Monday, October 7, 2013

Valley Walk

This weekend, we had such gorgeous sunny, warm, mild and very inviting weather here in Seattle after a couple of weeks of heavy rain. I had two photo shoots, and one of the outfits I actually wore twice this weekend. First time, for an informal but fun family lunch (I invited a friend of mine and her kids to share that lunch with us). Second time, for a nice walk on a very pretty, very long and very easy trail in the valley. I was dreaming of taking this walk since summer! I knew this outfit would be quite perfect for it. :)

The top and cardigan are Lane Bryant, last spring's collection. The genie pants are Pacific Cotton in Vine color (old collection by Bryn Walker). I did not have a good pair of shoes for these pants until someone suggested Toms. So I found my pair of Toms at Nortdstrom Rack just this summer, and I am very happy with them -- absolutely comfortable, great looking shoes in my color.

For the informal lunch with family and friends, I paired my colorful outfit with these long silver and gold toned earrings (clearance at Chico's, about $10). I love the different textures on them!


And here are a few photos from our trail walking with Justin last Sunday. First of all, the trail is very pleasant and easy -- great for beginner walkers and scooter or bike users as well. It goes for many miles with a few trail heads along the way. The trail heads in this part of the trail look like miniature train stations because the trails were created along the path of old railroad!  

You will see beautiful scenery all along the trail, including the handsome Mount Rainier and a few old Victorian houses (not very many of those though).

I did not feel like wearing the long earrings that day, and for some reason my old jewelry was calling to me. I don't usually wear so many rings at once, but here they are. :) You can read my personal history in those little rings. :) 

I thought that Mother Nature made such a beautiful statement on this tree... and not too different from the colors I picked for myself that day! ;)

And here is, of course, my beloved photographer :)

Tell me about yourself! Do you dress up for strolls in parks and walks on trails? I have to say that I didn't used to do that. But hey, we all grow and change, right? :)

Top and cardigan by Lane Bryant. Genie pants by Pacific Cotton (Bryn Walker - old collection). Shoes by Toms. Long earrings by Chico's. Other rings and earrings - family heirloom from Russia, USA and Taiwan.  

Location: Cottage & Pierce County trails


  1. We had a really wonderful fall weekend, and some of us looked so stylish. :) Yes, it's worth dressing up for a walk in the beauty of fall ... Mother Nature dressed up, why shouldn't we!?