Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shall We Dance?

Outfit #1
Linen shirt - thrifted (via Value Village)
Cotton pixi pants - Chico's (old)
Shoes - Rockport (via Nordstrom Rack)
Cinnabar ring - via Chaos NY

Outfit #2
Skirt - Lane Bryant
Dress worn as a top - ASOS Curve
Denim jacket - Chico's (old)
Shoes - Josef Seibel (via Nordstrom Rack)
Scarf and jewelry - gifts, boutique and thrift shop finds

Joining the new #iwillwearwhatilike link-up!

PS I wanted to experiment with Google+ commenting, and added that option to see how it works for you and for me. While I enjoy the ability to send my replies to your comments directly to your email box, I just found out that this option disabled leaving comments if you're not with Google+. That's a bummer. There is probably a way to enable either way of commenting, but for now, not being the most technical blogger in Bloglandia, I'm switching back to the old way, to keep things simple. I hate to loose the comments that you left using Google+ (and they do disappear when I switch back), so I copied your comments and posted them under my name which looks funny, but at least I don't loose your lovely comments. Sorry for the temporary abracadabra.


  1. beate grigutsch shared your blog post on Google+
    hihi! thats fun!! two cool outfits in one post :-) lets dance!!! xxxxx

  2. Love both of these outfits and I did a double-take over the first photo. Before I had fully scrolled down I thought you had somehow actually put on some sort of split outfit-lol. I am always in awe of your styling skills and the outfits you put together. You look gorgeous, warm, friendly, creative and very together. You could be intimidating in the confidence and style you radiate except that you aren't because of your lovely demeanour. Okay, is that enough gushing for the day? xoxoxo

    1. That's funny, Shawna! I'm always surprised that I can come across the way you describe - as confident/creative etc, etc... to me, I'm just old me, though I have to say my grandma used to describe as the most creative/interesting of her grandchildren, since I was little. I used to entertain grandparents by walking from under the big round dining table with the plush fringed tableskirt which was long, to the floor... I used the tableclothes as theatrical curtains and performed, wearing my aunt's dress which was also very long on me at my 4. After I finished performing, I made them all clap. I guess I haven't changed all that much, almost 40 years later. :) Thank you for coming and seeing my little performance and clapping, my dearest friend! I really appreciate that.

  3. Yes, our most expensive women's fashion retailer had very designer wear last year that featured a cut-in-half jacket on one side and a cut-in-half blouse on the other. For a second I wondered if you had been there. Haha. I love the playful photographic effect you've created. And I love how you've worn a skirt over your dress for a whole new look. Very fun post!

  4. Natalia, I love the way you are doing your experiments.o) Perfect pictures! I love this outfit with black skirt and denim jacket.That very funny idea to use skirt on the dress. But it works! A little red color on the belt and the scarf was great addition.

  5. ... and thank you for tango dance. It made my day. o)

  6. I love the split personality outfit in the first photo - very clever! xxx

  7. This is a nice collage! I love the brightness of the shirt and the dress-skirt combination looks great!

  8. Clever you , not just your photo tricks but your outfit combinations.I thoroughly enjoyed the tango and a little dance with you.

  9. How clever is that first photo Natalia. You pulled off both outfits dear. Who would have known that there was a dress under that skirt? Amazing.

  10. Ha, such clever photoshopping! And both outfits are fabulous, I love the bright bold red shirt, and the Fifties-inspired striped dress/top and skirt with the denim jacket. xxx

  11. I adore the stripe outfit - so Parisian!!


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  12. such a fabulous collage!, love how you picked just black&white with some red in both ensembles and how lovely you look!, and you wear a skirt over a dress, which is a brilliant idea!

  13. Great outfits! And wonderful photos!
    XOX from Austria,

  14. both outfits are fabulous...I love that you're wearing a skirt over a dress...I do that often too.