Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cardigan Crazy

I went a little crazy lately - on floral blouses and long cardigans. The blouses were all found at Goodwill, so no feeling guilty there. This particular one came home with me from our mini-vacation in Oregon, and I just adore it. It reminds me of blouses my Mom used to wear back in the 1980s (and of course I also got to wear at least one of them, with a pussy bow and very similar sleeves). The fabric and the floral design seem so charmingly old-fashioned, and oh those colors! I will admit, it is irresistible, and I just want to wear it all the time. 

We took these pictures in Burien, on Three Tree Point (there is a small spot for public beach access) while waiting for our daughter to finish her class. Joni, thank you for your suggestion - it really was a pretty drive, gorgeous views of Puget Sound, and plenty of beautiful houses too. I really enjoy exploring Burien these days.

One more thing makes me extra happy these days - pattern mixing. This long cardigan is from Chico's "fancy" and trendy line, Black Label (bought on good sale, of course) - excellent quality, good mix of acrylic/wool/cotton, the design which suggests both fashionable and timeless - winner in my book. I also love the rich texture of this knit, and the way it plays with the feminine peasant blouse.

I also combined the thrifted floral blouse with another new cardigan. I loved it the very first time I saw it on Lane Bryant 's site - it's from their Sophie Theallet collaboration, and I find her whimsical designs magical and a little "old world" which I adore. I was not comfortable paying full price, but that's what sales are for - so happy I snapped it up at 50% off. The quality is great, it's a pretty thick knit, woven pattern, 100% cotton (actually, 90% cotton and 10% cashmere - I looked it up). I was not sure about the color, but as I mentioned before, lately I'm really warming up to different shades of blue, and I think it works, especially with intense red hair right now.

These photos were taken in Volunteer Park in Seattle (Capitol Hill) - in front of the Asian Art Museum which was free admission today. We took my parents to enjoy the beautiful old park (one of the very first parks in Seattle/Tacoma area), an orchid show held at the Victorian Conservatory, and my Dad and I even got up the steep stairs of the water tower and enjoyed the panoramic views from the observation deck. 

We have sunny, and a little windy weather, and even though I'm so ready for colorful light skirts, I was happy to wear cozy long cardigans these couple of days. There will be time for bright floral skirts too.

Outfit #1

Blouse - thrifted (Goodwill, $7)
Long cardigan - Chico's Black Label (sale)
Pencil skirt - Chico's (old)
Tights - Hue
Booties - Ecco
Purse - B Makowsky
Earrings - Russian hand painted enamel (finift), bought them 20 years ago

Outfit #2

Blouse - as above
Cardigan Lane Bryant Sophie Theallet (sale)
Pants - can't remember the label, bought them in a boutique on Bainbridge Island last year
Purse - thrifted (antique mall)
Shoes - AGL via Nordstrom Rack
Earrings - Russian hand painted enamel (finift), bought them on Ebay years ago


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  1. Cardigans are wonderful, aren´t they? There are so "in" now. And I don´t care if they will be not, because I´am going to wear them still and all. Nice outfit Natalia, very feminin.

  2. both outfits are fabulous!!!!!
    and i envy your new cardis a bit :-) they are really chic!!! as is your new blouse - a bold pattern is never wrong!
    around here its still icy - so wooly stuff is still needed. but a bit of colorful spring wear i can sneak in here and there......
    wish you much more happy family trips like that!!!!
    hugses!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. Great looks, so cool! Love your pattern mixes and photo settings.

  4. That's a really lovely blouse, I think I like it so much because the print and style has a real 70s vibe going on. And your pattern mixing with the cardigans is great!
    Just look at that beautiful Victorian glasshouse, so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Natalia! xxx

  5. Your pattern mixing is gorgeous and perfectly transitions into spring weather. I love the structure of the cardigan in the first photos. It looks like great quality from here. I love the peasant style of your blouse too. My mother had some things in the 60's I wish I had today.
    Look at that sunshine you got on that day too. I just love 3 Tree Point and just drove a friend around it the other day who had never been there before. Aren't the houses interesting too? We took a drive on Vashon yesterday and stopped at the lighthouse there. When I saw the little ferry over to Tacoma I thought of you!

  6. That blouse is pretty and the cardi has a real 1980s vibe to it. The conservatory looks wonderful. Hope you're having a fab weekend. x

  7. lovely post :) Happy Easter, have a nice day :)

  8. Natalia,
    How i love that perfect floral blouse with the tie front! The print is so beautiful and looks so$$$$. LOVE the combo with that equal lovely cardi. These are two pieces that I also would wear and wear....
    I love seeing your smiling face. I also like your hair color it its deeper red!
    Spring! :)
    xx, Elle

  9. Two wonderful toppers, and I love the pattern mixing. And the very picturesque setting, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. Kismet! We are on each other's blogs at the same time Natalia! The sunshine is amazing today, and you've captured it perfectly with the camera lens! Your pattern mixing is lovely within this outfit! It actually reminds me very strongly of a modern take on Russian folk wear! Brilliant!! I love free days at museums and galleries. My attention span is not so very long, and when it's a free day, I don't feel guilty about popping in for an hour or so! Have a great week my friend!

  11. I can certainly tell you enjoy dressing by the way you express your freedom in doing so. The blouse is a treasure. So pretty and looks divine on you.

  12. So pretty floral blouse! And how wonderfully you styled it with two different cardigans, what a nice pattern mixing! Good to know that you're enjoying your time, beautiful photographs.

  13. you're just looking great, i love the pop of colour :D
    i'm hosting an international giveaway on my blog where u can win a dress of your choice :D
    can't wait for you to come:

  14. Love your cardigans, they are so stylish but warm and comfy at the same time.I hope you had a wonderful day out with your parents, great shots of the flowers and those conservatories are amazing.xx

  15. I just read your comment on Curtise's blog about your Goodwill blouse so popped over to check it out, it's lovely and your pattern mixng is as great as ever. Lovely photos in the sunshine, that large glasshouse reminds me of Kew Gardens in London.

  16. Hello Nataiia, beautiful floral and I love those green heels. Your pictures are lovely too, I like capturing spring flowers.

    Please stop by, jess xx

    Hope to see you tomorrow at Turning Heads Tuesday link up!

  17. lovely mixed patterns, particularly lovely cardigans!, and obviously, I'm loving your olive booties, such a versatile color, and they look comfy!
    And so interesting backgrounds, love to see the landscapes from your neck of the woods!

  18. Sooo lovely! I agree, the subtle blue is lovely with the strong red hair.
    As you know, I am a big fan of pattern mixing!
    Isn't your mum adorable in red in the glasshouse?!! xo Jazzy Jack

  19. What beautiful pattern mixes, even the little bag in the second outfit is perfectly patterned too! I also love cardigans, they're so comfortable in colder weather. Both are great finds!

  20. Very nice pattern mix and you have my favourite bag of yours:)) I love the photo of your mom and flowers.