Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It's cold outside, the snow seem to be stuck to our yard (hopefully, not for long). But it did not stop Anna and me from going to another little community theater this past weekend. Theater is on my mind lately. I just can't help it. I want to see them all. This time, we went to the Lakewood Playhouse which is about half an hour from our home, to watch Little Women - an American classic, based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott. 

You, my North American readers and friends, are most probably familiar with the author and the novel, but I was not, and I did not know how Anna would take the story about "the olden days". (She is an avid reader, but she has a very specific taste in books.) But we both really liked it. Strong directing, some real good, passionate acting, touching well developed characters, good sense of humor and kind, compassionate outlook on life. All these together made it a perfect choice for a growing girl to see. And what about me? Well let's just say that I was reminded again that I need to bring a box of Kleenex with me when I go to performances. It really doesn't suit a grown, not so little woman to wipe tears with her sleeves.

 I wanted to say that it was the first drama we've seen in the US (I loved visiting the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater when I lived there), but Anna corrected me. Yes, Justin and I saw a wonderful Shakespeare's play last Summer in the park (Twelfth Night), and Anna was invited by her friend to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, coincidentally another Shakespeare's play, and I forgot all about it. Phew, we are not complete dinosaurs then! 

It was perfect sweater weather (or stay at home weather, whichever suits your fancy), and for a little fanciness, since we're talking live theater here, I picked this sweater dress. It's by Chico's, and I bought it on clearance last year, for probably $30 or so. It was one of my very first dresses after a long practically dressless period, and I remember feeling naked when I tried it on. Of course the color is almost nude, so that might had something to do with it too. I remember feeling uncomfortable showing my knees, so I wore it only once about a year ago (look at the industrial photos of it HERE). Now I feel very comfortable wearing it. My knees did not change, but my attitude did. Wearing dresses on a regular basis helps. Blogging about it helps. If you, like me, got in the habit of wearing mostly jeans and pants, by all means, try a few dresses, they are such a wonderful invention (one of the perks of being a girl, really).

So what do you think about this color? Too blah? I probably wouldn't wear it head to toe, but in  combination with some bright colors I think it's great.

I also wore my favorite clip-on earrings (so that is their proper name! I am always tempted to call them "clips" because it's so much shorter and it's exactly what we call them in Russian, so forgive my occasional slip of the tongue). I put them on the "wrong" ears this time, thinking that they actually sit much firmer on my ears this way. So it probably was the right way to wear them. On the wrong ears. But I think they actually work both ways (compare the two photos below).

Now on to Anna's outfit!
She also put her cozy on, and concentrated on her hair embellishment. I thought she did such a great job (and I noticed girls noticing her in the theater).

Can you believe how fast my little one grows? I still can't.

And for additional coziness, she picked this Old Navy pea coat a couple of weeks ago (her old coats suddenly got 3/4 sleeves this year, if you get my meaning - not so good for cold winter). Here, I photographed her back then - the leaves were still on branches, now they just clatter and clack in the wind... OK, that was probably a bit overly dramatic for describing winter in Seattle. But still. Brr.

My outfit:
Dress - Chico's (last year, clearance)
Ruana - thrifted
Boots - Born
Clutch - Cole Haan
Vintage clip-on earrings (can we please start calling them clips?)

Anna's outfit:
Sweater, pea coat, jeans - Old Navy (sale)
Hat - gift from grandparents
Scarf - gift



  1. I think that dress is a perfect foundation piece to be worn with scarves, blankets, coats etc with more colour. And you can get away with a bit more blah colour because of your red hair. I used to love "Little Women" (As well as the Canadian books for girls), so sweet and full of optimism, in spite of the sad events. It's like a rite of passage to read these books at a certain age, and apparently girls today are just as moved by them, too.

  2. That mohair wrap is just gorgeous, the colours are so vibrant! I love Anna's hair, too. No wonder she was getting lots of attention.
    Its a real struggle to motivate oneself when the the weather turns, but so rewarding when you do. xxx

  3. not so little anna looks awesome! she has a cool style, with the lumberjack, boots and hairstyle kind of rural northern least from my european view :-)
    your dress looks like one can live in the whole winter - so cozy. do you know what it is with the "bland" colors? people look in your face! get not distracted by the clothing. one has to be comfortable with that. but i think you are!
    i would ground the dress with a bit optical weight for hosery and shoes - thick, in tone or contrast color leggings or stockings and brown! boots.
    for much more wonderful theater events!!!

    1. These are brown boots, Beatochka - I don't own any black boots. Interesting ideas about thick leggings. We used to wear leg warmers when I was in middle school, they would look at home with a sweater dress.

      You know what I like about this dress? It's cozy, and yet sensual, or at least I find it sensual. :)

  4. You look wonderful, and these earrings do look good both ways. You know what, I think that your knees look absolutely fine and there's nothing wrong with them. This dress lenght is great with you.
    Anna's hair embellishment is beautiful. I love the feathers. I was tempred so many times to feather me up a little too but finally never got to do it. First I couldn't get any colorful feathers and then my experiments with colorizing regular feathers were unsuccessful. Anna inspired me not to give up:)

  5. You both look lovely - your colourful wrap is gorgeous and Anna's hair looks fantastic and you are out at the theatre again - one of my favourite trips out. Those earrings are just beautiful any way up! Keep warm x

  6. Snow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I haven´t seen snow for yearsssssssssssssssss now.
    You look sooooooooooooo fantasitc. You both do, and I am so lucky to have you enriching my life.
    tons of love to the WHOLE family

  7. Dresses are flattering for women.Period. your girl knows how to rock her hair and yes, they grow fast. My girl is the same age like yours. I think is nurturing your sould to be able to follow theater performances regularly. As for the dress it makes the perfect canvas for many looks! I live how you styled it with the warm cape. So in trend this winter!

  8. You both look so cute! Great choice of clothes. You have such a beautiful daughter!

  9. Wow, anna's hairstyle is amazing! She is talented. That artistic eye being used again :-) Your nude colour dress is a departure for you, and so wonderful for all sorts of outfits. I love it with the colourful blanket wrap. Funny about the earrings. They look great either way :-) How interesting to hear how your mind has changed about showing your knees after a little experimentation. You suit dresses so well it is hard to imagine you in only pants! Warm hugs for the snowy time :-) xo JJ

  10. I like the dress and i like the wrap
    BTW nothing wrong with your knees!
    I have a problem wearing pants, i feel kind constricted in them -
    The color of your dress is perfect with the color of your hair, the color illuminates your face, very pretty

    Anna is a real doll indeed, i love the feathers!

    Cold here this morning, real cold and the snow will stay...Canada hey!


  11. "My knees did not change, but my attitude did." I love that! It's so true - find another way to look at things, and anything becomes possible, even showing your knees! The dress is neutral, true, but the figure-hugging shape does make it a sensual piece, and the brightly coloured wrap over the top is glorious.
    Anna is wonderfully creative with her hair and her wardrobe - clever girl.
    Glad you enjoyed Little Women; it was one of my favourite books as a kid, I still have the old copy my grandmother gave me. xxx

  12. I think it's lovely that you watched 'Little Women' with your own little woman, and enjoyed so much!. And this is the kind of play I should like to watch in a cold evening, very appropriate to warm you!!
    Love your wrap, such pretty colors!, and so cool over your neutral colored dress!! and fabulous earrings!
    Anna's hairstyle is really amazing, and she's looking comfy & cool, so cute!

  13. Natalia, Yes that is the perfect sweat dress, love the color and cowl neck. The vivid poncho punches up the volume!
    And Anna's outfit is adorable, all in cream, and the bundled in plaid like an angel!
    xx, Elle

  14. Your sweater dress is stunning, and I bet it is cozy with your cold weather. I love the blanket poncho and your daughter's cat hat : )


  15. The thought of living in snow sends unwanted chills down my spine. The rain is all I can take; and that in moderation. I must say, after seeing you in such bold colors, the taupy color seems rather...quiet. It's not bad, but I much prefer you in color. Not trying to pigeonhole you. Your daughter is adorable, and I understand exactly what you mean about the rate in which they grow.

  16. Looking wonderful Natalia! Actually I have a knitted dress of exactly same colour. I usually mix it with dark-brown or green pieces. Beautiful earrings. I used to have clip-ons but couldn't wear them, cause they gave me headache. You are right, Anna looks like a young lady already, not like a kid. I love her hat!

  17. Your daughter is beautiful, Natalia! She will be a young woman soon... my daughter is 20 now.
    I love the colours of your poncho as well as your earrings!

    Thank you so much for visiting! Hugs from Germany,
    Annette | Lady of Style

  18. I remember reading Little Women as a young girl, a classic indeed. So glad you can share with your daughter not only the play but a wonderful sense of self expression in the way you both present yourselves to the world.You wear your blanket cape just so well and Anna is growing into a beautiful young woman with a unique style.