Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sharing is Fun!

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago when we visited Edmonds, an adorable town north of Seattle. I LOVE this dress! It is very comfortable and easy to wear, and such a classic, lovely style. Accessorized differently, I can wear it in the 1940s, 1970s, 1980s styles... so many possibilities!

I've been buried with work these days, please don't take my lack of commenting personally. I love you all and will visit as soon as I can. May I also remind you that our wonderful tradition of a monthly short story is continuing and blossoming, and you still have a chance to link a story for the September link-up HERE. We have two stories so far, both are brilliant if I may say so myself - we are definitely growing as writers, both of my link-ups do wonders in that sense. I hope that you, readers, will find your way to this little gem of a creative writing celebration, because the other side of writing (as any art, really) is sharing it with like-minded people - there is no fun in keeping it all to ourselves.

Sweater dress - Lane Bryant (looks like it's sold out on the web, maybe you can still find it in your local store)
Shawl - Russian platok, my parents' gift 10 years ago
Shoes - thrifted, Goodwill find
Purse - ooooold
Jewelry - collected over the years
Nail polish is new to me, not especially happy with the quality, but love the vibrant color


  1. It's a pretty dress, and looks perfect for this time if year. Dresses with sleeves do not require layering and look so polished. I love this sort of one-stop dressing, just add a shawl or a coat for cooler weather.

  2. Dear Natalia, wonderfull dress. yes it's timeless. Love the russian platok. The colour is so beautyfull for you ♥️.
    Have a nice day. Kisses Tina

  3. your knit dress ist sooo chic!! the fine white lines in the skirt - aahh!
    and although the dress is cool and graphic you made it your own with all the warm accessories! and with a platok you can never fail in my eyes :-)
    tons of hugses!!! xxxx

  4. The black and white dress with its chic lines reminds me of 1930s Art Deco styles - very stylish indeed!
    Don't fret about commenting, I know how hard it is to keep uip when life gets busy - we all just do our best! xxx

  5. So chic and yet warm as well. The platok looks so cosy. Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. lovely dress, that geometric black&white style is a classic and also love that you can take it into every style you like!, it's versatile and cool!