Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Theater Twists

 Justin and I experienced a couple of theater twists this past week. We visited two small local theaters - Rosebud Children's & Community Theater Conservatory in Federal Way and Heavier Than Air Family Theatre in Kent/Auburn area. In case you are in the South King County area and don't know what's going on here - do check them out! They both do a great job, each in their own way, both performing/entertaining and educating by offering summer programs for children. Our daughter took a one month long Summer camp at Rosebud two years ago and landed a few small roles in Oz! the musical, which was her first experience acting. They had three performances if I remember it right, and she enjoyed every minute of it. (She takes an improv class this year from another local theater group. The class is taught by a very gifted actor and teacher, and Anna really loves it. I'll tell you more about it in one of my future posts.) I've never taken any acting classes myself and I don't believe that I've ever been in a play, but raising my daughter and working with other children showed me how extremely important it is to a child to act, to pretend, and not only being not judged for it, but quite opposite - being praised. And I sincerely think that adults would benefit from it too. 

Rosebud's play was quite unusual. They performed It's a Wonderful Life, but in the most unexpected form (to me at least) as a live radio play. The actors dressed up in 1940s fashion and literally played voice actors who were performing a radio play. In other words, they played as they were playing. Isn't it a fun twist? I love things like that (in writing too). By changing voices and sometimes accents, they were able to portray a few different characters each. I was quite impressed with the acting talents in our community. It was a charming, heartwarming, funny and very touching event.

Heavier Than Air also gave us a "Twist"... by presenting Oliver! the musical. I have heard of this theater which entertains the local public for over 35 years, but it was our first visit to one of their performances. And again, it's very impressive to see the caliber of local talents and the production as a whole. Colorful characters, great music, tight story line. I thought the directing was very strong, as well as the acting and musical performances. Apparently, Oliver is the first musical adaptation of a Dickens story which became a big hit. And I think you'll be surprised to learn that tickets to these performances were only $10. If you have not looked into your local theater groups yet, give them a chance. There are true gems sprinkling all around us, visible only when we pay attention. 

What to say about my outfit? I am a little in love with this lacy red skirt and wore it to both theaters. Once with this sweet peplum top, which I almost disregarded at first, but then put it on with this magical skirt and obi... and mamma mia, what a wonderful outfit, suitable for day or night, office or going out, you name it. To keep up the elegant, but not over-the-top vibe, I wore it with my pea coat. I really enjoy wearing this jacket and love the detailing which you can see better in my old post Camel and Teal.

And here is a quick snapshot of another variation of this outfit - with black sweater, red&black wool jacket and long scarf&beanie. Cozy and cute!

Outfit #1
Lacy skirt and obi - Lane Bryant
Peplum top - Ashley Stewart
Peacoat - Kristen Blake (last year, but I think they are still available on Nordstrom site)
Boots - Aquatalia
Purse - Cole Haan
Jewelry - vintage clip-on earrings and Chico's

Outfit #2
Boiled wool reversible jacket - Chico's
Beanie+scarf - Lane Bryant
Jewelry are also from LB and Chico's (last year)
Skirt, purse and booties - as above



  1. That skirt looks wonderful and I love the action shot of you strolling purposefully along the street. That photo of you in front of the tree is stunning. xxx

  2. Missing a few of your posts. Still thinking of you! School holidays and being a little sick means less energy for commenting. Love these boots on you! xo JJ

  3. I can understand your love for the red skirt - it's a beauty, such a nice shade of red. Look good both ways: chic and elegant with a peplum top, cozy and fun with the sweater. Beautiful accessories too.

  4. love both looks!!!
    that lace-y skirt is just fabulous. and perfect for a festive moment like going to the theater or celebrating x-mas. you really inspiring me to get up and sew something with the dark purple lace i have lying around since years....
    it is wonderful that children have so much possibilities today - anya´s theater experiences sound gorgeous. i sniffed a bit theater air by working in the costume department from time to time - exiting! one day i get together all my bravery and look for a amateur role somewhere :-)

  5. A wonderful skirt (very Christmassy!) and paired with the checked peplum top, that is one stylish and sexy outfit!
    Pretend play is so important for kids, yet not all children cope well with that make believe being observed or formalised. To each his own - I have two kids who enjoy performance, and one who shrinks away from it! Half of my degree course at university was Drama, but I was rubbish at it! xxx

  6. You're having so much fun with the theater experiences and your wardrobe. This is great! We took the time to attend an annual sing - a-long of Handel's Messiah Hallelujah Chorus at a local university theater. So much fun :) Your outfit looks very appropriate for community theater...dressed but not too pretentious.

  7. I can imagine that you felt great in your red lace skirt and peplum top combination, dear Natalia...you LOOK absolutely amazing!! And wearing this outfit with booties instead of pumps is something I'm totally into; definitely two thumbs up!! P.S. Your theatre excursions really do sound like they were a lot of fun...gotta work on my hubby to go with me one of these days!! ;)


  8. Natasha, you look so stylish and sexy in this red skirt! Perfect! Молодец, что добавила такой яркий элемент -- смотрится очень выигрышно!

  9. You look so stylish attending your cultural events. And so relaxed. I'm finally getting into holiday spirit, too, taking time off.