Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Surprising March

Happy International Women's Day to all my women friends and readers!

March surprised us with the weather even more than February did - we had snow again! Not a big snowstorm, but it was snowing on and off all day long just a couple of days ago, even here by the sea. The pictures are from this weekend when we went grocery shopping, and it was a cold and windy (notice the upright flags!) day out, so even a fur collar did not feel or look out of place.

My little mirror is very old, brought from Russia where it was carved out of bark of birch trees, not very different from those on my photos. Doesn't my jewelry look like a set? They aren't, actually. I found these vintage clip-on earrings at an antique mall for only $5, and they are some of my most treasured accessories. The glass/metal ring and bracelet are from a modern brand, but they look surprisingly similarly. I am well aware of today's tendency to wear mismatched accessories to not look matchy-matchy, but I sometimes prefer the old-fashioned coordinated way. We don't have to always follow the same pattern - we can be as free in our dressing as we like to be! (It's good advice to ourselves in any creative endeavor, and in life itself!)

My new Mary Janes are by Dansko, made of nubuck, have a comfortable sole, and come in this great color (they call it Raisin), which seems neutral, but with a punch. I found them at a really good price at my local Nordstrom Rack, my shoe mecca. They go with many of my 1940-1950s and 70s inspired dresses, and I think I'll get good use out of them. I've worn these sweater tights for two winters already - love them, they are the most comfortable, always stay in place, quite warm for our climate, and I think very attractive too. And again, go with everything.

Since I've shown this dress in my blog before (HERE and HERE, and even more retro styles HERE), I didn't take photos without the coat this time - it was way too cold for it! But I took my coat off in the store, and got a compliment on my dress from a young woman. After years of being a public person, I live a pretty secluded life these days, focusing on my family and my writing (my writing blog HERE, in Russian and English). The most kind and encouraging words I hear come from my family and from you guys. So it is always a little surprising when someone compliments me outside. Nice though!

Dress - eShakti (old)
Coat - Simply Be (last season)
Mary Janes - Dansko via Nordstrom Rack
Sweater tights - Spanx via Lane Bryant (old)
  Purse - B Makowsky via TJ MAXX (old)
Vintage glass earrings - via South Tacoma Antique Mall
Glass bracelet and ring - Chico's (old)
Sunglasses - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (last Spring)
Snow - outside my window
Flowers - gift from Justin

* * *


  1. This dress is so much amazing. Great colours and style. No wonder you got compliments outside :)
    You look great in this outfit and these shoes looks fabulous but very comfy. Happy womens day for you dear Natalia.
    XO Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina! Lots of fun wearing dresses and pretty shoes. So girly. :)

  2. Lovely bijouterie, I like particularly that they're coordinated, instead of their different origins!, matching pieces are very appealing to me!
    Your dress is absolutely amazing, lovely colors and fabulous shape, and I like your new shoes (they look comfy, cool and very versatile!)
    You look gorgeous!
    besos & happy women day!

    1. Thank you, Monica! It's one of my most favorite dresses for sure!

  3. Love this vintage look Natalia!!

  4. It is amazing how your jewellery matches, I would have sworn that the earrings are a part of the set, for they go together so well with the ring and the bracelet set. I'm quite fond of the matching jewellery, but sometimes I also like to mix it up. I think that in this outfit you achieved the a nice mix of prints with the print mix of the tights and the dress, so perhaps there was no need for another mixture. Besides, as you say, we're free to do what we want:).

    I hope you had a lovely women's day! You look very pretty, elegant and feminine.

    I'm surprised to hear about the snow, but the weather has been pretty unpredictable here as well.

    1. Good observation about the pattern mixes! I don't analyze (only afterwards sometimes I like to "deconstruct" my process), but I think intuitively it felt right just for the reasons you mentioned!

      The snow was just fluff in the air, but yes, very unexpected for this month!

  5. looove this look!
    its so chic and casual and so totally you with the vibrancy of the colors and textures!!
    and i hear you about chic AND functional shoes and tights! you found some great pairs! but i wore some leggings lately which needed braces actually - i had a good run for the next public restroom to get proper dressed again!
    huge hugs!!! xxxxxx
    email is on the way! <3

    1. Thank you, Beate! :) It was one of those days when nothing worked, till I put together this outfit - it felt right. Oops, about your tights/leggings... I've never had those myself, thought they look pretty!
      Take care! <3

  6. That dress always looks so good on you, great colours and fab fit. Love the fur collared coat, too.
    Those blooms are beautiful. xxx

  7. Loved that portrait shot of you, and I adore the earrings. Very lovely shoot, I loved seeing the snow, and all of the flags caught mid-wave. Loved the plaid dress and fur collar!
    xx, Elle