Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Talking Dress

It was a beautiful Summer evening. He came back from work at the usual time.
"Are you hungry?" said she. 
"I am," said he.
"How about I warm up dinner for you, and then we go for a nice stroll?" said she.
They loved going for a walk along the shores of the Sound, overlooking the hill where they lived.
"OK. Let's go for a walk first then," said he.
She went to their bedroom to change, as he waited for her in the living room.
"Are you ready for a walk?" said she as she came out.
"Would you like to take me out to dinner?" said the dress.
"WOW! Yes, yes, I would love to take you out to dinner!" said he.
"Let's go for a walk then?" said she.
"Yes, yes! I just must take you out to dinner!" said he.
The dress talked for her, and she let it.
~The End~

The earrings are from a small local Indonesian shop which is unfortunately closed now. They used to have so many cute little things - jewelry, clothing, purses and home decor. I bought a silky fabric purse, a mirror and a few pairs of earrings there many years ago. It seems I gave away as presents all the other pairs as this is the only one I can find now. I like the little sun design, and the light weight for Summer.

Dress and cotton duster - Chico's
Sandals - Clarks
Linen purse - hand made, via boutique (10 years ago or so)
Earrings - Indonesian shop (8 years ago or so)



  1. That dress would convince me to take you out for dinner too! It's very stylish, very sexy, and I think it gets what it wants, don't you? Looking gorgeous, Natalia! xxx

  2. awesome romantic dinner setting!!!!
    and you look like a bond girl in that dress! very cool!!!
    the little dialogue made me laugh :-D
    hugses!! <3

  3. Funny, but my clothes usually say, "Where is the remote." I must train them to speak better!

  4. The dress that speaks volumes. What a gorgeous maxi, Natalia. You look ravishing. x

  5. Very amazing dress and it's speaks very well. Dining outside on summer evening, great. I think so.
    You look great in this animal print Maxi. Roooaarr ;)
    Wish you habe a nice day, Natalia. Kisses Tina

  6. This dress really does speak volumes on Natasha's behalf. The instant she appeared in the living room wearing it, I found myself instantly KNOWING ... "we have to go to dinner". For me, this dress is like a lens that concentrates and focuses Natasha's natural energy perfectly. Many thanks to the designers and makers for creating such an effective voice to harmonize with Natasha's own ... together, they say "irresistible". :)

  7. The dress is gorgeous!! And it looks like you did get to go to dinner...how nice!! jodie

  8. Justin is a man in tuned to his wife and himself. Such a romantic post. I almost felt ashamed for reading it. Like I was peaking into such intimate and private moments. Natalia, you ooze sexy in this dress. Enough said.

  9. oh yes, your dress and you deserve a romantic dinner with a glass of wine and sunset views!, gorgeous!
    love particularly your cotton duster, such a great piece!

  10. No wonder a romantic dinner was in the offing with you looking so stunning and ever so sexy in that little number. I am sure a wonderful evening ensued. xx

  11. Natalia I enjoyed reading your post. So romantic. The dress is beautiful and you look fabulous in it. Justin is a lucky man. :)

  12. I like your post, Natalia. It is nice to have romantic dinner with the husband. I hope that you had beautiful time together. You look lovely and happy on your pictures. o)

  13. LOL...smart dress to talk your hubby into taking you out for dinner.


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