Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Modish Matrons #35: Trip to Paris

Welcome to May Modish Matrons!
TINA invited BEATE and me to take a trip to Paris this time. I have never been to Paris, and in the light of recent events, all I could think of was the fire that destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris. You see, we come up with our themes in advance - we got them all lined-up back in December (if not November) 2018, and no one of course could predict that Paris would be on our minds so much this time of year... I must admit that it is a bit difficult for me to abstract my mind from the fire which happened just a couple of weeks ago, but it is comforting to know that at least the structure was not damaged, and with time, generous financial investments, creativity, dedication and labor efforts, the beautiful and legendary cathedral will be rebuilt. And then all of us who have not had a chance to visit the old original Notre-Dame de Paris, will be able to visit its new incarnation.

Please visit my wonderful friends TINA und BEATE 
to see their interpretation of the theme!

So I thanked Tina for the opportunity to travel to Paris, even though just in my imagination, and I'm sure she won't mind that my trip was also a time travel, because...yep, escapism, good ol' friend!

So I put on my magic cape, and voilà! 

I am in Paris, some decades ago, 
and the streets are filled with the scent of flowers, 
and the light is pure magic...

I don't hesitate a minute to wear my prettiest dress, as airy and fresh as Spring itself, with some classic and classy accessories - pearls of course, even if they are fake, and my red beret, and if it's a cliché, then so be it - at very least, it's a pretty one!

I decorated my dress with a velvet ribbon in the loveliest shade of lilac and put on a vintage pair of clip-on earrings with pearls and shells.

How perfect is this sweet little bouquet of flowers that a friend gave to my daughter the day before - the time machine doesn't mind transferring them for me as well!

I hopelessly fall in love with the sounds of Paris street jazz and contemplate staying here for just a little longer, just long enough to get a glance of the magnificent cathedral. But then, why hurry? It is only my imagination, after all. I have plenty of time till June, when friends and fashion will take me to a new exciting place...who knows where it will be! 

The main players and Vintage Paris escapees:

Dress - eShakti (last year, worn for the first time)
Cape - secondhand (shown in MARCH 2018
Velvet booties - via Nordstrom Rack (old, but hardly worn yet)
Purse (vegan leather) - thrifted
Jewelry and other accessories - vintage, boutique finds, collected over the years

Photos by Justin

* * *

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  1. You're the epitome of Spring in that gorgeous dress, Natalia and what better place to be than Paris in the springtime. Love the red beret and those lace-up shoes! xxx

  2. Natalia I love this timetravel idea and look. What a wonderful dress! Paris in the springtime and your wonderful music... Paris is waiting for you :)
    Thank you for another wonderful modish matrons ...35 wow we are good :) I am looking forward the next 100 posts of MM. I love it so much and thanks for all this wonderful collages and your work. Big Kiss, much love and huge hug Tina

    1. Thank you, Tina! Fun to be in Paris with you and Beate!

  3. that dress is airy and softest pastels like an aktual spring day painted by an imressionist!!! can see you strolling in the park of the tuileries, feeding doves and taking a ride on an old school carussel.....
    <3 <3 <3
    love how you added the powerful red to the light colored dress - genius!
    thank you for the lovely music! see you at rive gauche for sundowner ;-D
    love! xxxxx

    1. Thank you, Beate! Change the heels to ballet shoes - and I am ready to stroll the streets and meet you in Paris!

  4. I'm swooning over that divine, Springlike dress, Natalia! So much gorgeousness! The addition of the lilac velvet ribbon enhances those delicious pastels, while your bag and beret provide a nice contrast. And oh, that cape! And sharing my all-time favourite song was the icing on the cake. It's a lovely version too. My favourite version is Sarah Vaughan's, which sends shivers down my spine! Hugest of hugs, my friend xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! I had to find your fave version - it is beautiful!

  5. Sooo pretty! You and the dress. Those flowers were a stroke of genius by the time machine :-D
    I had a lovely visit. Thanks.
    xo Jazzy Jack

  6. A trip to Paris is a wonderful choice of theme. It is something most people dream of. There are perhaps two Paris cities that exist, a Paris of our imagination and the real Paris. I'd even go so far to say that both are equally important and perhaps intricately linked. In the view of the recent tragedy, the theme seems even more important. What a wonderful interpretation of the theme!

    You look absolutely radiant in that dress. The floral print is very romantic, and so is the dress itself. The red beret is the perfect accessory for this look. That bouquet of flowers is lovely as well. I always love to see flowers, in any shape and form.

    1. Merci, mon amie! You are clever about your point about two versions of Paris. Come to think of it, there are always two and even more versions of pretty much anything, aren't there? Ask a few friends about yourself, and each will have their version of you. :)

  7. well, you are très jolie and look like spring herself!
    I love your beret and summery floral dress, so whimsical and cute, making me dream on a walk on a perfect spring day in Paris!, beautiful! And you picked some delightful music too!
    (I'm late in my commenting, sorry!)

  8. Salut, pretty Parisienne! :-)
    You look awsome in this dress - I love this soft look! Today I'm sharing our trip to... not Paris, but Munich, not Versailles, but another beautiful baroque palace complex.
    Hugs my dear, Traude