Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fall Berries

I believe that I mentioned before that recently I fell under the charm of feminine dresses offered by Old Navy. The colors, the patterns, the cuts - everything was spot on, so much so that it was difficult to pick only one dress. But my dilemma was solved quickly with a 50% off offer, and I bought three! All of them are in heavy rotation in the writer's closet this season. One of these irresistible dresses you've seen in my post HERE, another one is in the post that's coming soon, and the third one, in rich Fall berry colors, is in front of your eyes right now.

This was our second attempt to photograph this dress for the blog. First time, the pictures were awesome, thanks to the Real Adventure Man, but I wasn't completely happy with the outfit. So I only include Justin's photos of nature from that day in this post. This afternoon, I took Anya thrifting and out to dinner after she came back from school. I gave my outfit a new interpretation, and asked Anya to take pictures. I think she did very well, but to show details more clearly, I included some old photos of the earrings and necklace below. Other than the dress, everything else in this outfit I have owned for years - earrings for about 11 years, sweater vest/cardigan for about 7 or 8 years, boots for 6 or 7 years, etc.

Other outfits with these wooden earrings and glass necklace:
ONE (2013), TWO, THREE (2014), FOUR (2015).

It's been a beautiful sunny week, and I have tried to take advantage of it and walk every day after I pick up Anya at school. It's becoming our little tradition. And another tradition is developing - going thrifting together. Anya went thrifting with me before, but it only recently struck her that she was too focused on finding something specific, and often would come out disappointed. Once she realized that it's better to keep her mind open, the opportunities presented themselves endlessly. I love our little outings. :)

Photos by Anya and Justin

Dress - Old Navy
Sweater vest / long cardigan - Lane Bryant, verrrrrry old
Hat - Charlotte Russe (old)
Boots - Josef Seibel (old)
Purse - Michael Kors (old)
Wooden earrings - hand-crafted in Crimea
Glass necklace - gift from Shawna
Sunglasses - antique mall find (not antique though)

* * * 

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  1. What a lovely dress, Natalia. It's reminiscent of my beloved Indian block prints and the colour is gorgeous, so rich and opulent. By mixing it with stuff you've owned for years you know that it's a perfect match with things you already own.

    1. Thank you, Vix! I also thought of block prints which probably was the inspiration behind this fabric. <3

  2. sweet dress!
    and you already had the perfect chasuble for it! and the perfect jewelry, love that colored glass beads!
    gorgeous new traditions between you and anya - walking in the park and going thrifting sounds wonderful in my ears. wish you both lots of fun with it!
    here is the weather the worst, storm (90kmh yesterday), ice cold rain, no light.......autumn.
    warmest hugs! xxxxxx

    1. WOW! Your Autumn is very different from ours. Here it is very mild and sunny for most parts.
      I also love our newly developing tradition(s). It feels good to connect with my kid on a new level. :)
      Lots of love, dear!

  3. Anya did a great job! I wouldn't have been able to resist that dress either. It's such a gorgeous colour and such a great print. The earrings are fabulous too, they look like little acorns. It's great that Anya loves thrifting too. Want a wonderful way to spend some quality mother and daughter time! Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! Like I said, it was irresistible few dresses to me, thankfully I didn't have to break a bank for them. :) Thrifting is great fun! Even if I don't find anything, it's just fun to search for unique items. Hugses!

  4. You have such an amazing collection of fall coloured clothes, and dresses particular! The sweater vest could be that piece that makes a lot of summer dresses wearable in not so warm weather. Very inspirational!

  5. Natalia you look amazing and the pictures are great. Why you were not happy with your outfit? Berry is a wonderfull colour-family I love it so much in fall. Much love and huge hug, Tina

    1. It was a different outfit with the same dress that wasn't quite "it". I love this one though. :)

  6. Piękna sukienka jak wrzosy:))świetnie wygląda z brązowymi dodatkami:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  7. It's great to have a daughter, isn't it? When me and my daughters meet one of the things we enjoy the most is going shopping together, all the three of us. Such a fun! I love this cute little dress of yours, Natalia! Looks so Indian to me, hehe. And what lovely accessories!

  8. Such a cute hippietastic dress, love the print and colors, and love how you layered it under a vest, which matches so nicely its colors.
    Love all those Berry colors, and you look gorgeous!

  9. Love the boho dress with that fabulous ombré vest layered over it.
    Anya did a fantastic job with these photos!
    Love this warm autumnal palette on you ❗️