Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bohemian with Fringes & Hipster with Records


When I introduced you to my genuine suede fringed skirt in THIS POST recently, I mentioned that I had an idea of a more bohemian looking outfit with that same skirt, and now... voilà! I present you another outfit featuring the skirt, a more relaxed and a little bohemian one (a bit pilgrim-ish even), though it isn't exactly what I had in mind at first.

At first, I planned to pair the skirt with a cropped sweater with fringed collar, but when I put on the two pieces together, the outfit didn't sing, and I felt quite bummed, because I really had my heart set on a boho style. I also had to wear flat boots that day, and I wasn't sure they'd work with this skirt in another combination of elements. (I hurt my foot a while ago, and I try to avoid high heels while it is still in the process of healing.) Then suddenly this wool poncho jumped at me from the closet shelf... all right, it didn't actually jump at me, it didn't even fall on me, to be honest, but it almost literally looked right in my face making me wonder how come I didn't even think about it. I love this poncho (much more than that sweater), and even though it was still a cold day (it got much warmer since), I decided to wear it that day, because we pretty much planned to go out and about and mostly in and out of the car, not much walking outside. It was a bit nippy, but it worked.

I love how fringes play with each other, love the combination of black and warm, almost caramel-like brown. I added a floppy hat (a great solution not only for warmth, but for a bad hair day too) and a bunch of semi-precious stones, wood and glass jewelry - something that I collected over many years - boutique finds and gifts from Justin and old friends.

That day, we celebrated Anna's birthday. She turned 14, our hipster kid, a budding artist and a fan of music. Coincidentally, the night before her birthday, we received a letter of acceptance from art school - the high school of her choice!

So among a few other places, we visited a record store that day. Apparently, there are quite a few of them in Tacoma. One of Anna's Christmas gifts was an old fashioned turntable and a couple of records to start a collection. She was so excited! And I am excited because I too was very much into music when I was her age, and Andrei, my brother, used to buy lots of records for his turntable too, back in the 1980s and 1990s. 

I haven't been inside of a record store in ages! It felt great to browse, they have hundreds of records, both old and new ones, as well as used CDs. Anna got herself a record that was on her wish list, and I got a few old CDs with jazz and Kate Bush's music.

Everything on me you've seen before, multiple times:

Suede skirt - 6th&Lane
Poncho - Pendleton
Hat - Lane Bryant
Silk blouse - thrifted
Boots - Born
Purse - Michael Kors
Jewelry - collected over the years

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  1. Natalia you look sooo fabulous in this all over fringe look. This poncho made for this skirt. Kate Bush?? really? ;)
    Congratulation to Annas birthday and her acceptance at art school. She is such a beautiful hipster girl, Natalia.
    Many hugs, Tina

    1. Thank you so much, Tina! Yep, Kate Bush and Cole Porter - mix in some classical pieces, and that's me in a nutshell. Hugses! :)

  2. belated happy birthday anya!!!
    and congrats on being accepted at art school!! you´r such a gorgeous girl!!
    but no wonder with that mama natasha!! :-)
    i love that outfit very much! its totally art and yet soooo wearable! chic and casual and cool!!! (hihi CCC should be a regular description for fab looks!)
    especially this bits of rich warm colors on black appeals and of cause FRINGES! chic in high heels is easy - but chic in flats - esp. robust winter ones - are the high end of styling!
    would like to listen with you to your new kate bush and cole porter records - love kate!! of cause ;-)
    that shop looks very inviting!
    huge hugs and much love! xxxxxxx

    1. Your praise, coming from such a fine, gifted and inspired Artist as you are, means so much to me! Thank you, my dear! Warmest hugs to you! Love!

  3. love your bohemian style, you look gorgeous!, and I like particularly your boots, all those fringes and your cute bijouterie!. You rock that poncho & hat combo, such a cool ensemble, love that 70's boho vibe!
    And I wish a happy birthday to Anya (even it's late, I'm wishing lots of fun anyway!), she's a fabulous lady too!. Browsing in a record store!, I haven't done it in ages and now I'm missing it!

    1. It was so fun to visit that store - it's like a time machine really!! Thank you so much for your lovely words, Monica! I'm glad that you appreciate the boots - a bit military/engineer style never hurts. :)

  4. Thank you, everybody, for birthday wishes to Anya! We are very touched by your warm comments!

  5. congrats to Anna for being accepted to Art school and happy belated bday to her.

    You look fantastic! I love that skirt with fringes<3 Such a fabulous outfit!

  6. WOW-WOW-WOW! Dearest Natalia, I really LOVE the Boho-Style - and I especially love it on you. You look great with this ensemble, a perfect and very creative mix!
    I also created a new mixture some days ago - it's a very white one for the "Modish-Matrons - russian winterfairy tale" ... and I hope you like it. I'm already waiting joyfully and curiously on the next ModMat-topic - it's so inspiring for me!
    Lots of hugs, Traude

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy that you joined our team again, Traude!!

  7. I wonder how long before records are reintroduced? Or are they only cool as vintage?
    I love fringe on fringe action...for a few hours. Then strip it off it flaps too much!!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Here, they ARE reintroduced. You can buy records at Barnes&Noble (large bookstore that sells CDs, DVDs) - newly produced, with both new and old music! And Anya's turntable is brand new, though looks like a vintage suitcase.:)

  8. Fabulous Natalia! I adore the fringed skirt and the way you draped the knitted poncho over it. Fabulous textures and patterns, and I like the boots, Great backgrounds , loved the shots of the record store ( not sure when I saw one last)
    Happy birthday Anna, I love her style, too,
    Maybe she should start a blog too, her style is great and her art can be shared. Congrats on her acceptance to art school, too, you must be proud!
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you, Elle, from me and Anna! Great idea about a blog. I'm not sure this format works for her at this point, but she always experiments with different venues, so who knows...
      I'm glad you enjoyed my outfit - and yes, record stores are like time machines really!!