Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Blurry Stripes with Blurry Dots

If you're an old friend, you might remember this space dyed sweater which I wore with a matching skirt before (in JANUARY 2015 and NOVEMBER 2014). It's a good time to play with knits right now (and the scarf I started knitting a few months ago, is slowly getting longer and longer...I guess it'll be ready by next Winter, haha!). So I wore a knit dress and knit set recently, layering a blouse under it, but this combination with a pleated faux leather skirt got just one extra vote in the family (only Justin voted! he loved both variations, but he loved this one a little better), so I went with it. I feel it's classically elegant and will probably appeal to many women. We'll see whether I'm right about it. :)

To combine these foggy colors with bright pink was an inspired idea. I think it works here because of the common blue...and maybe because both patterns have a sort of blur to them, blurry stripes and blurry dots, see what I mean? In any case, it really works! So, the lesson here is to not be afraid to mix colors and/or patterns which don't seem to match from the first glance. They might add just the right magical feel to an outfit! The blouse was thrifted a long time ago, but I think this is its first outing. Well played!

Knits always look edgier with leather (faux as my skirt is, or genuine, as my boots are, which also by the way play with the misty color scheme here). Throw some fur (again, faux or real) in the mix, and some great jewelry - in my case pearls - and voila! Ready, set, go! To where? Anywhere! What isn't this outfit good for?  OK, I admit it wouldn't be my choice for swimming. :)

All items are remixed from my closet:
Sweater - Lane Bryant (old)
Blouse - thrifted Liz Claiborne
Faux leather skirt - Charlotte Russe (old)
Faux fur coat - Boden (old)
Clip-on faux pearl earrings - vintage
Faux pearl necklace - Lane Bryant (old)
Mother of pearl ring - Justin's gift
Sunnies (just because) - Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant (old)
Computer case used as clutch - Cynthia Rowley for Staples (old)
Boots - Naturalizer (old)

* * *


  1. its to cold for swimming anyway ;-DDD
    fabulous ensemble! <3 <3 <3
    it reminds me on suzannes post about the newest gucci looks - you fit right in! maximalism at its best!
    love all the different textures, of cause the pattern mixing and how the pink lifts up the misty tones. and that the pullover sleeves are shorter!! thats a chic feature!!!
    justin is right - you look fantastic!
    hugest hugses! xxxxx

    1. I also love the short sleeves! I think it is very 1960s! Thank you, Beatochka, for your kind words! <3

  2. Oh Natalia you look so amazing. I love this pink blouse and your knit jumper. Haha knitting, I need years for one piece, and if it is ready it doesn't fit me ;)
    Huge hug, tina

    1. Thank you, Tina! I used to knit a sweater in just a few weeks (a month or so). It is my first knitting project in 15+ years! So I just forget that I started it most of times! :)))

  3. Beate's right, that's a proper Gucci look there - an eclectic and clever mix of luxurious looking fabrics, groovy prints and classy colours. You look wonderful. x

    1. I would never think of Gucci! But I trust you and Beate - you know what you're talking about! :) Thanks, Vicky!

  4. That blouse is just divine! In fact, I am loving your whole outfit. Your jumper looks super soft and the colours are just perfect. The horizontal stripes contrast beautifully with the verticals created by the pleats of your skirt, while the "knotted" faux pearls add another dimension altogether. I have to admit that I cannot knit, not even a scarf! I'd love to learn - my friends keep telling me it's a perfect way to relax - but I need to find time first! Huge hug xxx

    1. Knitting is definitely easier and more relaxing compared to sewing! At least, to me. Start with something straightforward, such as a scarf. I think it'll give you an idea whether knitting is for you or not. I just picked a few inspiring colors and started. Without any expectations or pressure to finish it by a deadline. :) It was fun to realize that my hands still remember the skill!!

      Good point about vertical and horizontal stripes, I like that aspect too! Thank you, Ann! <3

  5. I like that subtle color combo you've created, with the pop of color of the pink blouse, which is something unexpected but it works!. And I agree on wearing knit and leather, they rock together (even more!), and you look lovely, comfy&cool!
    Your faux fur coat is fabulous too!

  6. Maybe not for swimming, but for most occasions this outfit is simply perfect. I love the mix of burgundy and bright pink. The plaid skirt is simply perfect and it looks lovely paired with those boots. You look absolutely beautiful dear Natalia!

    1. Thank you, my dear Ivana! I am so glad that you like the pink addition too!