Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something Old, Something New

I adore the mixes which come together over time. Take this outfit - the white jeans and utility boots are recent purchases, but the chunky sweater is my old favorite from 7 or 8 years ago. I added my most favorite vintage clip-ons ($5 find) and a vintage carpet bag ($9 find) - and voila, a cozy, casually chic, trendy outfit (I at this point truly enjoy some current trends!), with a bit of whimsy and its own strong character.

I realized that we forgot to photograph the carpet bag up close, but luckily I had photos from a couple of months ago when I just bought it at my favorite antique mall. I have no idea who was the maker or even what era it is from, but I instantly fell for its wonderful colors and textures! It's in good condition, smells a bit musty, but other than that, no problems. 1970s perhaps? What do you think?

 Not too many things on my mind now. We enjoyed a long walk at the Soundview trail with my parents, followed by tasty dinner and a festive holiday light display, with which Justin surprised us after all. I work on one of my sites and my art/sketches/photo/writing blog and find so many written pieces I forgot about - it's weird how it happens. Feeling rather peaceful these days. Hope you too are happy and content. 

Sweater, turtleneck and watch - Chico's
Jeans - Lane Bryant
Boots - Born
Clip-ons and bag - vintage

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  1. This proves that you should never get rid off clothes that a) fit well and b) are in good condition. You may get tired of them for a while, but there will be a time when they may serve a purpose again, maybe even complete an outfit. This is a great casual look.

  2. Yes, sometimes outfits come together all of a sudden by combining old and new - it's wardrobe magic! You look so cosy and gorgeous, and that bag is stunning (I do love me a vintage tapestry bags!) I'd say it's earlier than 1970s myself - 1950-60s, I reckon, but it's only an educated guess.
    I can tell you feel happy and peaceful at the moment, these photos of you really radiate contentment and calm. I'd like some of that, please! xxx

  3. cool bag!
    and you look so happy and in balance in this pics!!!!
    because i own most of my clothes for years i love it when one "new"(to me) thing brings new life to long loved items. i incorporate current trends only in the details - a pop of neon in a flower print for example. but mostly i do something i like and one year later media screams that out as a trend.... the lovely man makes jokes about already :-D
    so watch out what i wear and do - next year you can buy it ;-)
    lots of sunny walks with your folks!!!!!

  4. Such a cozy outfit! Love it! Наташа еще раз спасибо за линк!

  5. I can feel your peacefulness through this post. I really like your opening photograph. It speaks volumes. As always, my dear, you look wonderful. I like this casual look on you very much.

  6. You look so happy in these photos,Natalia. I love it when new and older blend together and create an entirely new look.I find
    it always pays to keep items we love even if they are not worn for a year or two. Your earrings and carpet bag add a wonderful touch to your casual outfit.Thank you for your always kind comments.

  7. Yes, I'm with Curtise, I'd say 1960s. Vinyl was the "in thing" for handbags back then.
    I can fee the sun on my skin looking at your photos, it seems like an age since it was. xxx

  8. This outfit looks so cozy. I love it! The bag is very pretty. Awesome find! I have no clue how old it can be but I would love to have it in my closet too:))
    That's really great you are doing all these things. I have just noticed that I run a fever so that's prolly why I'm so drowsy and can't really put my attention to anything. You do have a peaceful look in your photos and you seem happy. The first and the last photo are my favourite. Have a wonderful day:))

  9. Love this look and the tapestry purse! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. I so agree with Tiina, save all good clothes that fit~
    I adore this sweater, love it with the white jeans for the up to the moment trend, and adore the carpet bag,
    looks like something Etro would do and that is a favorite label of mine!
    I am glad you are peaceful and are enjoying, I will check out Anna's art!
    sending holiday wishes!
    xx, Elle

  11. I'm so happy you are so peaceful and content, they are special moments - you look as wonderful as ever, the old and the new always seem to create a beautiful friendship and you have gorgeously demonstrated this for us, I love your clip on earrings, they are sooooo pretty! and I adore cosy woollen cardigans - your bag is gorgeous! I prefer vintage bags, I think there's something quite special about them x x x

  12. Oh, that's a great outfit for wandering the PNW light displays and occasions with your family! You look really polished and so pretty ... you sure know what color does for you. Bold in white, too, for winter!
    So happy to see you so serene in winter, and I'm happy for you. All here is rural winter angst that comes with the holiday, and our slow season, so I take heart just seeing you! You are today's meditation!

  13. Looking your wonderful self always!
    Gorgeous bag Tatiana
    I do too mix the old and new, it always gives the best results
    I'm not as peaceful as you these days, go a few things on my mind, but striving for peace of mind that's for sure!



  14. Some things are like forever, they can be worn at any time, especially if combined with new pieces. I recently dag out an old mohair cardigan that I bought like 10 years ago. Wear it now with skinnies over a knitted dress, feels and looks like a new thing! Very cozy look Natalia, and I love the soft colour palette of the outfit. The carpet bag is such a unique and beautiful find.