Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello, Ocean


I am fond of Summer - but not fond of heat. When the local weather guys issued the hot weather warning (which in this part of the world means the temperature will be close to 90 F), I knew I wanted to escape the hot house, and I heard the ocean call. The temperature in the valley was indeed pretty high - the highest our car thermometer showed as we were moving towards the ocean, was 97 F. (It's always cooler by the sea where we live.) On the shores of the Pacific, which is only a couple of hours South-West from our home, it was sunny and mild, in the 70s, and not too crowded - a perfect little get away.

I wore a new skirt by Lane Bryant (available online) to play with the wind and waves. I really like how they styled it on their site, and made my own version of it, with the pieces from my wardrobe that you've seen more than once.

Gorgeous Russian model Katya Zharkova
Photo from LB site

...and my humble version! You know me - more orange never hurts, so I took it to the max!

And for a cooler evening, I grabbed my little Summer weight animal print jacket for some more funky photos and a nice stroll on the beach.

Sometimes you can hear people describing their reaction to the magnificent nature - the sea, the mountains, as humbling: the nature is so big, who am I and my troubles compared to that. Joseph Brodsky said (more than once I believe) that the skyscrapers of Manhattan "tell you your real size"... Those are such sad thoughts to me. I never feel small - I just don't. What being by the magnificent ocean does to my soul, I feel, is expanding it. The troubles, the worries - yes, they do feel small. The ocean takes them all and dissolves them in its greatness. But it does not have a belittling effect on me. I am as big. We are a part of each other. And we are equal parts of something even bigger. 

The sky above the ocean is also enormous. But one can reach it with her hand...

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Skirt, tank top and fedora - Lane Bryant
Denim vest and jacket - Chico's
Scarf - Goodwill



  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman! There is so much joy radiating out of those photos. I like your styling of this skirt much better than the Lane Bryant version. Love the hat and vest with it! xoxo

    1. Shawna, you are so kind, thank you! I also like it with the dark denim - good contrast. Zharkova wears a white denim vest on that photo, which I also adore (orange + white is one of best combos), but I do not look as good in white, and I don't have a white denim vest anyway. :)

  2. Beautiful post, Natalia. Your photos look as if you are soaring over the sea, like a beautiful bird glides. My mother always said it's much better to soar. In soaring, you are at greater heights than a creature that simply flaps it's wings and flies. With soaring, there is a grace and freedom.

    You outfit has made my day. I have been loving orange. The more the merrier.

  3. It seems that we had the same idea how to spend weekend.o) Beuatiful skirt.... I love the color and how it is waving in th wing....

  4. How beautiful you wrote about ocean, Natalia! It brings same feelings to me but of course I would not be able to put it in words in such a wonderful manner! The photos perfectly transmit your mood. Nice skirt, good choice for a walk along the beach.

  5. Wonderful pics, my dear natalia. I feel the same about the heat, ahhhhh
    I told my hair dresser to do my hair ad she does it for me every two weeks.
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. You write beautifully. I've thought before and wondered just how to feel in common with others feeling small in reference to nature, etc...I too feel in awe but not smaller than it. Though I know I am not strong enough to spend a day and night alone in the woods by myself, I know within me I am just as powerful. I just may not know my full potential yet. ;)

    These photos are some of your absolute best from your blogging!

  7. Natalia, your words drew me to the sea with you , like you I love the feeling of the sea and the way it makes me feel. I love your orange and white stripes and your tank, orange is certainly your colour. My favourite shot is of your hand reaching toward the sky. Hope the weather is kinder this week.

  8. I totally agree about the ocean's effect on me. I feel like that about the Great Lakes, and mountains. Maybe because the size is so vast but natural, cares and worries are absorbed and help clear the mind. I actually like big buildings that reach the sky but I think it is the nature connection there as well

  9. I love your styling and the free fabric of scarf and skirt. How they express your freedom and exhilaration!
    I'm so glad you found a cooler place. Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. Such a positive, feminine and beautiful styling. That maxi skirt is pure delight...and I really like the orange top and the orange nails----there is no such thing as too much orange:) I do, like yourself, love colour and colourful outfits.

    I always loved to sea. It makes me feel like my soul is expanding...and it never made me feel small, it always made me feel like I was a part of something. As a child, I spend so much time in the sea that my lips would turn blue. I used to swim so much I had about 5 kg of pure muscles that I'm lacking right now ha ha:) The sea is magical to me and will always be...I really enjoyed your photographs...they had a very relaxing effect on me...

    Like yourself I did not feel dwarfed by the sea. I remember often reading how models made people feel dwarfed and to me that just doesn't make sense...I never felt dwarfed by anyone and it was not by the shortage of taller people around me. My own mother is taller than me...and there are plenty of 2m and plus tall man in my family. I just never thought about it that way, never compared myself with others in that way...but still I have friends who insist on climbing a stair or something before taking a photo with me:) Well, if that makes them happy.....

  11. This looks like the perfect outfit for a day on the beach. And in your signature colour, orange, too! I have lived by the sea / lake / river most of my life (yet never sunbathe, so the beach is wasted on me...) and I do miss that sea breeze now in England...

  12. love to see you wearing orange and red and your gorgeous striped skirt!!, you're like sunshine, bright and joyful, wearing those vitaminic orange touches! Love your little hat and cute nail color!. Such a gorgeous outfit!
    I'm not a huge fan of summer, because it usually means heat: we're having 95ºF these days, and it's just yellow alert, they keep orange alert to higher than 102ºF temperatures, and I can barely imagine what's a red alert!!. I lived in the south of the country for seven years and I didn't enjoy the weather!
    besos & orange

  13. Beautiful skirt, beautiful words, beautiful ocean. Love your writing and fashion style.

  14. The flow of the skirt, the happiness of your face, the joy of you being by the sea is sublime. Makes me want to drive to the coast right now! There's nothing quite like the feel of the grains of sand between your toes and that first cold wave on skin to make you feel alive. Love this post as there's salt water in my veins - my granddad was a fisherman on a trawler in the 30's and I've inherited his love of the sea.

    And the leopard print jacket just rocks with the skirt.

  15. Orange is the new black. It looks great on you. That skirt is really to die for. In Spain we are suffering a hotwave too. I hope you soon can enjoy summer with lower temperatures.

    Jasmine ♥

  16. You look far better than the model, infinitely more stylish and you look like you're enjoying yourself, too!
    Gorgeous outfit and how lucky that you're so close to the sea - I have to wait for India to dip my toes in the water! xxx

  17. Amazing post, amazing skirt, amazing Natalia! You look great in orange. ♥️
    This week in germany it ' s summerheat. Unfortunately I have no sea near our home. but forrest in 50 meters. I go , in german called " kneippen" . It's walking in cold water :)
    Have a nice week, kisses Tina

  18. I wish to see the ocean sometime. You look great. Colorful and relaxed. I just want to dance with you on the sand.