Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Boho Chic My Way

If you think it always rains in Seattle, think twice! We had a whole FOUR mild sunny days since the beginning of October. Wahoo! (Read HERE - please note that even though the article declares 3 sunny days, we managed to squeeze another day and a half just after this read!) To be fair, it is the first winter like this in our 10 years living here. Previous years were sunnier and milder, and I noticed that we get especially nice winters when my folks are visiting from Siberia, so we intend to bring them here again soon - you're welcome, Seattleites!

Seriously, nothing makes you appreciate a perfectly sunny day like a long winter full of rain and grey clouds. So, last weekend, of course, the whole of Seattle just had to go out and play, and all the roads were packed with cars, and parking lots were full as well. Justin and I had to return to our favorite park just because we couldn't find a parking place on our first try. But it was worth it! We took a nice 2 hour long walk, and felt like we fully recharged our batteries.

What else helps to recharge, especially on a grey day? Bright colors! You don't see me wearing jeans very often, do you? Nobody does, for that matter. At some point, I was even considering donating my modest jean collection, but since I haven't done it yet, why not put it to good use! For a day out and about, jeans can be a great option, especially when they are such a cheerful color like this old pair of mine. The little clutch is made of vegan leather as they put it, by the brand Melie Bianco. It's a tiny one - barely fits my phone, card pouch and lipstick. But what really drew me in, these adorable colorful tassels! 

A tear on the back of the blouse.

The embroidered peasant blouse is 100% cotton by Eloquii, and my only complaint is that the fabric started tearing apart practically the minute I put the blouse on. It wasn't due to wrong sizing - the fit is fine. I hoped it was a seam, which would be easy to fix, but unfortunately it was a tear in the fabric itself (picture above). Quite disappointing. Not sure what I'm going to do about it - I really like this top and don't want to return it. Any ideas about ways to repair it are welcome!

Justin's new wool hat...not so bad, me thinks.

It's nice to mix old and new in one outfit - that way, your old things get a breath of fresh air, and you get to double the sense of renewal. For the low 50s F, I picked my secondhand cape that I think goes well with this boho chic outfit. Black and white with some bright colors ... yes, please!

Blouse - Eloquii 
Jeans - Ashley Stewart (old, also shown HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE)
Cape - Ann Taylor (secondhand, also shown HERE)
Boots - Ecco via Nordstrom Rack
Vegan leather clutch - Melie Bianco via Eloquii
Sunglasses - Lane Bryant (old)
Umbrella - old
Pearl earrings - old, gift from a friend

* * *


  1. I like that you make the most of the good weather.
    I think we're averaging one nice day a week here. Typically I've got a friend coming over for the first time today, she's parking at our house and we're walking into town and it's absolutely throwing it down. Arggh!
    I'm a sucker for a tassel. I'd say that blouse is made from substandard cotton if it's ripped that easily. If you don't want to send it back you can use that iron-on fusing tape to bind it together. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix, I will definitely look into it! I think you are right, part of it is a low quality fabric, but another part is the way they constructed it - as Beate mentioned. I can just feel the tension that shouldn't be there.
      Our climates are very similar!!

  2. the gorgeous cape again! so fab!
    and perfect with the black and yellow outfit! yesterday i talked to R. that i wore yellow with black a lot in summer 1988 - because i got some bright yellow fabric dye from west germany (the GDR stuff worked not very well - if it was available at all..) - most of my wardrobe was black at the time - so sunny yellow was a good change :-)
    ....were i was????
    your blouse! so bad! it is definitely a production bug! they should have reinforced that point somehow. but you can fix it - with a bias band. let the "new" slit like it is or lower it for more convenience. then do something like this: http://www.coutureschmiede.com/2014/09/couture-techniques-bound-slit.html
    your little purse is very cute with its colorful tassels! but i always have to laugh about "vegan leather" - its nothing else then synthetic leather made from petroleum ;-P
    biiiig hugs!!!!! xxxxxx
    p.s.: i´m very glad to hear that you guys had the opportunity to recharge by a nature walk on a sunny day!

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, my dear! Seems like lots of work, I will see whether my seamstress can make it, or I just try to "glue" it back together with a tape. So disappointing...
      It's another sunny day here, hurray! Though they predict a storm later today.

  3. Ahhh Natalia ! I love the colour of these pants! So cool! And this bag with tassels ist soooo cute!. You look amazing Natalia and this cape is great. 3 sunny days? No sunny days in Mannheim for few days :(
    Many hugs and kisses, Tina

    1. Wishing you lots of sunshine, my dear - just as you bring sunshine to the world with your happy personality! :)

  4. Your very first phrase in this post, about weather, made me laugh...reminded me of London's weather. Love your jeans! Actually I have been looking for pants or jeans in such colour for myself. And what a cute and pretty purse! I had no doubts that exactly those tassels drew you it! And what a pity the blouse got teared apart, it looks lovely.

    1. I'm glad I made you laugh, Olga! :)
      Those tassels! Such a joy!

  5. Love this sunny day outfit, until you added the umbrella and made it more of a Seattle weather outfit! Super chic! Love the black blouse, the fabric is gorgeous and love the mustard pants as a combo. The fringed bag is pretty fab too, even love your umbrella !
    4 and 1/2 days, woo hoo!!
    xx, Elle

    1. I'm having fun with my patterned umbrellas this year for sure! Thank you, Elle!

  6. Well, you make the rain work for you, or brighten the day with this cute outfit. The cape is fun, and the umbrella is fabulous.

    1. Thank you, Tiina! Like you, I am a huge fan of bright bold colors!

  7. Love the idea of wearing brightly colours trousers, something I have been meaning to try! Gorgeous.

    Laura x

  8. you look lovely in your mustard jeans, such a fab color!, and they look very comfy!, glad you didn't donate them!. Sorry about your peasant blouse, it's a lovely piece, but I think you can sew both sides of the tear together, in the inside. Some bias band would reinforce this union, for sure. Great advice from Vix, indeed!
    Love your matching umbrella!, you rock so much!!

    1. Thank you, my dear Monica! Bold colors make a rainy day so much better! :)