Saturday, December 5, 2015


Thank you for your warmest welcoming, my dear friends - I savor every single word. I'm so happy to write again, to share with you again. It is definitely some of the happiest times for me, the time I spend writing. I rarely know what I'll write when I sit down to write. And when I think I know, I am rarely right about it. So mostly I just go with it. There is nothing around me, not a thing, not a noise, not a person exists at this moment. It's only my being tapping into something huge, amazing, wonderful and truly miraculous, and I become a vessel for that magical energy to just run through me. There are very few things in this life that I love more than that. To know that what I have to say and how I say it brings joy to others as well, makes it even more special. So I thank you from all my heart! 

This Autumn, I indulge myself in luxurious textures like never before. I dive into warm and cozy, yet sensual sweater dresses. I rejoice to add a faux fur coat, and even a little fur purse to my cold weather wardrobe for some extra-coziness. And I finally, finally embrace tall leather boots that are not only well made and comfortable, but dream-like gorgeous, and magically fit my not-so-easy-to-fit wide feet and wide calves. I take in all the best that this season brings with wide open arms and wide open heart. Bring it in. Do it. Yes. 

I was wearing this outfit in a store once, and a shopping assistant lady rushed to tell me how much she loved my coat (it was an animal print coat from last winter, shown here), only to discover how much she loved my boots. I'm not declining any compliments. Bring them on, the more the merrier! "Do you love my dress as well?" I asked. She did. While they had the dress in stock, she did not think it would look nice when worn, she was under the impression that it was shapeless, not flattering at all. But she loved it once she saw it on me. Yes.

When your feet are not standard size, it can become a struggle to find a pair of elegant, fashionable, fun and yet comfortable boots. When your calves are not a standard size either, it can become a double struggle. As you go through the options, you start feeling the bug of rejection growing inside of you, aggravating you. You're ready to fight, to reject the idea of not ever finding the boots of your dreams because you don't fit a "standard" size, you're ready to struggle. And you certainly can. But you don't have to. 

Instead, relax. Let your mind wonder freely. Tell yourself that you're not up for a struggle or a fight. Do not fight the idea of fighting though - that's exactly what she (the idea of fighting) likes, and she'll win - we always win in what we love the most. Let her go. Thank her. She was better than the idea of never ever finding your dream. But she served you enough, now it's time to go and make space for something new. You are ready for that new. You don't even have to know what this new is like - that's why it is new, after all. But you know it will feel wonderful. Yes.

Life is not much different from shopping. You can despair, you can accept limitations, you can struggle, you can fight. You can. Nobody will stop you. On the contrary, so much of the world will readily support you in your struggling. "That's just life," they'll say. So yes, you definitely can struggle, for as along as you decide. But you don't have to. Instead, open your heart to something new. You don't have to know what this new is, what it looks like, what it'll bring to you. Sounds scary? Maybe, but only a little. So let your scared cry out, like you first did when you entered this world, getting out of a warm and safe woman's womb. Yes.

The whole universe is your womb now. It feels unsettling at first. But go with it. Just trust it. Like a wind bringing new weather, like winter bringing some crisp air and snowflakes, like a river bringing fresh water to the ocean, without despair, without struggle, without fight, your life will flow with ease if you let it, if you trust it, if you get out of its way, if you love it, if you say yes to it. And another yes. And another one. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Sweater dress - Lane Bryant
Analise tall leather boots by Naturalizer - can be found at many online shops, available in wide and regular width, and also wide and regular calf sizes (I bought this pair at the site called Shoe Mall, and a brown pair at Macy's)
Purse - Cole Haan
Necklace - Lane Bryant
Ring - Chico's



  1. Yes Yes Yes :)
    You look great in petrol and these boots are wonderfull.
    Have a nice sunday, kisses Tina

  2. From way down-under in Australia, I missed you Natalia and am really happy you are back, as ever you look lovely, but above all that you look happy. I look forward to more writer's closet and am so pleased you're back with us.

  3. fabulous post, and fabulous outfit too!, love your attitude and wise words!
    and love that you find those pretty boots, I agree about how difficult is to find high boots when your calves are not standard size, but yes, it can be done!!!
    And you look gorgeous in your knit dress, warm and beautiful, smiling and enjoying!

  4. Lovely post Natalia, your words ring true. I love the dark colour of the dress and how those 2 touches of the clutch and that truly stunning necklace finish the look beautifully.

  5. you're so right....sometimes everything is a matter of perception. We must always see things from a bright point of view...and you do look stunning in that dress!!!

    It has been a long time since I really wrote last time...I should try it again.

  6. This dress looks amazing on you! Some things just look better on a person than on a hanger.


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  7. I love this dress on you and the dress's interesting hem detail. It's so amazing how something so simple on a hanger can look POW when you put it on. It takes an eye to spot those treasures. And surrendering to a situation, yes, that's good advice. O and I say, Be a willow (like the tree). It doesn't always work, heh, but it's a similar idea.

  8. why did this post went under my radar? where i have been??
    totally love it. the dress too :-D

  9. I think you should write that book! I'm here from the future...oooh! Spooky! ::-D
    Xo Jazzy Jack