Friday, February 16, 2018

Reset Button

14 days without a new photo shoot is all I can handle! Thank goodness for good health, no rain (though I missed many sunny days that we had while I was sick), and of course for Justin who is good with the camera. 
I am happy! I am celebrating all of the above!

I took advantage of deep sales lately and got myself a few pretty things which were a little expensive to begin with. This skirt is one such sale find. I got it for $33, a great deal compared to the original $90. I absolutely adore the vivid teal color and rich crushed velvet texture! And I became a fan of midi skirts as well as pleated skirts lately, so is it a perfect skirt then? I think yes! It is still available on the Eloquii site, but only in size 26/28, even cheaper at $26.97 - HERE

The other two items you haven't seen yet are shoes and this 100% silk jacket which I bought at Goodwill last Fall. It's its first outing. I think it was priced at $20, but I ended up paying $10 because it was 50% off. Gotta love Goodwill! The jacket is in impeccable condition, but I had to remove the little hook that was there for a closure. They haven't thought it through - the little hook would hook itself up with the silk straps (you can see the unusual texture of the fabric - it is woven!) and deform the textured fabric. I do not need a closure for this jacket, so I simply removed that little hook, but if I needed one, I would rather pick anything else - a button, or even ties would do much better. My clog-like shoes are from my recent Nordstrom Rack trip, also deep sale (60 to 70% off). I love the metallic shine and platform, and they are extremely comfortable, I can walk in them all day long.  

I chose these enamel/faux pearl vintage earrings, another Goodwill find, and that was all I needed for this outfit. I feel sometimes that the flu acts like a reset button - it removes all the unwanted from my consciousness, so when I recover I have a fresh start. I think this time I even have a fresh start with fashion - look what a fun outfit I was able to create absolutely spontaneously this morning. I didn't even feel especially inspired (though Justin says I was singing a Russian song), but I slept well and was in a good mood, and just looked at everything and decided to start with the skirt, and the rest is history.

Pleated skirts give the best twirl!

Skirt - Eloquii (on sale HERE)
Top - Lane Bryant (old, previously shown in DECEMBER 2015)
Silk jacket - thrifted (Chico's via Goodwill)
Booties - Dansko via Nordstrom Rack
Purse - Michael Kors (old)
Earrings - vintage

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  1. love your twirls!!! i smile all over the face now!! gorgeous!
    its such a cool, "phoenix out of the ashes", outfit! this rich textures and colors suit you so well - everyone else would be overwhelmed - but your strong personality can it "wegschleppen" (how we´d put it at design school)!!
    how fabulous is this jacket, woven from silk ribbons! i´m sure it was very expensive the first way around - so its a real steal for 10$ :-D and yes - this wooden soles are very comfy - have sandals with, can walk kilometers in them. only minus points are medieval cobblestone streets - but this is not relevant for you of cause ;-)
    wonderful to see you - back at the game and having fun!
    hugest hugses - with lift up and twirls!! <3 xxxxxx

    1. Thank you for your beautiful metaphor, my poetic friend! I know that this company's jackets are pretty expensive, especially back then it was so well made and in pure silk, so yes, totally a steal. :) I wonder whether I can wash it (hand wash) or only dry clean?

  2. Dearest Natalia,
    what a wonderful color combination. In these colors, I would also feel very, very well. (However, the song I want to sing is not Russian, but "She's like a Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones ...) This gorgeous jacket was a great bargain. It's a perfect combination partner for so many pieces of clothing with all the beautiful colors. And I love silk! Further, your favorite photographer captured the twirl of your skirt perfectly. How good that you feel healthy, happy, and full of fresh energy again!
    Hugs from here, Traude

    1. Thank you, lovely Traude! I have to find that song now! <3

  3. Wow Natalia you look gorgeous! This colours! and this skirt! Soo amazing your swirl pictures:))
    Many kisses from Thailand, Tina

  4. I need a reset button too, as I'm feeling a bit sluggish. I don't think I'd want to have flu, though. I'm terrible at being sick. I'm glad you're feeling better and refreshed. You're looking gorgeous! That skirt is just fabulous: crushed velvet, pleated, and in teal too: no wonder you felt the urge to twirl! I love a bit of twirling and pleated skirts are just perfect for it. And wow, that jacket, it's stunning! Lots of love <3 <3 <3

    1. No no, I would not recommend to get sick to anyone - we must learn to find other reset buttons! :) Love!

  5. Piękny kolor bluzki i spódnicy:))bardzo ciekawe buty:)))a kolorowa kurteczka ożywiła cały zestaw:)))ślicznie jest:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))))))))

  6. I hear you, it's been a longtime (thank goodness) since I was last struck down with 'flu but the joy of feeling better really does make you see everything in a good light.
    That jacket was a wonderful find. I'm glad you got rid of the shoddy fastening, I like it worn open showing off that wonderful dress.
    I do love a wooden soled shoe, my clogs are so comfy.
    Well done, Justin - gorgeous photos, as always! xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! There is always a silver lining. :)

  7. mwahaha, love to see you twirling and having fun! so lovely potos!, and glad that you're feeling better and ready to create a colorful outfit!.
    Such a magnificent skirt, I agree on the fabulousness of the texture and the color!, gorgeous!. And I'm also in love with your colorful jacket, an amazing piece, and it fits you so nicely!. You look particularly fabulous!

  8. sooooo happy to see you feeling well! Love your velvet, and the silk jacket, and the twirling. Thanks for linking up, xo


  9. This shade of blue suits you so well. I'm smitten by this outfit, it's so elegant and feminine...and at the same time playful because of the colours. You look stunning. So nice to see you twirling. I think that any outfit that makes us twirl is a sure winner.