Sunday, July 19, 2015


Doesn't this fabric look familiar? No, it's not déjà vu or a magic trick - I do have a dress made of this same material (which you might have seen in this post). I loved that dress so much that when eShakti generously offered me a gift card in return for writing about their new web-site, I used that card toward purchasing this gorgeous maxi dress, made from the same beautiful shiny cotton. Similarly to my first eShakti dress, it also is fully lined, has pockets, and is made specifically to my measurements (custom sizing is the best!). I did not choose options to change details or the length because I love this dress just the way it is. It fits me like a glove, saves me in the heat of Summer when I want to be dressed up (and many of my fancy dresses are made of polyester), and I receive a lot of compliments on it. 

Happy coincidence: this style attracted not only me, but also gorgeous Glenda of the blog So What to Twenty! - click here to see how striking she looks in her eShakti maxi dress made in the same style, but totally different fabric. And if you don't know Glenda yet, please do yourself a favor and read this stylish, intelligent and inspiring lady!

Earlier this Spring, I picked up this inexpensive pair of earrings from a local nursery shop, without knowing what I would pair them with. Now I'm so glad I did because they match my new dress to perfection. Magic!

 The temperature was again over 90 F this weekend, but to watch Anya's show last night, I grabbed a cardigan, because the auditorium was air-conditioned and quite cool on the first night. The second show was even better than the first one. I think kids relaxed a little, gained more confidence, and almost two hours of the performance flew by quickly! Both kids and grown-ups did an amazing, amazing job! The show had great energy and true magic to it. And when you feel the magic - it is the best part of theater, or any art, really. And, at least to me, the best part of life as well.

Is there a room for magic in your heart?

Photos by Justin
Location - historic cabin at West Hylebos Wetland Park, Federal Way

Dress - eShakti
Clutch - Chico's
Earrings - local nursery shop at the mall
Sandals - Clarks via Nordstrom Rack



  1. Good Morning Natalia, stunning! ♥️ This dress is soooo lovely. Cotton? !! great!!
    Oh I have soo many room for magic in my heart. It must have room in everybodys heart.
    Have a nice day and week, kisses

  2. Oh nice shop, but they do nit ship international :((

    1. They are awesome, truly! So sorry they don't ship to Europe. I hope they will add this option soon, they are still a young company - it takes time to develop business. Have a wonderful week, my magical friend!

  3. Magic indeed, my friend
    Good morning

  4. you look like a fairy tail princess!!!
    but not like from disney - like from an russian book with arts&crafts illustrations!!! the block house of cause adds to that :-)
    i always wonder that you can wear polyester dresses - i would feel like in a garbage bag. i need to breeze :-) so bonus points in my book for the cotton material - which really looks precious in this beautiful lighted shoots - thanks justin!!
    hugs&kisses <3

    1. I have the same association with Russian fairy tales. :)

      About fabric. I like different fabrics for different reasons. Polyester can be a great option - what I have has a great quality, it never fades, I wear my dresses for years, they always look like new (no rips or wrinkles or anything, really, the color stays bright etc, etc). And for our mild and not very humid climate, they are breathable. I never wear polyester of a cheap quality, and I never wear polyester in hot and humid weather. So that's my answer to that. :)

      BUT! I love natural fabrics. And when I have a choice, like with eShakti, I specifically look for cotton. I did not even look at their polyester dresses - only cotton, because in my experience, it's pretty rare! I have an eye on a few cotton dresses by designers who work with plus sizes, but their are over $200. I have not talked myself yet into spending that much money on just one piece. I usually buy everything around $30 (on very, very good sale), even if the initial price was $150 to $200. It was different when I lived in Russia - clothes are extremely expensive there, Here it's cheap as dirt, and the quality is so much better. But I think I am coming to the point when I'm bored with the brands I used to buy, and I'm getting ready to explore and get myself those $200 dresses made of silk or cotton. I'm just not there yet.

      Phew, that was long! :)))

  5. I can see why you picked the same fabric's beautiful!! jodie

  6. That dress is absolutely beautiufl but it pales into insignificance against you. What a great choice. If eShakti's sales don't treble after your blog post I'd be very surprised. xxx

  7. How magical you look. I had no idea your dress was the same as my MAXImum dress, but thank you for the lovely shout-out.

  8. This is really beautiful! I love maxi dresses like this! It is like a stained glass window!x

  9. I love this maxi dress. Do you feel in it like Queen, don´t you? I feel in maxi dress like that. I love cotton. It so nice to skin. In this hot and humid weather in Singapore I don´t have another option. I was checking eShakti a few times. Maybe sometimes they will do shipping to another part of world. I really like this customizing options.

  10. Magical indeed, a truly wonderful dress for you in both colour and style.

  11. There is surely place for magic in my life...who could live without it?
    You look absolutely divine in that maxi dress...and how wonderfully it matches those earrings you must have been shopping intuition on your part to buy them because they really look great with this dress. I also like how the dress looks with the white cardi...very elegant combo! I often wear a scarf with me because I can't stand air conditioning...These days I spend locked up in my work room, with doors shot tightly so that no air conditioned air gets inside...and the temperatures in Mostar go as high as 43C, just the other day it was the hottest city in Europe.

  12. This is a fantastic dress: nice silhouette, beautiful print and suits you perfectly! The earrings are another beauties in this look, what a great find!

  13. Oh my great minds think alike. Like Beate, I thought it too have a touch of the Russian Fairy tale about it. It is a beautiful print and a classic shape that is so flattering. As soon as I saw it, I thought of Glenda's chevron dress because of the similar neckline. What a shame they don't ship to Europe!

  14. I've loved first dress, and now I love even more this second one!, the print is colorful and perfect for a summer dress, the shape is magnificent and it has pockets!!.
    I think you're gorgeous and love that you find some pretty earrings to match! adorable!

  15. Pure magic. The fabric is lovely and you my dear lady looks a million dollars. xo