Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This week is a bit hectic here, In the Writer's Closet, but I'm full of outfit ideas. I love it when one of my activities inspires another, and vice versa. One of my recent outfits actually inspired a character in my new story (pretty much all my stories start with a character, it almost feels like a character appears, introduce himself/herself to me and tell me their story). This outfit, on the other hand, was inspired by the piece of writing I'm working on now - all in its own time, but I will reveal that hopefully pretty soon.

You've seen this beautiful striped ruana recently in the post Stripes in the City, or Equal in All Directions

The skirt is a sister of my gray skirt which you've seen in the post Born to Build Bridges. These cute sisters have a hidden panel for a better shape, and I think I finally found a black pencil skirt which is not too boring, thanks to the ruched back sides. On sale for $25 - all the better. And I just have to tell you. Remember the bunny from that post, you can see her in photos? I think I saw her baby today when I was picking up Justin! The tiny baby bunny jumped on the road just in front of my car, thank goodness I was going slow and saw him, and stopped just in time. He could fit in my palm, and so adorable! I hope his mama will teach him to cross the road properly. 

The necklace has been in my collection for a while (I think I showed it at least once before, worn with my red and black boiled wool jacket, in the post Reversible, December 2013). The bracelet is new to me though. As you might know, I had a birthday in May, and I splurged a little. Lane Bryant had a line with super gifted Isabel Toledo, and it seems their contract came to an end, because all the models that weren't sold out yet went on crazy sale... I bought a few dresses and skirts, which originally cost up to $200, some more, and I only paid $20 to $40 per item. I sure will be showing my Isabel Toledo mini-collection here, beginning with this stunning unusual Domino bracelet. A lot of her clothing is influenced by 1920-30s, Art Deco - just what I'm into these days. They have great attention to detail, not very often found these days. I'm in heaven.

Finally, the blouse is with me for 4 or 5 years - I don't wear it often, it definitely has a strong character on its own, and we don't always agree. But sometimes we just need one another, and enjoy each other's company very much. I showed it before in the post Bold in January 2014 (a very cool outfit, even if I say so myself).

Blouse (old), ruana and necklace - Chico's
Bag (old) and skirt - Lane Bryant
Shoes - Rockport
Bracelet - Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant

Photos by Justin

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  1. I love your description of the blouse as having her own character and how you don't always agree! I think I have a few dresses like that, too. The black and white makes for a wonderfully dramatic effect and the bangle is very similar to those popular in the 1950s. xxx

  2. This is a sweet post for a few reasons. One being the sweet photo at the end with Justin's hand on your knee. Then I checked out the "Reversible" post and saw the wonderful family photos and Justin's nice comment on that post. :)
    This graphic outfit is really great on you. All of it, gorgeous necklace and all. Funny, I had a black pencil skirt but recently got rid of it because it was boring and looked too office attire like. They are so versatile though and like you say a few details can make it so much better.
    Thank heavens it was you on that road when the baby bunny came out! How sweet!
    By the way, I am LOVING the book Watermark!

    1. Joni, I'm so happy you enjoy the book! I read his essays in English a few years ago - very powerful stuff, but then, the guy is a language genius. :)

  3. That blouse is WOW! I really like it with the red necklace. It is true sometimes I also don't agree with some of my wardrobe pieces.


  4. Love, love, love this! I'm such a sucker for the red pop of color with black & white! jodie

  5. Oh Natalia, what a nice post. I love this Outfit and this nice bracelet. I'm happy because the junior bunny is save♥️
    Have a nice day, xoxo Tina

  6. I love how you matched this set with jewelry! When I look at you I think of Alice in Wonderland:) Great set.
    I'm curious what you're working on.

  7. What a great top, inspire of previous disagreements! It looks so lovely on you, and really spices up the skirt. I do adore those shoes too, they look like something I might be able to wear... Your jewellery here is fantastic - the bracelet is amazing, if you ever get tired of it... :-D

  8. fabulous art deco outfit!!!
    i too have pieces that i can not wear very often - but when i do i love them :-) so they sleep in the closet sometimes for years...
    cute story about the baby bunny - thank goodness you´r a careful driver!
    moving pic of your arms in the car - awwww!!!
    hugses! xxxxxxxxx

  9. Natalia, that blouse is so stunning both in style and pattern and those sleeves. The domino bangle is wonderful , very much like vintage bakelite .The sweet shot of the two hands touching shows it to perfection.
    So glad the bunny made it safely , knew a gentle driver was coming. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  10. You can never beat the power of black and white..just gorgeous..

  11. Yeah, I completely understand the thing about falling out with your clothes from time to time - and then making up again!
    Now that's how to wear black and white, Natalia - fabulous graphic prints, and the blouse is a wonderful shape (as are you in that pencil skirt!) The dramatic necklace and domino bracelet are the perfect finishing touches. Fabulous! xxx

  12. Toledo is one of my favorites,too. She surely has lots of personality and is totally creative. I can't wait to see what else you got. I just added you to my blogroll list something I should have done long ago.

  13. I also think of the clothes I love as alive, ahhhhhhhhhh
    You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  14. that last photo is really adorable!

    I immensely like the jewelry pieces in this outfit, both the necklace and the bracelets are very unique and beautiful pieces that go well together and I'm sure they'll look great when worn separately as well. Accessorizing is often such a key part of monochrome outfits...not that this monochrome outfit is by any means monotone. I love what you said about that blouse, how it has a strong personality. It really does! Such a fab print it has!!!!

    the skirt is well elegant and it matched both the blouse and the cardi perfectly.

    I'm so happy that little bunny is safe and I hope he will take more care crossing the roads in the future. I would have panicked if I was behind the wheel, I don't drive at all....well, right now I don't have anything to drive, but I'm really apprehensive how I will ever be a good driver without the practice...perhaps it was just not meant to be!

    I love what you said about how characters in your writings seem to introduce themselves...I think that happens to me too:)

  15. What a wonderful outfit! I love the pop of color with your necklace and purse :)

  16. love that you're actually into a 20-30's decó style, you look absolutely elegant and gorgeous!, and love all those graphic prints and cool sleeves!, and your bijouterie is really stunning!, love your bracelet!

  17. What can I say just gorgeous and great finishing touches ! Best wishes xxx

  18. What can I say just gorgeous and great finishing touches ! Best wishes xxx

  19. What can I say just gorgeous and great finishing touches ! Best wishes xxx

  20. Love the patterns you are wearing and the unique bracellet! I really love the reddish brown necklace, perfect addition of color my friend!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  21. I missed this one! You look gorgeous and I love the picture of your hand and Justin's. I am scrolling through looking for a close up of you to paint. xo