Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moments of January 2014

Middle row: 1. Color Cravings. 2. Little Birdie. 3. Bold.

Not so many outfits this month - January was a very reflective, inward focused time for me. I might write about it a little later. Let's see what I learned in my style self-discovery during this period. I continue with bright vivid colors, and I am definitely drawn to simple shapes, and in general, simpler, more relaxed look. It might be just for the time being - we'll see where the journey takes me. :) I had a few wonderful purchases this month - colored jeans and sweaters are my absolute favorites. I feel like I can combine them together in endless ways and never get bored. For the first time in my life, I bought a statement necklace - love it, love it! Its vibrant hues go with every sweater I bought - sometimes I am thankful to the mass market which makes it so easy to pair things these days (though, it might always be this way in Western world - what do I know, I grew up in a completely different culture where everything was in deficit and we had to get really creative to look stylish). Don't know what else to add. Feeling pretty content with what I've got these days. Content and inward-oriented. :) Oh, I did have one small disappointment at the very end of the month though. I found a sweater I really liked, which was out of stock. I paid pretty good money for it on ebay (well, compared to all my on-sale items I mean). And the parcel was lost. It never did make it here. We live in a nice cozy neighborhood, and none of our packages were stolen before. So it is more of a surprise really than frustration. Don't know why, but I'm just fine with all of it. Things happen. :)