Sunday, October 8, 2017

Northwest Does Southwest

On my recent thrifting trip with my daughter, I was immediately drawn to this vibrant Southwestern inspired jacket. I inspected it thoroughly: it was well made, 100% cotton, thick tapestry kind of weave. It looks very 1980s to me, and I'd say that the boyfriend jacket cut and especially shoulder pads are a dead give away, but I must admit that the label looks completely contemporary, as if it was produced just yesterday. So I really couldn't say how old the thing is. It is in excellent condition though, no signs of wear whatsoever, and the price was $7.99. I held on to this find until the very end of our shopping, and then...I put it back on a hanger and left the store.

Now, if you ask me why I did that, I'd probably not tell you exactly why. I am just silly sometimes. Either I feel unsure of myself and need encouragement from someone I trust, or I feel guilty for having lots of clothes already and wanting to buy more. And quite often, all of the above. I guess my excuse this time was that I was not sure about the colors - I liked them, but I wasn't absolutely positive whether they would look good on me (to my defense, the lights in the store were kind of bluish and dim, far from flattering). I started thinking that I have no idea how to wear such a jacket, and that was the end of it.

But when, on the next day, I was learning about vintage wool blankets, looking for information online about my recently found lovely Pendleton wool throw (genuine 1970s, by the way), I came across plenty of beautiful Southwestern designs, and immediately started regretting my decision to not bring this baby home. I confessed to Justin about it, and what do you know - just a few minutes later we were in our car driving to the store, hoping that by some wild stroke of luck nobody had been tempted to bring this baby home... 

As you can see, I got extremely lucky, or maybe it was meant to be. In any case, I bought the jacket and wore it this past weekend. I am going to try to style it with dresses and skirts from my wardrobe, but so far I wore it simply with jeans. Unlike many of my stubborn pants that "shrunk" on me recently, this pair of old boyfriend jeans have a tendency to "grow" with me, or rather a little ahead of me, so I grew into them so to speak. I must admit Southwestern theme isn't my favorite, and I don't own specific accessories etc., but I thought it looked good with denim and boho pieces, so I layered some necklaces and wore my new leather boots (they are so comfortable that I wear them without socks). This look was a winner in my family's eyes. Anya said that she never saw me wearing an outfit quite like it, and Justin said that I looked like I stepped right out of the 1980s.

In other news, Sylvia of featured one of my outfits among other stylish ladies as Fall inspiration for wearing boots, check it out HERE.

Any suggestions as to how else I can style this delicious jacket?

Tapestry jacket - thrifted (possibly vintage)
Denim shirt - thrifted (brand new with tags)
T-shirt and jeans - Lane Bryant (old)
Tassels necklace - Chico's (sale)
Semi-precious stones necklace - thrifted
Purse - via Eloquii (earlier this year)
Boots - Born via Nordstrom Rack (this past summer)
Hat - Charlotte Russe (old)

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  1. What a story Natalia. I know this problem so much. If a piece is in my head and I think about it so many times....
    I drive to the shop and buy it:)
    This jacket remember me about mexican tapestry. I like it and you look amazing in it. I like these colours and wow Natalia in denim! ;)
    Have a great week my dear friend. Much love and a huhe hug, Tina

    1. I like to share stories like this one, they are so human. :) You are right, it really looks like one of those Mexican woven rugs or blankets, it was probably the inspiration behind it. Only I associate Mexican art with more saturated colors. These are closer to American Southwest - desert colors maybe? It's pretty new to me, I have a feeling I will be learning about that part of the world. :)

  2. mwahaha, this kind of regret is so usual!, sometimes I've felt very silly because of didn't buy something and then thinking that it was a stunning piece.
    This jacket is awesome, the colors are beautiful and the shape looks modern and cool!, I like this kind of folk-tapestry prints!

    1. Yes, we all have moments like this, don't we? :) It doesn't happen very often to me, but a couple of times I did come back, and both times the pieces were there waiting for me.
      And the best part of this jacket is that it actually is a tapestry (woven) - not just a print, as many modern pieces are! It is very cozy in a breezy weather too.

  3. lately i even used to talk myself out of sewing for me!! from the fabrics i own over 10 years! (once bought for customers they never came)
    thanks to justin for pushing you in the right direction! :-)
    because that jacket is cool!!
    and of cause you know to style it!! perfect!
    i can see it with dresses and skirts too - some bold flowery ones - with higher boots and less jewelry - like a texas princess on the go...
    much love - my dear friend! xxxxx

    1. Oh no, do use those fabrics - use your wonderful skills and creativity! They are there for a good reason, my dear!!
      That's what is so silly about it - at the $7 price it wasn't even worth thinking too much about it. What would be the worst thing? To give it back to Goodwill? :)
      I tried to imagine with one of my dresses, but haven;t found the right partner yet. My floral dresses don't have especially bold designs. I'll have to experiment with it!

    2. if your dreses are not bold - what else?? ;-D
      don´t think in such categories like color matching or style matching.... just think: "i´m a wild girl in the middle of nowhere - mexican border or sierra nevada - and buy colorful dresses from the catalogue because i like them (outside its just beige dust) - but i have to wear a jacket in winter - so i just throw over dad´s one made from a blanket because thats the only one i own....

    3. That's a wonderful advice to someone like myself! You see, even in this, you are a born storyteller, my dear! :) Well I actually wore it with a maxi skirt yesterday, and I also think it works with one of my new Old Navy dresses. I will experiment more.

  4. Great story of the coat that almost got away! So glad you retrieved it; it looks fabulous on you. Thanks for linking up, xo


    1. Thank you, Patti! I like it - the coat that almost got away! :))

  5. Thank goodness that jacket was still there after the hesitation. Talk about serendipity!
    Its a fabulous jacket, looks gorgeous on you and will look amazing with one of your dresses and some cool ankle boots. xxx

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I will have to experiment with my dresses, see what happens! <3

  6. You're looking like you stepped right out of the 80s, Natalia, it really takes me back. The pattern and colours of that jacket are fabulous. And - unlike me - you are doing denim really well. Like Beate, I can see it wiht a boldly flowered dress or skirt as well. I'm glad the jacket was still there. I have done my fair share of walking away from items, but haven't always been as lucky as you when I went back. Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! Oh I think you look great in jeans, it's just a matter of preference. I used to wear jeans a lot for a few years, but lately I am all into dresses. Jeans were just really calling for this outfit, it was the easiest way to put it together I think.
      At the end, it's all well - if items get away, it means there will be something else equally amazing or even better!

  7. It's such a shame with poor lighting in shops. Sometimes you buy something you thought was red only to see in daylight that it's actually pink. Good for you that you changed your mind with this one - the teal in this jacket is just perfect with your colouring. I think there's a dress or two in your closet that would go nicely with it? There's only one problem here: Now I too need a tapestry jacket!

    1. Light can really change our perception by quite a bit! I think that I have a dress or two (or a skirt or two) that work really well. I am wishing you to find just the perfect tapestry jacket, dear Tine!

  8. Natalia,
    I cannot believe that you second-guess yourself with this stunning Aztec jacket! It is gorgeous and I love it over your polka dotted blouse. The layering of necklaces is also a very special touch. I can also see this with a pair of skinny jeans in a warm berry color. I hope you are well. I’m very glad that you were featured on Sylvia’s site! I also agree with Kaffe that you must have several dresses and skirts that would be fabulous with this jacket.

    1. Thank you, Elle! See, I needed to bring you with me, so I wouldn't have doubts! :) I love the idea of warm berry color with this jacket. I don't really wear jeans a lot, and I only have yellow/golden pair that could work. But who knows what else is in store for me, right? :)