Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh Summer!

Oh Summer! 
Days are endless, nights short, sunsets and sunrises - amazing. 
No school, no tests, no uniforms. Cooking. Grilling. Farmer's markets (we've just been to the one that recently opened in our neighborhood). Red wine. And white wine too. Sun. Hot sand. I want to soak in as much sun and warmth as possible. But I also want to work, more than ever. These Summer days, I received an unexpected offer to publish a book. After being shortly in a state of disbelief and doubts, I reminded myself that life is what we make out of it. I can sit here in my room worrying that my writing is not good enough, not mature enough yet and decline the offer... or I can just dive in, do the best I can and see what happens. Guess what I am choosing. 

On the sartorial front, I'm still figuring out my Summer style - hot weather is not my favorite fashion season, but I've decided that this Summer will be different and it will be fun. For a starter, I took a bunch of maxi skirts that I collected over the last couple of years and a bunch of shirts that are more or less suitable for hot days. With 5 skirts and 7 shirts, I tried all the possible combinations and was surprised to see that they all work. And my little fedora tops them off beautifully. That reinforced my earlier insight that in decorating, all you need to do is to collect what you love, and it all will make sense together in the end. Decorating our bodies is not that different than decorating our rooms. Now, if I to take a similar organic approach to my book as well, the whole process will be just wonderful. I don't need to drive myself crazy about what to include and what not to include. I just need to follow my nose. Does it still touch me when I read my old piece? Then include it. And if it does not, then don't. All that I wrote in the past few years can create a meaningful collection of stories, both fiction and non-fiction, in both Russian and English. I'm an organic kind of person, and organic kind of writer, and I think it is the best approach for my very first book.  

As much as I enjoy Summer days, I am so thankful for living in this gentle, mild climate (after living in humid continental climate zones for the most of my life where Summers get uncomfortably hot and humid, and winters are equally uncomfortably cold). Summer here is wonderful! Temperature for the most part is in the 70s, from time to time gets into 80s (mostly in the valley though). Only once in my 8 years living here did it get over 100 F (at which point it's hard to function for me). 

So really, my maxi dresses and long cardigans/dusters, such as what you see in this post, are quite wearable during our Summer, especially in mild evenings when I get a chance to go on a date with Justin. For days spent running errands or going to parks and beaches, my outfits are much simpler, but still very colorful though! I'll throw in a few pics just for an example... have fun! 

100% silk skirt - Goodwill, $3.99... such a floaty, lightweight piece, perfect to wear on a hot day.

Some people compliment me on being so colorful and add something like this, "I wish I could pull off bright colors!" Well, the truth is... YOU CAN. You absolutely can pull it off - everyone can! Two or three years ago, before I started this blog, I read so much nonsense about all that (what we people can and cannot wear) - I almost donated all my colorful patterned dresses (the few that I had back then). Not sure what changed my mind, but how happy I am now that I did not get rid of colors! Life without colors just wouldn't be much fun. As for patterns, I say - the more the merrier, so bring them on!

The orange skirt - consignment shop (last Summer), cardi/jacket thingy - Goodwill.
You won't need a jacket when you spend a hot day on a beach, but if you stay there until the evening, better have it. Jackets and cardigans are quite useful in the PNW.

A fabric purse from a small local Indonesian shop 
(unfortunately, closed since I bought it a few years ago).

I hope you all enjoy your season, whatever it is in your part of the world. It's a good thing that we have seasons, isn't it? It kind of gives us a hint that there is time for being active and time for rest, and that we need both, and that there is beauty in both. 
Have a happy season everyone! 
I will be visiting your blogs and talk to you soon! 

And a quick reminder that WRITE AND LINK will come alive on June 26. 
Write and share your stories! The phrase for inspiration in June is 
"...when suddenly I saw..." 
So many possibilities! ;)

My outfit:
Dress and cocoon sweater - Chico's
Shoes - Tsubo (last year)
Clutch - Urban Expressions (old)



  1. Good Morning Natalia, love this post. It,s the truth. Make it real, all the wishes you have for life.
    Summertime- I dont like it to hot. Your colourfull Dress and your summer skirts are amazing.
    Have a nice day, xoxo Tina

  2. I was missing you Natalia! You've been busy and sounds like you've got a new focus for the summer to keep you busy. Congratulations on the offer to publish!
    Any temps over 78 degrees is too hot for me. I'm often collapsed if it gets too bad. I love
    maxi dresses and skirts during those hot times the most.

  3. Congratulations on your writing offer, just go for it and be true to yourself. I agree with you about enjoying all the different seasons but I am glad that our even though our Winters are cool they are by no means freezing cold and our Summers sound like yours warm but not hot and humid.You are wearing your maxis so well, the perfect colours on you.Keep enjoying your Summer. P.S. I will contact you early next week. xx

  4. Congratulations on your book project! It is always wonderful when you can do what you are passionate about (and if you get paid to do that, even better, it would be like winning the lottery... ). I hate hot weather almost as much as I hate cold weather, it's just easier to escape the cold. But as I plan to spend a huge part of summer in Britain, I think rainwear is a more likely option than summer dresses...

  5. Fantastic news about your book, you must be thrilled!
    I adore Summer - more so if it's hot, humid and with endless sunshine (pity I was born in a country where Summer invariably means rain, cold winds and disappointing temperatures!)
    Yes, maxis and colourful are for everyday wear as you've proved so well, I never wear anything else. xxx

  6. phhh!!!
    if i had´t found this new post today i had wrote a email to you - asking if you are o.k.!
    but you are and how! publishing a book! absolute fantastic news!! i want to swirl you around!!!!!
    your summer ensembles are pure beauty! both the elegant evening ones and the fun day time outfits! it seems you arrived at a style that is totally yours! you know i´m with you about just collecting what you love and then ending up with a wardrobe/house/etc. that makes you happy without much effort!
    i myself stumble a bit at this start of summer - it feels like menopause is dawning at the horizont :-/
    but with the help of more yoga, reading such heartwarming blogs like yours and my hubs i will survive ;-)
    tons of hugses! xxxxxxxx

  7. Congratulations and I will be on the "preorder" list. You give all of us readers, this one for sure, the kick in the rear to just dive in.

  8. Colour, print and maxis - yes, that pretty much describes my summer wardrobe as well. Winter too, come to think of it! Your climate sounds perfect for me, I wouldn't want it any hotter. And these warm and colourful outfits are just about perfect too.
    Congratulations on the offer of publication - that is so exciting! Tell us more, who, what, when, how?! xxxx

  9. You know we get the real heat over here! Too much!
    Your Summer wardrobe looks and sounds perfect.
    But your Summer writing occupation sounds even more so! How wonderful, a book!!!!
    I am so happy for you. Organic is certainly the way to go. I am the same :-)
    Hugs to you!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. Happy Summer to you, Natalia! You look superb in orange. It's such a warm color, which I know represents you.

    Indeed, publish a book. I'm on that journey now...As you know. Daunting but very rewarding. I'm learning to trust the process.

  11. I do love that first maxi dress. You are fierce in it.

    I also cannot function when it is too hot. I miss living in Victoria terribly.

    How brilliant you have an offer to do what you love and get paid for it! Spill the beans lady! And remember, the only way you are guaranteed of failure is if you don't try.

    Happy Summer!


  12. Congratulations !!! I am so happy about your book, I am excited to hear about your journey of writing it. And then of course, of reading it!...:)
    Love your chevron dress, and all of your colorful pieces. I agree, mixing pieces is an exuberant a fun style, it is certainly your style, and mine, too! I love your good will skirt for 3.99! You look super in color .
    Follow your organic process, do not street, and this journey will be smooth as silk!
    xx, Elle

  13. What do I mention first? How gorgeous and happy and colourful and stylish you look or how exciting a book offer is? I want to know all of the details and talk endlessly about it! I am practically jumping up and down. You must be so excited and of course you can and will do this with your own incredible style.
    I used to think I was supposed to want to wear bright colours. Isn't that weird? LOL but giving myself permission to wear muted colours makes me happier. I like to admire bright colours on the people who are happy in them, like yourself.

    1. I meant to ask if the book is to be in English or Russian? I wish I could have a better translation of your stories than what I get from Google, which mangles them but leaves me enough of an impression of beautiful language that I want to be able to read them properly. xoxo

  14. What a cheerful post, Natalia! And what cheerful and colorful outfits! Congratulations on the book publishing offer! I can imagine how excited you are, this is such an opportunity! The top that you're wearing with an orange skirt, I have a tunic in almost exact print!

  15. Congrats on the book publishing offer that is just wonderful! I know what you mean summer is so wonderful and you want to take in every minute of it but the book is so important. I am sure you will find the perfect balance. Your outfits are lovely and perfect for the warm weather. I so love to see color!


  16. Oh Natalia! what wonderful news!! you are an excellent writer and this is such a well deserved opportunity, many, many congratulations!! I love ALL your outfits, they are all so pretty - I love summer, yes the 70's/80's are a great temperature, above that I am a sweaty, grumpy mess hehe! what a lovely thought/image to leave you with!! have a wonderful weekend! x x x

  17. glad you're going to publish a book, such lovely news!!
    And I agree with you (as usual ;DD) about to collect what you like and let the things work together by themselves, it works nicely when you dress up!! You look absolutely adorable and summery in your maxi skirts, and love your mixed prints mojo!, you're brilliant. Love particularly your orange degradé skirt, fabulous!!
    And such an elegant maxi dress, you're gorgeous, love how you wear it with your 'cocoon sweater', such a pretty outfit!
    I'm also a seasons lover, love the variation, the different colors on the fields and all the changes!. Kinda of organic feeling too!. Glad to live in a mild climate region, not too cold winter, not too long summer, but we're used to have 90ºF usually in july and august, even not everyday!
    besos & verano

  18. I love your writing Natalia, congratulations on the book commission, very exciting. Love that white long cardi, the shape is just fab xx

  19. Hi Natalia, congratulations on your book. I know you will do a good job of it. All your outfits look amazing. I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Liebster award. xo

  20. I prefer Autumn in this mild climat, even winter. Summers are not too hot, but hot enough for me.
    Looking glorious, my dear Natalia

  21. You look divine in that maxi dress...and all of the other outfits are fantastic too!

    I think the organic approach to your writing is a great idea...just follow your gut feeling.

  22. You're beautiful in and out. Publishing offer must be extremely exciting! You'll do an amazing job putting it all together.