Thursday, December 10, 2015

Luxuries of Winter


One of the unexpected developments for me this Fall/Winter was finding this faux fur coat and falling in love with it. So I'm from Siberia, right? How much do you think I wore fur coats (genuine fur, like sheepskin or nutria coats, and mink and fox hats) in my life? That's right, much. At some point, you just get tired of the whole thing. I did not have any fur coat ever since I left my homeland, which was almost 14 years back. But somehow I loved this coat so much, and even though I was afraid it would be heavy and bulky like those I used to see when I was a kid, I decided to give it a try. The coat did not disappoint, it is everything I wanted it to be - soft, lightweight, cozy, warm, with pockets, a pure joy to wear! I wear it all the time, with everything - dresses, skirts, pants, denim. I'm often complimented and asked where I got it (see the info at the end of the post if you're interested). It sure is a keeper in my closet. And with it, many luxuries of winter returned to my life as well. I found myself enjoying knit hats and scarves, leather gloves, tall boots - all the things I was so eager to discount once I moved to a much milder climate.

Now, it was a cold day, but I wanted to get pictures of this blouse, another love at first sight - so I'm being brave here. Despite the lack of sleeves, the blouse has a surprisingly wintry feel to me, reinforced by the white pants and the fur coat of course. (Guys, I'm not kidding you, taking a break in writing in English, made me forget spelling the easiest words... I just wrote "wight" and then "withe", instead of "white"... and "shipskin" instead of "sheepskin"... oh English! oh English!) 

Back to the blouse, It has an early 1980s feel to it, doesn't it? Or maybe I am full of cheese. I know I had an asymmetric hem dress back in the early 2000s, custom made from a Burda Moden pattern, red color, similar silky fabric, sleeveless, and also cowl neck - that's what the blouse reminds me of. I planned that red dress for my wedding, but unfortunately the fabric was way too easy to wrinkle, so I had to urgently make another dress. Yes red, not white or off-white for me... come to think of it, when Justin and I had our little wedding ceremony many years later, I also had a red dress! And Anya, another luxury winter brought to my life, the most wonderful of all, then 5 years old, of course, had to sign our marriage certificate (well, she learned all those letters not for nothing, right?).

What about you?  Faux fur coat - "Yes, please" or "Nah, that's okay"? ;)

Coat - 6th&Lane (Lane Bryant, on sale now, sizes 14 to 28)
Top - Lane Bryant
Jeans (old) - Lane Bryant
Boots (old) - Ecco via Nordstrom Rack
Purse (old) - Cole Haan via TJ MAXX
Bracelet - Lane Bryant
Pearl earrings - gift from a friend


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  1. I've got an insane amount of vintage fake furs, I love them.
    With our UK Summers they are an essential at music festivals when the sun goes down. I sold 30 over one weekend! xxx

  2. I love the look on others but I haven't gravitated to fur of any sort for me. The blouse is fabulous.

  3. i´m the bad girl with the real fur!
    but you fake cat coat looks very chic! and this blouse would be fab with a lot of bling on new years eve!! :-)
    you look just gorgeous! xxxxxx

  4. Faux fur? Hahaha!! I LOVE that stuff. I feel like I'm wrapped in a blanket when I wear faux fur. You have a mighty fine one there - great outfit.

  5. I can imagine the English language must be quite confusing. I think of three words...cough, rough, and through - all with the same nouns but with different sounds. On to better, more fluid discussions. The top is GORGEOUS!! And I love the Leo coat. I've been looking for one forever.

  6. I love that twist effect on the top. So chic!
    I adore faux fur. Yours is particularly nice.
    Still on the lookout for one. Only downside, they take up a lot of wardrobe space!
    Interesting to hear about the effect living in Russia had on your clothing dislikes. Glad you can enjoy them again.
    I feel your pain about English spelling. It must be the pits!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. A big yes to faux furs from me! I don't think I've got quite as many as Vix but I do have a fair few, and just acquired another one a couple of weeks ago... Oops! Yours is divine, and I love the colour of your top, it's gorgeous. xxx

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  9. Nice pants :)
    Maria V.

  10. Love your blog and that coat is just fabulous! Very Cute Outfit

    Chic Fashion and Travel for the Mid Aged Gal

  11. I love, LOVE, LOVE, love your new coat! I have been wanting a coat like that but just seemed senseless to buy one when it's not that cold in California. I may have to rethink it because it's getting pretty chilly this season.

  12. ohhhh, love your coat, it's comfy and cool, elegant and funny!!, and it goes with everything!. And your blouse has really a 20's vibe, fabulous and silky!
    Lovely that your wedding dresses were red. Red is always a good idea!