Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gentle Hues

As many of you these days, we are busy with all sorts of holiday preparations and festive events. Yesterday, Anya had a concert in her school. Justin and I were impressed. Her school has a few choirs, groups, bands and an orchestra - a strong music department with talented teachers who undeniably are on fire to do something really amazing with and for kids. Anya is in two choirs - a girl's choir and a mixed choir of girls and boys of 7th and 8th grade. When I was a kid, we had subjects like art or music only once a week. She has 2 hours of choir every day of school! The kids were fantastic, singing and playing not so trivial pieces in beautiful arrangements, skillfully done, with lots of heart. 

Tonight, as well as tomorrow, we have two dance classes to observe at Anya's dance studio which is always a treat - they learn a lot during just a few months. I think kids these days have much busier lives compared to us when we were children. I know my daughter's schedule gets overwhelming at times. In order to balance her life, I sometimes offer her to drop something off and just rest. I am not for achievements as much as I am for happiness and harmony. But even though she feels overwhelmed, she wants to keep going - she's having so much fun learning and exploring. I remember it from her early childhood - she never wanted to stop playing, and even her most fun play dates ended up with tears - not because something went wrong, but because it was just too much.

Last weekend, we decorated our Christmas tree. I would like to put together a post about our cottage, hopefully I will be able to do it before the holidays, which are just around the corner. We also attended a couple of festivities. One was a concert of The Gothard Sisters. This local trio of talented young sisters was singing, playing a variety of instruments (guitars, violins, mandolin, drums, flutes to name a few) and dancing Irish dance. Such a merry and gentle spirit and just plain fun. Anya admitted that she did not think she'd like this concert, but surprisingly really liked it. You know you did something right when your preteen kid tells you something like that. 

The outfit is also in gentle spirit. You've seen the skirt before (in this post, I styled it with a retro vibe). I am very pleased with the way the sweater contrasted the feminine hem and fabric, and just added a hand painted batik scarf I brought from Russia ages ago. I also wore my vintage clip on earrings which were found at an antique mall for only $5 - they emphasize the jewels sewn on the sweater.

I'm amazed (and always surprised) with Anya's ability to take the idea of my outfit and create her own. First of all, I never ask or expect her to do it, and every time it's a total surprise. Secondly, I think she's really good at not copying, but interpreting outfits - a true sign of an artist.

Photos by Justin

Have a wonderful time, dear friends! Fun and gentle holidays to you all!

My outfit
Skirt - Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant
Sweater - Lane Bryant
Boots - Naturalizer
Peacoat - via Nordstrom (old)
Purse - via TJ MAXX (old)
Batik scarf - hand painted, from Russia (old)
Earrings - vintage
Ring - Chico's (old)

Anya's outfit
Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans (Charlotte Russe)
Scarf and purse - thrifted via Goodwill
Earrings (in shape of cotton candies!) - Clair's

* * *

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  1. two pretty girls in one post!!!
    love the art deco vibe in your outfit - what a gorgeous sweater! and anya is the perfekt teen in her blue jeans with a lovely sweater too!
    like you i had art and music class only one 3/4 hour a week back in the days - the modern school system is a reason to wish to be young again and now - at least for me - much possibilities!
    my thoughts and best wishes go to talented little anya! <3
    big hugs for you! xxxxx

  2. Oh yes christmas time is busy time. I love it. And the decoration and lights.
    Your sweater is amazing,... you look amazing, Anja too :)
    Cotton Candy earrings? really ? ;)
    kisses Tina

  3. I love the holiday concerts. There should be special places for music teachers. Anya has recreated a perfect teen look from your style.

  4. In terms of outfits and look, this is one of my personal favorite posts. The fact that it features BOTH of my favorite people is a big plus, but there's something about both outfits, simple yet very eye catching and soulful, that really appeals to me. Three thumbs up (I borrowed one for the occasion ;) ).

  5. Natalia,
    I am in love with this outfit. Everything is well composed and unique. I love the ruffles and color of the skirt and the way it drapes just so. I adore the sweater, both yours and Anya's. I love both scarves, but prefer yours, so watery and lovely.
    I always love to see what you wear, what you will find and put together, as an artist and fashionista!
    I am glad Anya sings two hours a day! I imagine you are quite proud, and love to see her at dance recital!
    hugs to you and your family !
    xx, Elle

  6. I love this lavendar and caramel combination!
    The scarf is so lovely and the little golden bag adds that little sparkle touch.
    Anya looks gorgeous in a teenage way too. Lovely she wants to interpret your look!
    Enjoy all the singing and dancing :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Both you and Anya look gorgeous in these soft natural shades.
    Anya's schedule sounds very hectic but she obviously loves what she does, and I bet you feel so proud of her when you watch her perform. xxx

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. I will have a Xmas linkup party on Thursday. I hope you can make it.

  9. both you look gorgeous, and love how Anya created her own outfit, as she's looking comfy, but wearing a pretty scarf to add some color!
    Love how you've created a subtle color combo around the colors on your scarf, mauves and earthy shades and a touch of green, magnificent!

  10. Love the great look and that your nails match too! Your daughter is stylish like her mama. Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!