Saturday, February 14, 2015



I loved Grinch once.
Not the character from the book or movie (though, come to think of it, the very first movie we watched together was... How The Grinch Stole Christmas... what an irony!).
I actually fell in love with a man who easily could have Grinch as his middle name.
And even though, he was a good man at heart, he did not make it easy to love him.

I know that Valentine's Day is not everyone's cup of tea.
It's OK. You don't have to run to shop to buy bright red balloons. 
There are no laws requiring purchasing balloons, flowers, chocolates, cards, jewelry or... anything, really!

We all are free to choose what to do with our days, what to believe in, what to celebrate, when to celebrate, and how to celebrate too. 

And even though I am a very free spirited person and don't like to be told what to do, what to wear and of course what to celebrate...
...I, as a free spirited person, choose to celebrate!

Celebrate whatever!
If you don't want to celebrate romantic love - then celebrate your love of your parents, your kids, your cats, your friends...

Just celebrate life.
Celebrate how wonderful it is to be alive!
And then share it with the world.

Or maybe just with your friend, with someone next to you.
Let your soul touch someone else's soul kindly.
Take them out to dinner, or maybe make a meal for them.

Write them a poem, or maybe just an email.
Look into their eyes, or maybe just smile.
Let them know that they mean the world to you. 

Because they are worth it.
Because they wait for it.
Because that really is what it's all about.
February 14 is as good time as any. Don't hesitate - do it today, do it now.

Dress and vest - Chico's (both few years old)
Coat - Ashley Stewart
Boots - Born
Clutch - Cole Haan via TJ MAXX (old)
Chandelier earrings - Chico's
Coral bracelet - gift shop at Tacoma conservatory

Location: Gig Harbor, WA



  1. Oh Natalia, yes! Celebrate life! And you do that so spectacularly :-)
    I just loooove that picture of you and Justin together. I can't remember another. Is it a first?
    He is a lovely man, from your posts.
    Wishing you many more happy years together, celebrating!!! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you, dear Jazzy Jack! There are many photos of Justin here and there in my blog, but not so many of us together since usually one of us is a photographer!

  2. Oh yes, your dress is amazing! Jazzy Jack

  3. Oh, again Natalia, what a wonderful post, what wonderful words. Agree with everything you said 100%. Beautiful you in a beautiful dress with beautiful accessories. The earrings are simply fantastic.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! celebrate whatever, whenever. So many are too easily swayed by advertising campaigns and the media.
    Love the sexy fake fur with the gorgeous, bold printed shift and of course, seeing you in the bosom of your family. xxx

  5. This would be a fantastic post on any day of the year - Valentine's Day is a complete irrelevance to me, but speaking and demonstrating love to the important people in my life is a year-round, lifelong activity. You and Justin and your parents look so wonderful together, you are glowing and happy, Natalia!
    The print on your dress, the leopard print, the fabulous jewellery - all beautiful. xxx

  6. Beautiful sentiments-celebrate all kinds of love. You look fab in all the pictures by the way. Glam, sass, and casual all at the same time-effortless. Trying to absorb some style from the vintage experts.

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm definitely no vintage expert, but I can heartily recommend Vix, Curtise, Beate's blogs and there are many more. There is wonderful Rhia (Evil Dressmaker) from Finland as well, do check them out!

  7. lovely :-)
    you are sooo right! celebrating love in all the facets and every given day make the world a better place!
    as your outfit does! the colors and shine make me happy! belated happy valentine to you, justin and your gorgeous parents!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  8. Such beautiful ideas. It is really important to celebrate the important people in our lives, any day of the year. I'm a very low-key person when it comes to expressing emotions (I plead cultural differences here:I'm a Finn...), so I think love and life are best celebrated with little, everyday acts of kindness and respect instead of big declarations, sort of "words are cheap, it's actions that count" kind of thing...
    Your dress and jewellery go yogether so harmoniously, beautiful.

  9. I agree with the comments already made. Yes, any day is a good day to express appreciation, joy, and love but having a special day, no matter what it is called, is a great focus. Your post made me happy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and your gorgeous style. Your family looks so warm together.

  10. Наташа, смотрю на тебя и твоих близких и так мне приятно -- сразу вспомнила своих родителей и сестренку. You look terrific and most importantly -- you look happy!

  11. Lovely sentiments ,Natalia,it is so important to celebrate those that are important in our lives. You look so very happy in all these photos surrounded by those you love.Love your outfit.

  12. How beautiful Natalia. I agree with you, appreciating the people around you and just celebrating with them is so important. Have a lovely week. xoxo

  13. You put it so nicely Natalia. Romantic love is not so much my cup of tea to celebrate it consuming. But the real meaning of love in all its forms is definitely something worth celebrating anytime!

  14. You always write so beautifully! like everyone else and you, yes!! let's celebrate love! you look absolutely sensational, and the photo's of you, Justin and your beloved Mum and Dad demonstrate perfectly the meaning of love X X X

  15. Awwwh ... straight from the heart. Lovely to see part of your charming family, and you look pretty much adorable. Of late, I've thought of you every time I see an amber and silver ring that I have that belonged to my mother. Must be your at least one of you colors!

    1. So good to see you, Jan! What an unusual association, I really like it! Thank you for letting me know. :)

  16. I love to celebrate just being happy. And you know what? It compounds that way. Just like interest on a savings account. LOL
    Hope you're enjoying this lovely sunshine. I just want to be outside every minute.

    1. I agree with you, Joni! Love and happiness compounds and multiplies, and that is one of the reasons I want to share them, and really love when others share too! And yes, the weather has been such a gift all these days!

  17. Lovely post, lovely outfit, lovely photos, with love xx

  18. what a wonderful post! I spend my Valentine's day very much after my own taste...lots of baking and cooking (and eating naturally) ...a little stroll by the river during the day...and a pleasant stay at home evening.

  19. btw that dress looks really great on you...such a cool print!