Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Way We Vintage


Earlier in March, we hopped in the car and drove to the new location of our favorite antique mall. Some of you might remember that some time ago, the mall which was located in one spot for 26 or 27 years, had to find a new home. Well, they have finally re-opened, and the visit became the sort of event I've been missing, the one that inspired me to dress up a little.

I was craving something light and feminine just like early Spring itself, and my eye caught this shiny plisse or pleated skirt as it's commonly known. I loved the combination with the black-and-white light cape (it is actually a sleeveless jacket that can be worn on its own, the cape part is removable), the question was... what blouse to wear with it?

Then I realized that my relatively new animal print blouse friend went really well with the skirt and made a pretty cool pattern mix with the jacket. To top it off (for warmth as well, not purely for style), I added a dotted vintage scarf. It's been known to come up with an outfit similar to what I wore several years back (almost to the day!), and sure enough I found out that I did wear this skirt and even combined it with the same pearl necklace three years back. If you enjoy such over-the-top stylings, hop over to my post dedicated to BAROQUE!

The new mall didn't disappoint. It is a smaller space, but well stocked and run by lovely people many of whom we have known for years. We also loved how they got a mural on the walls depicting all periods of material culture history, I believe from the Stone Age to the recent times. We sure didn't leave empty handed! Scroll down if you want to see my new vintage friends. Are you excited? You'd better be!

I love vintage glass and was happy to find these two gorgeous examples. The teal glass vase is a popular Whitehall pattern (photo below). Justin immediately recognized it as an item his factory used to make (he used to work at a glass factory years ago). I am lucky that I've got my own glass expert - so  handy! I must say I own beautiful vintage glasses in this pattern, but didn't recognized it in the vase at all. All I knew was ... I wanted to find cool vintage glass, I needed a vase since Justin loves spoiling us with pretty bouquets, and I instantly fell in love with this one! 

Here is a bit of information from the Internet:
"Indiana Glass introduced the Whitehall pattern in the early 1960's. ... Whitehall is VERY similar to the Fostoria American pattern. Whitehall is most often seen in the above colors, gold or amber, crystal and olive green. There is also a very pretty light blue, a teal blue and crystal with ruby stain."

The second piece is a Mid-century amber glass and is a very welcomed addition to my Mid-century glass collection. I have plates and glasses, and now this gorgeous vase with a lid. Vintage glass is amazing - such intensity of both color and design! It will bring to life any kind of interior and certainly feels right at home in our eclectic vintage cottage.

You can see the details of the boots in this RECENT POST. The purse I wore had its first outing, and I got it almost a year ago as a present for my birthday... It's a Kate Spade design, and I love the shape and combination of white, beige and gray together - so classy and timeless. I needed a light leather purse, and this one is perfection!

I really loved how these pictures turned out. I love the softness and bareness of the surroundings that are reflected in my outfit (intuitively, as always). Justin did a great job with his new camera, and I had a chance to twirl - the new camera goes click, click, click a thousand times per minute!  

Now it's your turn. What are your Spring discoveries? Inspirations? What are you watching these days? Justin and I have just started The Crown (I know, everyone has finished it by now, but that's the way we do things around here). And please tell me do you like vintage glass? What piece is your favorite of these two?

Happy Spring! and Lots of love!


  1. Lovely to see you looking all spring-like and fabulous! The blouse is the perfect fun peice with the skirt and cape, you look wonderful.
    I'm a collector of Mid-Century art glass, too although the pieces in my collection are European and Scandinavian. It's exciting to learn about a new glassworks. The teal colour is particularly lovely! xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Vix! Your collection of glass is artful - European glass is amazing! Justin had business trips to different countries (Italy, Germany) to study their work. I wish I had something in my collection. Lots of love!

  2. What a stunning outfit. You look a vision in this combo. Wonderful skirt and blouse...and the coat cape is gorgeous as well.
    So great that the mall reopened and that you added more vintage glass to your collection.

    1. Thank you, dear Ivana! It was a fun change to our quiet homey life. Many people in the mall, but we were careful. Sending love!

  3. very elegant - natascha!!
    the pale pink suits you so well and the cape grounds the whole look. trés chic!
    love the teal vase - but i´m not a fan of amber coloured glass.... but both vases are gorgeous finds. interesting that justin used to work in a glass factory......
    i miss trift stores & fleamarkets - but we are still far away from happily shopping vintage stuff - the government seems to have losen the control over the pandemic totally.
    stay happy and safe! xxxxx

    1. Thank you, my dear Beate! I know orange isn't your cup of tea - and that's fine! But you love teal AND pink is definitely your color! I love this delicate shine. And we have similar jackets! :)

      As I mentioned above in the comment to Vicky, Justin even had trips to Europe (Germany in particular) to study their work, but that was ages ago.

      The mall was a bit busy, but we were careful. Pretty much all of our shopping is online these days, so that was a fun change of pace.
      Lots of love!

  4. I have a couple interesting glass pieces that were my husbands grandma's. They'll go to my girls if they want them some day. I love the cape-jacket. We plan to do a little thrifting next week-I'll see what I might find.

  5. I love your elegant yet quirky Spring outfit, Natalia! The pale pink plissé skirt is delightful and looks fantastic with your animal print blouse. The pearl necklace adds another dimension, and how fabulous is that cape! So clever that the cape part is detachable and makes a sleeveless jacket.
    Both glass pieces are stunning, but if I'm forced to choose a favourite, it would be the teal vase! xxx

  6. woww, so lovely post! Sorry that I'm so late in my commenting!
    You look really elegant and cool in these amazing mixed patterns and subtle color combo!, love your pleated skirt, love your jacket/cape, love the blouse and love particularly the brilliant accessorizing that enhances the feminine elegance!
    And so delightful vintage glass!. Both vases are fantastic pieces, the amber color is so beautiful, but my favourite is the teal vase as I've a weakness for this color!