Friday, September 18, 2015

Indian for Two

Here is what happens when two sickies get tired of being housebound, and a new Indian restaurant has just opened in the neighborhood.

Enjoy this lovely musical accompaniment to my post!

Did you know the bizarre history behind this musical arrangement? It's always been one of my favorite pieces, but I did not know it was written on a bet. Those artists! What won't they do earn an extra hundred bucks, or even rubles!

Have you met my new Mary Janes yet? Aren't they lovely? Guess what - they are pre-worn too, thanks folks for doing all the hard work for me, so comfy now! I will admit I have never bought used shoes before, but on my last trip to Goodwill up in Seattle I spotted some great shoes in good condition in smaller size, so I thought if they have them in a smaller size, they might also have something in my size... and they did! I bought not one but two pairs of Mary Janes, both burgundy red, comfy, in good condition, for only $7 and $5. Wahoo!

Is this button cute or what? I'm very attracted to cute and lovely styles lately.

Sometimes I'm so happy to just be a girl. 
We get to wear floral dresses! And color our hair red! And even powder our nose!

Our lunch was lovely as well. I had lamb curry, and Justin had chicken masala - both were very flavorful. The menu is extended and imaginative - lots of meat, fish  and vegetarian options, and the whole range of pizzas in addition to traditional Indian dishes, so pretty much everyone can find something to their liking. The restaurant is open 8 to 8 and offer traditional Indian breakfast, which I haven't seen done before - I plan to try soon. Check them out if you're in the neighborhood! And yes, I paid for my lunch myself. Oh I'm such a liar... OK, you got me. Justin paid, not me. We're just nice folks who love seeing our little neighborhood thriving. So we like to invite other nice folks to come!

My lovely sicky... though he's not as sicky any more! Phew!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

PS I'm starting a new label where I'll link the things about what's happening in our neighborhood - businesses, events, parks,  etc. I'll see what I can add to this category from my past posts. And in case you're wondering, I have this label retro/vintage - it isn't from the lack of understanding of the difference between the two, I am well aware of it. I's just I don't have many genuine vintage pieces of clothing, but I enjoy creating a retro feel which can be done either with vintage, or with modern pieces... or both.

Dress - thrifted (last shown here in May)
Shoes - thrifted via Goodwill
Blazer - Lane Bryant, sale rack a couple of years ago, one of my favorite jackets
Purse - about 10 years old, and I forgot the brand
Silver malachite ring - old, festival
Golden chain - gift from Mom

* * *


  1. Dear Natalia, Amazing shoes. Yes the button is cute. They are in good condition and in shoeshops the people testet the shoes and walk in... no matter with pre -owned shoes :)
    You look great its a wonderfull fall look for changing weather, like April. You no what I Mean? My english is horrible ;)
    Have a nice weekend, kisses Tina

  2. It is good to hear you are both well again. The shoes are super sweet and look great with the jacket. With the flowers on skirt and burgandy, its a fresh transition between seasons look.

  3. So nice of you Natalia to give a shout out to the new restaurant and good to hear you and Justin are feeling much better now. Love your mary janes and the whole outfit. xo

  4. The music is a lovely sound for my first cup of coffee. Even in the composer's youth his talent was so prevalent. I love that!
    And yes, your maryjanes are adorable. And in my favorite leather color too!

  5. I'm happy to hear you two are not sick anymore. I have recovered from my cold too. Those mary jane shoes do look really comfy...and also chic. I never bought second hand shoes before, but I wouldn't mind doing it if I ever saw a pair that was in good condition. I think leather shoes age really well and they can be worn for many years if cared for properly.

    Your outfit is so lovely! I absolutely love that dress and the blazer is wonderful...that little bag is also very charming. I think it is a great idea to create a label....I love retro and vintage looks too. I'm never sure is something I get from second hand is really vintage (unless the label says so) but I have a few vintage pieces I inherited from my mother and grandmother.

    I love reading dinning recommendations btw! Who knows where life can take us...and it always good to know about such things.


  6. lovely ensemble! and yes - pretty shoes!!!
    we had indian food today too - but sadly the indian stuff you get around here is not as spiced as i´m used to - i looove hot food!!!
    about your lengthy comment @moi: you´r very welcome!! that is the idea behind such posts - to make people think. and writing helps with thinking - as you already know. and better someone writes down her own ideas then the "pretty dress - follow me" comments.....
    love and hugs!!!! xxxxxx

  7. Glad to hear you are all on the mend, out and about and enjoying some good looking Indian food.Your new Mary Janes were quite the find, always so comfyand perfect with your pretty dress and jacket.

  8. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Indian food is definitely the best medicine for eradicating the sniffles.
    Mmmmmm......South Indian breakfasts. I'm counting the weeks until I can have a proper one again!
    Great shoes, perfect with your outfit. I've bought one pair of new shoes in five years. So much better when someone's been kind enough to wear them in for you. xxx

  9. Such a lovely, ladylike outfit - a floral dress, velvet jacket, Mary Janes, all in warm colours, what a gorgeous combination!
    I didn't realise you and Justin had been ill (I'm trying to keep up, but failing...) Glad to know you are on the mend, and able to enjoy some fabulous Indian food - I love it! xxx

  10. Oh, I love indian food - looks fantastic on the picture. This burgundy jacket is great - so many possibilities how to pair it. And it is nothing more important than nice comfy shoes. Thank you, Natalia, to remind me how I was trying to play piano. Russian composers are so difficult to play!. But this music is beautiful......

  11. Love the New to you MaryJanes! I agree, the are already won in an comfy, but they look great on you and new enough! Love this floral on you. I agree it is a good time to be a woman. ( well, regarding fashion, anyway). The food looks relish!
    The burgundy jacket looks fabulous with the ensemble. I have maybe vintage things...because I am vintage and I have held onto things THAT long! ;)
    xx, Elle

  12. I meant many vintage things, and not maybe vintage things. That they are vintage, I am certain!!!!
    xx, elle

  13. I hope that you and your hubby are on the mend. These are great shoes - I love the color and that it's already broken in!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  14. I'm sorry you two have been sick! I've been lying low myself lately so am very behind in all blogging adventures. I'm only just starting to write and paint again after a long break. I love Mary Jane shoes and Indian food, together or not! I've never had an Indian breakfast so I look forward to your trying one and sharing it here. Your shoes are very cute and so are you. The floral dress is so pretty and as always you are stunning in your rich colours. Hope you and your sweetie just keep on feeling better. xoxo

  15. glad you're recovering, poor dear lady (and Justin too!), and also very glad you found those fabulous maryjanes, one of my favorite styles, with lots of cuteness!!
    You're gorgeous wearing your floral dress and burgundy jacket, so elegant too! And I've liked the music indeed!