to stroll in a charming village which reminds us of so many other cute villages of rural America, to surprise ourselves with late strawberries in a pot, to celebrate Fall and our family 100th birthday...

... and well, celebrate someone's new blog too... have you noticed anything here? ;)

Enjoy Autumn!

Boiled wool reversible jacket by Chico's. Linen pants by Bryn Walker. Basic tee by Chico's. Booties by Sofft. Earrings - Italian gold via eBay. Ring - gift from Justin. Lipstick by Rimmel - 09 Rosetto / Rouge a Levres by Kate.

Location: Sumner

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