Friday, July 10, 2015

Stripes, Meet Stripes

Once upon a time, there was a stripy shirt living in a closet. She had an adventure or two - you might have read about them here. But most of the time, she led a pretty quiet life, thinking every now and then that maybe there is a more exciting closet for her to live in. She'd think that, sigh quietly and just continue to hang in there, I mean, literally. And then one sunny day a stripy skirt moved in the closet. 

The skirt was beautiful, striking even, and had a rather big, bold personality too. She would never consider having a predictable, quiet life as an option for herself. She was fearless. She wanted adventure, exploration, travel. New places, new horizons were on her agenda. You might have read about her a little bit over here. Every single thing she met on her way seemed wonderful, full of life, full of spirit. So when she met the rather shy and modest stripy shirt who considered herself just an ordinary piece of clothing, she said, "C'mon! You are not ordinary at all! You are big, bold and beautiful - just look at yourself! Don't hide in the closet. Let's go play!" 

The stripy shirt had never heard such a conversation before, and was much surprised. But the idea of her being big, bold and beautiful was so appealing that she decided to jump in and just see where it took her. And on the way, she realized that she was indeed big, bold and beautiful too, and that the world was amazing and full of exciting opportunities.  

~ The End ~

The temperature dropped down to the low 70s here, and the clouds feel so refreshing! It's been 3 weeks since I had a good long night's sleep - my daughter goes to a theater camp which starts at 9 am (to me, a night bird, unspeakably early), and my body is surprisingly resistant to the idea of going to bed at a reasonable hour. It's a part of being Taurus I guess. So for the past 3 weeks, I'm functioning on 4-5 hours sleep, and let me tell you, it's a challenge. People, good sleep is a must! But if you, like me, are temporarily deprived of sleep, then treat yourself to something really nice - it doesn't have to be a huge thing, but something you enjoy. Both feeling run down lately, Anya and I decided to give ourselves a treat and went to a nail spa yesterday, which I haven't done in ages, and for Anya it was the first time. We got a special foot massage with hot rocks and some sort of nice smelling scrub, and also got to decorate our nails. We spent about a hundred dollars, which is a splurge to us, but it was worth it - we felt so much better after all. 

And in case you have not seen it yet... I discovered another wonderful and completely unique treat just a couple of days ago. I shared it on my Google Plus page, but to tell the truth I very rarely open it myself, so I'd love to share it here too. Amazing Shawna of The Director of Awesome painted my portrait. I'm so thrilled - and I just love it! Thank you, my dear talented friend! Big, big hugses!

Shirt - Chico's, a couple of years old
Skirt - Lane Bryant (might be still available, check online or your local stores)
Sandals - Clarks via Nordstrom Rack (my shoe mecca)
Purse was found at a book store on Bainbridge Island, no name (I found name later - Coelacanth)



  1. Your feet look lovely! And I think you have convinced me that stripes should play with stripes! Very happy and lively combination. I like the two bold colours together. You are so kind to share my work and so supportive of my efforts. Thank you, dear friend. I am so glad you like it.
    Our temps have gone down a bit too and it is more comfortable. The smoke is beginning to diminish a bit too and I can see the sky again. Have a lovely weekend! Love and hugses xoxoxoxo

  2. natashaaa!!!! this ensemble is totally and absolutely fabulous!! sooo wow! beautiful, elegant, fresh!
    and i love the little story you wrote for it :-)))
    your and anya´s nails look pretty - gorgeous choice of color. i had less sleep the last weeks too, to hot at night, even in our forest-y environment and in the early morning (6:00!) the kitty wanted to get fed with heartbreaking meows!!
    but its cooled down and lisbeth learned that in our house breakfast is a bit later :-)
    happy weekend my love!!!
    p.s.: is´t shawna´s newest painting amazing!!!

  3. Your stripes are the perfect pairing , no wonder they are now good play mates. Love your little story. Sometimes, we have to treat ourselves, glad you both enjoyed the nail spa, they look lovely.
    Shawna certainly is a talented artist, she has captured you perfectly. I have your cooler temperatures continue and you can catch up on that sleep. XX

  4. stripes going out to play with another stripes!, it sounds fabulous and looks even more fabulous!
    You're gorgeous and love your little cute bag!
    Glad you've enjoyed a nail treatment, love your colorful nails!
    And that portrait is absolutely You!, fabulousness & art!!!

  5. Hello Natalia! Your love affair between the skirt and top is a match made in heaven- they are a dreamy combination together, plus the handbag is delightful- bikes! I do hope you get some sleep soon- it's horrid when you are exhausted and in desperate need of sleep!x

  6. Wonderful meeting of like-minded striped pieces, Natalia. - they were meant to be together! That skirt is a real beauty, and your nails look fab too.
    Shawna's painting of you is fantastic, what an honour to have a portrait done!
    Hope you feel refreshed and manage to get plenty of sleep now; like you, I don't function well when I am sleep-deprived. xxx

  7. What a gloriously stripy outfit - the skirt is gorgeous and wonderfully enhanced with the shirt.
    Love Shawna's painting and the photo of you and Anya's nails. Glad you are able to sleep now, there's nothing worse than being sleep deprived. xxx

  8. I must add ... :) The first time I saw this outfit, I was really taken by how striking it is. Some outfits grow on me gradually, others just jump out and grab me and say WOW, this is amazing. This out fit was a "WOW" outfit for me. :)

  9. Hi Natalia!!
    I love the way your worded this! Indeed, sometimes 1+1 =fabulous, in new and exciting ways! I have done that too. Kept something in my closet, knowing full well something would come along and invite it to dance!This outfit is super duper! Love your nails! But, you need to sleep MORE, my dear, I also like to stay up late! Great souls feel alike! Ha! I just made that up!
    xx, Elle

  10. Hi Natalia, first of all I must say you have done really well to not only get Justin to read the blog but comment as well. I also agree with him 100% that this outfit is striking. I love it very much. It looks very good on you. Have a lovely week. xo

  11. I enjoyed reading the story of a stripy shirt! Your talent, Natalia, is just amazing! To tell about simple things in such an interesting manner...oh, I am jealous ( in a good way though). Beautiful stripy ensemble! When I don't get enough sleep I tend to become grumpy. I imagine it was so much fun to go doing nails with your daughter.

  12. Great set and the handbag matches very nicely.
    I never had professional manicure or peducure done:) I'd love to try that hot rocks foot massage.
    The portrait is very beautiful.

  13. It was so great to read your story about stripes and I'm happy it had a happy ending too...such a great outfit! I love stripes....and that portrait is absolutely amazing. She really captured wisdom in your eyes!

  14. Such a perfect clash, my dear Natalia.
    I would love, love, love to meet you so much, but I think you know that already

  15. Hi Natalia! I thought I pop over to see what you meant about the comment you left on my chevron dress post - MAXImum. I guess stripes/chevron was on our minds in the past weeks. Is that what you meant?

    1. Not quite! I'm being naughty not telling you. :) You'll see soon, I promise! :) Though you are absolutely right about chevron stripes!

  16. What a great post - I love this mix of patterns and colors. I am always sleep deprived, my body is like yours and just cant go to bed early.


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