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From time to time, I have a few sets of photographs/outfits that I haven't gotten to posting for whatever reasons. Sometimes I find that such outfits want to be combined in one post as if they want to make a certain statement. When I gathered these 5 outfits from the last couple of months, I started listening for what kind of music this quintet was going to play together...and what I heard was a distinct tune. When I translated this tune into words, I realized it was 5 style fundamentals that tickle my toes. I suddenly realized that that's what I express with my outfits, more or less successfully, and at the same time what I admire in others (meet my latest style crush: GEORGIANA, and yes, you are so welcome!). So here I am sharing them with you, 5 style fundamentals and 5 outfits: 

mixing patterns and layers

I am naturally drawn to complex outfits. While I can appreciate a minimalistic approach and see how it is capable of making a strong statement, I prefer visual complexity - in art, architecture, interior design, and style. I love the way multiple patterns and layers play with each other and tell stories! I compare it with symphony vs. a musical piece composed for a single instrument. There is nothing wrong with either of them, both can express multiple ideas, both can be more or less talented, harmonious, innovative, etc. It's only a matter of preference, which you like to listen to!

making a statement

While I appreciate "quiet" outfits, soft tones and shapes, and "understated" presence can definitely be both elegant and powerful, my heart starts beating faster when an outfit makes a bold, energetic statement. Even when it is a somewhat minimalistic outfit as the one I am wearing here, it contains pieces that are bold in shape, or pattern (or both), or color scheme, or material.

combining different styles

Eclecticism simply means that you are not sticking to rigid rules, and just mixing different styles. I am definitely not a purist. I love the nomad feel of this outfit (I am, hugely, a nomad both by my blood, and in my soul), but I typically mix traditional boho elements with contemporary city style, and I think it works. To tell the truth, all modern day fashion is eclectic, there are very few examples of purism these days. If you, for instance, are faithful to only a certain period fashion and do everything by the book, or only wear one particular style with no exception at all, then you definitely stand out. Most of us are style mutts nowadays! 

expressing one's own ideas and feelings

Today, I don't care whether it's "in style" or "in good taste" as much as whether it is something original, something genuine - but this was not always the case. Though, unlike many young people, I did not follow trends blindly even when I was a teen, I definitely was very much influenced by the concept of "good taste" - first by my Mom, then by a friend, and later, big time - by my alma mater, university. Not that it's wrong to have trends or good taste - all of it has its own place. Trends help sales and in general keep things moving, it's as simple as that. And "good taste" helps sharpen raw creativity into fine art. They both are needed as helpful tools, but they both are nothing without creativity. If we are overly focused on trends or good taste, we can get creatively stifled and even paralyzed! When what's fashionable or what's considered to be good taste becomes our god, it is a symptom that we hide our own original ideas because we are too afraid to express who we are. So we reproduce what is already "accepted" in order to protect ourselves, our vulnerabilities... As soon as we admit that it's our own fear that keeps us from expressing who we are, we realize that there is nothing out there, nothing outside of ourselves to be afraid of. We are who we are. We have our own ideas, and ultimately each of us has the freedom to express them. We don't because we worry whether or not our ideas will become popular - become trendy or considered "good taste". In the larger scheme of things, we worry whether or not we will be accepted. The only way to break through this very common human fear (we are social creatures, after all) is to risk it! The only way to build our true confidence is to stop comparing ourselves with others and allow ourselves to just be who we are!  

mixing rich textures and colors

Speaking of originality, this outfit is rather a copy cat, haha! I loved how gorgeous V. (her Instagram HERE) combined fake fur, leo print, dark florals and velvet in her outfit a while ago. I was mesmerized by it! Then I realized that I can recreate it with items from my closet. My version is different colors, with added sparkles and multiple leopard prints, so in the end we sure can make even a "copy cat" outfit our own. But even if the idea for the outfit wasn't original, it resonated with me deeply because it combines all my favorite ingredients: rich textures (such as fur and velvet), vivid patterns (red floral, striking leopard print). I added golden sparkly jewelry and clear block heels, and Mother Nature was so kind to leave some gorgeous leaves for me (even though it's already December) - and voila! It feels very me, without any reservations.

Photos by Justin

In other news, I had a significant week because we sold a few of my books, both online and in person, when Justin participated in a little craft fair his company hosts once a year. To me as a new, unknown author who is working absolutely independently, every sold book counts! It's still a new and largely unexplored field, self-publishing, and we are at the very beginning of our journey. So when Justin came home with good news, I was on cloud nine! It is a special feeling to watch my book babies taking their first steps in the big wide world! 
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Jacquard knit (skirt and sweater) - Ashley Stewart (old)
Shirt - thrifted
Boots - Ashley Stewart (old)
Jewelry - vintage and old retail
Sunnies - Lane Bryant (old)
Cape - Prabal Gurung x Lane Bryant
Purse - Cole Haan (old)

Jumpsuit - Chico's (old)
Sweater - Target
Shoes - Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - gift from Elle

Knitted coat/cardigan - Chico's (old)
Dress - Old Navy
Booties - Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom Rack
2 purses - vintage and Eloquii
Belt - Talbots (sale)

Green faux leather skirt - Who What Wear x Target
Blouse - Eloquii
Ruana - Chico's (old)
Purse - via TJ MAXX (old)
Brooch and clip-on earrings - vintage 
Boots - Aquatalia (old)
Sunnies - Christian Siriano x Lane Bryant (old)

Fur coat - Lane Bryant (old)
Dress - Target (old)
Boots - Ashley Stewart (old)
Leo print backpack - via TJ AXX
Jewelry - mix of old retail and vintage
Sunnies - Christian Siriano x Lane Bryant (old)

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  1. congrats to the good sales!!

    thank you for writing down my 5 style fundamentals ;-D ;-D ;-D
    i love this post very much for all the wonderful looks and how genius you describe them! and i squeeled with joy (like a little seal) when scrolling down from the b&w blouse with black cape - to reveal the green snake print skirt!! aaahhh!!! best outfit of the week!! <3 <3 <3
    and #3 is the cutest - it makes me want to hug you - even if i would´t know you!
    so hugest hugses und much love - sister! xxxxx

    1. Oh I am so glad that my outfit made you squeal with joy!! :) It's such a fun skirt, I will feature it again soon, I think! And your hugses are always much appreciated, sister! <3

  2. I love your five style fundamentals and most of all I love how your style reflects you. The nomad outfit is my favourite, probably because it best reflects how I would decorate my home so the outfit looks like home to me. It took me ages that not everything I love to look at translates into something I love to wear. Sometimes I am drawn to complexity and sometimes to simplicity, both equally but in different situations. If I believed in horoscopes maybe I'd think it's because I am a Gemini. ;-) So now, I enjoy complex outfits through you. Yay! You love theatre and you are like theatre yourself, a rich, colourful story in every outfit, drama and complexity all there. Hugses my complex friend. xoxo

    1. What a lovely comment! Thank you, Shawna! And welcome to my little theater! :) Hugses!

  3. What a great post, Natalia! I can only applaud you for putting on paper, so to speak, the very cornerstones of my own wardrobe and way of dressing. Also, your post is a visual feast, which I just have to keep scrolling through. My favourites are definitely the two "O"s, Opulence and Originality. Originality especially is a big "Oh" for me, as I think your outfit is jaw droppinly original. Utterly fabulous how you combined the black and white blouse and cute black cape with the snakeskin skirt! Lots of love and the biggest of hugs xxx

    1. I am glad that I was able to put in words what resonates with you (and Beate!), dear Ann! And thank you so much for your wonderful compliment - I am blushing! <3

  4. Dear Natalia, I really love the concepts and ideas behind your fantastic looks! I must say you are really talented in creating outfits and you are true eye-candy with your looks. I adore you for your courage and you really know what suits you. Thanks a lot for sharing this inspirational post and if you celebrate this have a happy 2nd of Advent.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Oh Natalia you are so right. To get dressed is so much more as simple dressed. It is a feeling. Thank you for your stunning styles! I love all your looks.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, huuuuuuuge hug Tina

  6. Dearest Natalia,
    clearly you have a very individual style - and I love every facet of it. You mix in a very creative way and sometimes it looks more boho, sometimes more ladylike, sometimes it's a bold style mix, but it's ALWAYS Natalia, never disguise. And the colors you wear are outstanding and perfect for you.
    I am very happy for you that your books sell well - they are beautiful and original!
    And I am also pleased that I make you "lust" for traveling with my travelogues! Maybe someday you actually make a trip to Iceland - but also thought-journeys are beautiful and I've seen that you master this art perfectly :-))
    Best wishes ans hugs from here, Traude

    1. Thank you so much, dear Traude! Travels are wonderful in any form, I agree with you! <3

  7. This quintet is singing my tune! I also love your style, original and creative. You're so right, without that creativity , you could not compose such rich and artful combinations. I truly love what I see here, as always, the rich embroideries , the great textures and checks combined, the embellished bag... all of the wonderful details, all hand selected, with impeccable taste.
    I will also visit your friend!
    Much love Natalia!

    1. I am blown away with your compliments, my dearest Elle! Coming from such an artist as yourself, that's huge! <3

  8. I couldn't agree more, those are all the things I strive for in an outfit and what makes me admire an outfit on others.
    You look fantastic in all your combinations - confident, beautiful, unique and fabulous. I can't pick a favourite as each have elements I adore.
    Keep being fabulous, Natalia! xxx

  9. W każdym zestawie wyglądasz uroczo:))zwierzęce motywy bardzo lubię:)))Trudno wybrać najładniejszy:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  10. I so enjoyed this post Natalia , it covers every element of what makes your style you. Expressing yourself through the art of dressing is such a joy , a joy we all share.

    1. And I am so blessed to share it with such incredible artists as yourself, dear Jill! <3

  11. what a great post!, it has been so enjoyable to read it, particularly because all those 5 elements are inspiring and appeal my taste!. I love every outfit, and I don't know which one could be my favorite, perhaps that bohemian-nomad style, as I love all those colors and prints and the fab vibe, and the last one is something you rock in it, you rock that golden bijuterie!
    Really uplifting!

    1. Thank you, my dearest Monica! I am deeply touched by your words! You are always inspiring to me!! <3