Saturday, February 21, 2015

Girl Next Door

On Fridays, when Justin gets out of work earlier than usual, we like to go out to lunch together. One of our favorite places is an Indian restaurant - I believe it's the only one in the nearest town, and it's without a doubt the best Indian I've tried. (I sometimes think, 'can food get any better than that?' There is something so satisfying about Indian cuisine on so many levels - taste, visual presence with colors and all, variety of textures, and of course, of course the heavenly wonderful smells!) I typically choose to wear something bright and colorful in honor of this culture, but yesterday, I felt like breaking the familiar mold.

I enjoy this new field jacket so much - I think I wore it every day since I bought it, and it goes perfectly with everything, from casual to dressed up, many shapes and colors. I am so pleased with the light and color balance on these photos, Justin did an amazing job to show off the true colors. I think this is a fantastic warm sand hue - very easy on the eye, neutral, and yet somehow not boring, quite opposite - it's warm, attractive, inviting and flattering. And I love how it works with blue - so unassumingly beautiful.

I'm on the lookout for a perfect denim dress. I think I know exactly what I want to find and will recognize it the minute I see it. In the meantime, I thought pairing my old denim shirt with my old denim skirt will do the trick - it's not the same, but it's close enough to satisfy my denim dress cravings. Denim skirts are not my favorite cup of tea, and this little number was my first one ever. I bought it over a year ago as an experiment to add something very basic to my wardrobe. I probably wore it no more than twice, and essentially it was in a pile of things to donate. I'm glad that I didn't because that day this skirt was exactly what I needed. I like that it's stretchy - it holds its shape really well, and it's easy to wear (getting in and out of a car is challenging in narrow pencil skirts, unless they are stretchy, and I drive regularly, so it's a huge plus). Not completely crazy about blingy blings on it, but as usual, trying to look on the bright side of things, and they do make the skirt stand out.

 Paired with this necklace, the blingy blings especially make sense.
I do remember about a promised post dedicated to my jewelry collection. Honestly, I've tried to photograph my necklaces, but was not happy with the result. To really show their beauty, I need to ask Justin to do the job, and we just don't have enough time for that at this point. I'll keep it in mind though, as something to do in the future. 

What do you think of neutral colors and casual outfits? 
Are they always and necessarily boring and predictable? 
Do you ever feel like "a girl next door", or a flair of enigma is your trusted best friend?

Field jacket - Old Navy (available also in green)
Denim shirt - Lane Bryant (old)
Skirt and jasper ring - Chico's (old)
Necklace - Chico's (recent)
Purse - Fossil (way old, well-loved)
Tights - Hue
Boots - Born



  1. You are never boring. Your personality shines forth! I too love the lighting in these shots, that greyed over low light is so typical of your area of the world. Classic is what I would term your outift. Classically casual. Hope the Indian time with your man was lovely :-) Sounds special. xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I would happily wear this whole outfit. Love it all. I like the bling too. Makes it a bit more snazzy : )


  3. First of all I have to say, your skin is so beautiful. Beautiful. I'm with you there on Indian food. So nourishing and satisfying. I love your jacket. Isn't it nice to find something that is just perfect?

  4. I love field jackets like this in any color. Brown, olive, beige, grey, black, navy, etc...and they're all very versatile.
    I'm with you on the Indian food. I love just about every curry dish I've ever tried, except for one in a mall food court. haha But there is a food court upstairs at Westfield/Southcenter mall with a good Thai place called Thai To Go which is super delish.

    I thought of you today as we ventured out and visited Port Townsend for the day. This sunshine we're having is wonderful. And come to think of it, I wore my denim chambray shirt!

  5. yes - this jacket is gorgeous - it would even look good with my dirndl skirts! :-) i don´t divide my wardrobe in basics and statement pieces - i think even a gray cardigan is a statement and my swingy patterned dresses are my basics for everyday wear. btw - i´m looking for a denim skirt without that voluminous front closure - i fear i have to make it myself.....
    we love indian food too. and on top of all what you said about it it´s very healthy too when made traditionally! i use some easy recipes at home, the different spices - once bought - are the magic to make simple veggies into a indian dream. add basmati rice, maybe spiced too. wear a colorful tunic while serving ;-)
    hugses! xxxxxxxx

  6. Indian food, yes! We were out with friends last night but left them to go to the curry house without us. After eating South Indian food for a month we both find it really hard to get back into the Bangladeshi/North Indian cuisine we have in the UK. Our taste buds take a while to acclimatise and I know we'll start enjoying it again in another few weeks
    The only way to wear denim is with added bling! Your parka and denim look great together with your characteristic eye for accessories. xxx

  7. You did a good job with this casual look, you look very cool and relaxed. But then again, redheads often look great in neutrals. I avoid neutrals (except navy blue) at all cost, they make me look so blah. And I just photographed a similar outfit (parka and skirt), and it didn't look nearly this good (might still post it, under 'what was I thinking')...

  8. My daughter just joined me in loving Indian food and anither blogger posted recipes for a whole meal inckuding naan so heading for spices today at coop. Of course you loom Fab and definately not boring.

  9. In your case it doesn't look boring, Natalia! Nice colour combination and I love "blingy blings", they spice up the look. The necklace - another beautiful piece in your collection. And suits perfectly for going to an Indian restaurant. Indian food is one of my favourite too.

  10. You could never look boring, Natalia! "Warm, attractive, inviting and flattering" is a great description of the soft colour of your jacket, but works just as well as a description of you, I think! I don't often do neutrals and casual, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a laid back vibe on other people, and you look fabulous. Of course, the necklace does add some typical Natalia flair! Keep looking for that denim dress, you'll fin it eventually.
    And a Big Yes to Indian food, love it! xxx

  11. Your necklace is breathtaking and I love how you wore it with this denim outfit. I agree about stretch in fabric; it does help with ease of movement. I often like to wear neutrals but it is more demanding of my emotions - I really have to love it to put it on - and I understand why you love this jacket so much. The colour is warm, the style is clean and adaptable. The colour tone of your shots is very warm overall. And oh yes, Indian food, the best! I often think how cold and grey and empty my country must look compared to the sights of India. The food is a great reminder that there is more colour and warmth (spice) out there!

  12. You look casual-chic with a bit of sass. The jacket is great and I do love it paired with denim. I am not a fan of blingy bling on my clothes and pick it off if I can. I didn't notice it on your skirt until you mentioned it, but you are right that it ties in well with the necklace and bling looks right on you. It doesn't look right on me because it doesn't feel right. I love Indian food too and am so sad not to be able to eat naan. Indian restaurants don't seem to survive in our community though, which is sad.
    When you find your denim dress I just know it is going to look fantastic on you!

  13. You do neutral brilliantly, the denim skirt and top are a great combination, the sand hued jacket is great and with your amazing necklace it makes a stunning outfit, I think you look fantastically chic! I'm with you on added stretch, I feel quite uncomfortable with anything too tight or even properly fitted, I really have to be in the mood to wear it and yes to Indian food! you are right it is so satisfying, on every level, I love the subtlety of flavour and fragrance (I really could go on!!) it's one of my comfort foods x x x

  14. Grat outfit!!!!!...and you accessorized so well. I love the ring.


  15. This is anything BUT neutral and boring! Pretty and interesting, The necklace is beautiful too and works well as a collar. I found a chambray dress in a charity shop last year and I was really pleased with it. I think yours does look like a dress. xx

  16. So loving this outfit Natalia!
    Every element speaks to me.
    The field jacket, besides being an it piece, is perfectly styled here.
    Love your layered denim, and that magnificent necklace that makes this outfit special and perfect
    for the Indian restaurant. I love Indian food and culture!
    Perfectly done!
    xx, Elle

  17. Apologies,dear Natalia,I am very much behind with my blog reading.On you this outfit with the great bling can never be boring,so well put together.I hope you and Jason enjoyed your Indian lunch.He deserved it after taking such wonderful photos.

  18. Gorgeous, lovely look my dear :))) Hope you are having a great week so far :) xx

  19. This is a great combo, I love double denim and neutrals. I hope you soon find the denim dress you are looking for.

    Jasmine ♥