Monday, February 9, 2015

Colorful Universe: Señora Allnut

When I think Señora Allnut, I think bright, bold, colorful. I think patterns, layers, accessories - all in abundance. I think playful, whimsical, eccentric. As much as she mastered combining bold colors together, she also does some of the most impressive monochromatic, and in particular black and white outfits. I am fascinated with the wild sense of freedom and desire to express herself in every outfit she creates. They all are an ultimate ode to both complexity and joy of life. They also feel so fearlessly genuine, so uniquely hers - no copying of others, no following, just pure joy of creating, every single time, from scratch. What makes such a profoundly stylish person who she is? What does it mean to be Señora Allnut? Does the connection with her inner sense of who she really is reflect her sense of style? I wanted to try to get to the bottom of these things, and an idea of an interview was born. Mónica supported the idea of this project, and here it is - I'd like to present you with the very first interview on In The Writer's Closet, and I am incredibly honored that it is with one of the most uniquely stylish and colorful fashionistas of Bloglandia. Señora Allnut, or Mónica from Spain.

I get a feeling that you are a city girl to the core. Is it so? What is your favorite way to explore a city? Do you get inspiration from nature as well?

Yes, I'm a city girl to the core! I enjoy landscapes but I'm not going to make them the center of my life. On the contrary, I usually feel that my life is becoming miserable if I stay more than a week out of a city. I used to read some books, guides and compile a lot of information before hitting a city which is new for me, but I consider all this information as a foundation to feel free to explore in a relaxed way, walking a lot, watching local markets (my favorite places!) or tasting some local food! Not a huge fan of museums, I've visited tons of them, and now I prefer sitting on a terrace to watch the street life.

How do you usually begin putting an outfit together? Is it a particular detail that sparks your imagination, shape, color, weather, event?

Sometimes, everything comes together easily, but usually it takes some time to pick the pieces. These days, I'm picking my coat and shoes first, because of the weather, and everything is picked around comfort. But I like to improvise most of the time, and usually I dress up just to wear a particular pair of socks, a brooch, or a scarf, love picking accessories first!

You started the blog documenting your style in 2008. What was your biggest realization, or as they say "aha" moment with regard to style in these years?

I think my first two years blogging were just an experiment, a challenge to develop my style. It was very useful to make me conscious about my style decisions and give me courage to walk out of my comfort zone. Last year has been very interesting, and the most interesting thing was to realize that I'm able to make some clothes, that was an epiphany!

The very first thing that strikes about you is your bold use of colors, especially bright vivid colors. But your monochromatic outfits are incredibly impressive too. In one of your latest posts, you showed us that for a few years in your early youth, you wore a lot of black and white. How would you describe your aesthetic back then? What was important to you to express through your clothes?

I've been always fond of black, red and purple, they were my signature colors for most of my life! But a total black look was compulsory to look rebel and genuine when I was a teenager, and I wanted to look this way, so I was all dressed in black (but not for a long time). Even when I embraced a punk rock style, there was color in my clothes, more and more color as I was feeling more confident and free.

Can you remember what or who inspired you to start incorporating more colors into your wardrobe? When it happened?

I've always enjoyed a lot of colorful artists, from middle ages to impressionists, cubists, pre-raphaelites, naives. But never thought about dressing up to satisfy my craving for color, until I embraced my own style in my thirties. Looking at fabulous blogs, inspiring fashion pics and some cool people was determinant.

At this point in your style journey, can you say that you love absolutely all the clothes you wear? How many of your outfits do you consider successful or favorite?

Not every outfit is a success, because I do not always achieve what I was looking for: proportions, colors, or whatever. But I should be glad if the outfits I wear contain something interesting, inspiring or significant.

When you go out in the world in your colorful outfits, what is the most important to you?

Obviously, colors make me feel happy, but this is not the most important for me. I think the most important thing when dressing up is to feel Yourself and express it in a meaningful way!

Do you have any favorite designers? What do you love about their creations?

I'm a huge fan of fashion, so there's a lot of designers I love! I remember how shocked I was when I discovered Elsa Schiaparelli, Fortuny, Poiret, or Gustav Klimt's designs, they're absolutely modern!, and so fascinating Ballet Russes (you can see something about this here: Graphic designs, bold colors, asymmetric shapes, everything is so appealing to me!

What are your favorite movies or TV shows? Favorite books, writers? Please name two or three of each.

Too difficult to pick just three TV series... Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, Northern Exposure, The Young Ones, Man About The House... Impossible to pick three paintings or three books. I've got a ton of favorites, and they change all the time!. From Terry Pratchett to Mijail Bulgakov, from Montaigne to Conan Doyle, from Chesterton to Camilleri, so many favorites and so little time to enjoy them all!

Does your current occupation require creative skills? Are you free to wear what you love to your work?

I'm working as a bureaucrat, but I'm a very lucky one, absolutely free to wear whatever I like to the office, even receiving some compliments!

Have you ever taken any art classes (visual arts, acting, writing classes, etc.)? What was memorable about them?

Oh yes, I took art classes for many years at a painter's studio, and also had some courses at university on History of Art. I think it was very important in my life, I've been always very interested in color and light!

When looking back to your childhood, what do you remember the most? Name a couple of things or experiences that come to mind immediately.

I remember summertime at my grandparents home, in the country, as a fun time: playing, running and climbing trees! I also remember how boring and stressful was school for me, and how happy I was when reading books, absolutely happy!

What were your favorite things to do as a girl? 

I remember always playing cowboys, pirates, secret agents (oh, Charlie's Angels!). Too many comics and TV, I suppose!

Do you think your family influenced your sense of style? Was there something that fascinated you about their presence?

I think my mom influenced me to develop a style, even if it's a very different one from hers! She introduced me to fashion magazines, trends and style, because she was, and still is, a very stylish woman, and then I did a lot of experiments and stupid things just to contradict her! But we still love a good chat about fashion!

Can you describe your most favorite outfit when you were a girl? How old were you? Did you have to wear any clothes that you hated as a kid, but were forced to wear anyway?

I loved particularly sundresses as a child, and I remember a turquoise one, with pockets, which I wore to pieces when I was six or seven years old. And then, I hated many of the clothes I was forced to wear as a teen, and hated my school uniform, and hated all the prissy clothes my mom put on me when I was eleven or twelve years old and I was way too old (and too tall) to wear them! I think it was one of the reasons to embrace a dark style as a teenager.

Do you have any role models or people who inspire you today? 

Advanced Style is a never-ending source of inspiration. And many bloggers are really my role models, because you rock, dear ladies!

What does your ideal day look like? Imagine that you wake up and know that you do not have to hurry anywhere and there are no problems to fix - you are free to do whatever you please. What would it be? What are you wearing?

Oh, that's what I'm used to doing on weekends (at least, I try it!). First, I should have a good breakfast, read a magazine or newspaper and comment it with Mr. A., and then we should go for a long walk and have some appetizers with friends, and a good meal! And I should like to wear something colorful and comfy, and a pair of sandals! We would stay at home in the evening, reading on the sofa, and watch a film before going to sleep.

If you could choose, what place on earth would you love to live in? Only your imagination is the limit! What is the weather like? Do you like changing seasons or you'd prefer one season all the time, then which one? What are people like there? What would be your favorite activities to do in this place?

London, Paris, Berlin!, gimme those shiny city lights! Every season has its own attractiveness, so I should like to enjoy all of them, walking through the city, running errands, watching everything!

What are the most significant elements of a successful outfit, from your point of view? Name three to five (color combination, shapes, textures, patterns, accessories, overall healthy and happy feel, current trends, originality, comfort, something else).

First, comfort! And then proportions and colors! and lots of accessories!

What does it mean, in your opinion, to have your own style? Is it the same as being stylish?

I think everybody has her/his own style, even if it remains as a seed forever. You can develop it and have fun, or never have an interest about it and be happy too! But I should encourage people to express themselves through style! There's stylish people too. People who have that sixth sense to feel which trends are going on, to absorb them and develop them as if they were always part of their own style. That's talent!

What was the most unexpected thing that blogging brought to your life - something you did not think of back when you started? Can be both positive and negative, or just surprising in some way.

The thing I love the most about blogging is that I've met many fabulous people and some of them became good friends of mine! Can't think about anything negative which could beat this wonder!

Imagine yourself 10, 20 years from now. What are you wearing? How do you spend your days? What do you love to do? Are you more or less colorful than now?

Give me twenty years more and I will be a happy pensioner, living my life in a crazy colorful way!

All the photos are from the very inspiring Señora Allnut.

Dear Mónica, thank you so much for interesting, sincere and "in depth" answers. It was a great pleasure to get to know you a little better and work with you! I'm happy that we were able to finish this post right on time for Patti's Visible Monday as well - please come over and say hello to all stylish ladies and maybe even win a dress!

I've been considering interviewing people who inspire me for quite a while now. I used to interview musicians, and for years now, have all sorts of ideas about interviewing different artists, and with this post I'm beginning a new series here in my blog, in which I would like to explore the creative process with creative people. What makes us who we are? I hope you enjoyed this first effort.




  1. i missed you!!!!
    the interview was a great idea! i´m fascinated of monica´s fearless style and color & pattern mixes too! and i´m impressed by her mom´s style - i would totally wear that fur, stockings and shoes!!
    thank you for that post!!!!!

    1. Monica is amazing, so very and truly original, and yes her Mom is a very stylish lady as well! I'm glad that the interview was interesting. I'd like to dig a little deeper, to try to understand what makes us who we are, what the whole creative process means in life. It was the first attempt.

      ps I miss you too! :) I was sick with a flu - slowly recovering now. I'll post more soon. :) xxx

    2. get well soon my dear!!!! healing hugses!!!

  2. thanks, dear Natalia! you've been so nice and it was a pleasure to be interviewed by a so talented lady!
    I'm grateful and happy!!!

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  14. Thanks for sharing this interview with Monica. I'very followed her blog for a while and I love the flourish of colours in her outfits.

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