Monday, December 8, 2014

Rays of Sun

I would like to share one of the happy days we spent traveling with my parents. We visited the gorgeous Whatcom Falls north of Seattle (a couple of hours drive from where we live) near Bellingham, a lovely and very friendly college town only a few miles south of the Canadian border. It was a mild and drizzly day, one of many such days the Pacific Northwest has in store for us this winter. All the greenery which surrounds us year round benefits from the wet climate. And I benefit from the greenery, so I won't complain too much about rain. But I think it's no coincidence that I am drawn to bright, vivid colors most of the time. They bring sunshine to our gray days. And I bring sunshine to our gray days. Not just with my smile and heart... but with my head, neck, arms and of course those golden rays of sun - my legs! I think I was particularly inspired by ever colorful Monica of Senora Allnut (not one dull outfit in her blog!) this time. And I couldn't help but thinking of Beate and her hikes as we took an easy hike admiring the abundant nature - the waterfalls and rain forest. 

My new beanie kept me dry a couple of times during our rainy walks - the raindrops sort of sit on the top of it, and I didn't get soaked. Isn't it dreamy? It's sold out on the web, but maybe you are born under the lucky star and will find the last dreamy beanie in your local LB store. (It was especially friendly on sale at 50% off.)

Peter Pan...yes?

Fairhaven is a quaint historic neighborhood south of downtown Bellingham, with plenty of little shops, fine dining, and apparently one of the best independent book stores in the nation - we'll have to check it out the next time we're in town.

Bellingham Bay, just like Puget Sound down south, is a part of Salish Sea.

Quite possibly, the most adorable coffee shop in North America :)

The stump of a giant red cedar (thuja plicata) which were in abundance in our area at some point in history. It's believed the tree is over 1000 years old. 

Coat - Lands' End (available online, on sale, in regular, plus, tall, petite, in 4 colors)
Slouchy beanie and scarf - Lane Bryant (sold out in this color, available in gray)
Jeans - Ashley Stewart
Boots - Born
Bag - Fossil (ooooold)

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  1. That looks like a very lovely day hiking. And you're right, colour is so important, such a mood lifter on a grey day (and so much kinder than all black on pasty-faced gals like me...)

  2. I just love Whatcom Falls. I was just there for the very first time this summer to visit an old friend. We really enjoyed the boardwalk along the bay there too. We ponder the idea of retiring in Bellingham since Seattle is getting so very expensive. It is a wonderful little city.
    Love love love your olive jacket!!!

    1. Us too! It would be fun if we end up in the same place some day! :))

  3. Natalia! I love and love your yellow pants
    Love your beanie, i crocheting one right now, i'm trying a new pattern
    So easy to do, you just need a little patience
    The US have such lovely places!
    I going to get hair almost buzzed this week, i will keep some on top to keep me warm this winter
    I found a great hair video and it's exactly what i want
    I sent the video to my dear hairdresser Sara
    Next time you see me i will be short short, short haired!



  4. Natalia, I love the outfit, very fall! I also love the your pictures are lovley. I love the scarf and baret as well.
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  5. You look so cute in this outfit. Желтый и болотный очень хорошо сочетаются. Отличная поездка получилась -- какие красивые места!

  6. love your "hiking attire"!
    because i love brass colors. such flattering shade between gold and green :-)
    your lush green forests and stunning waterfalls never fails to impress me. and then you have the ocean too! you did pick a pretty place to live!
    beanie and scarf are gorgeous with all the colors in it. perfect to add coziness and pizzaz to every ensemble.....
    thanks for the link :-) one day we make a hiker out of you - its never to late!

  7. You are indeed a ray of bright sunshine, Natalia! Love the cosy hat and scarf set, you definitely kept yourself warm but stylish on your hike. What a beautiful place to visit, the green landscape and waterfalls are wonderful. And as Beate says, you get the joys of the coast too - lucky you! Hope you and your parents are loving your time together - I'm sure you are making the most of every minute. xxx

  8. Lovely photos of this beautiful scenery. Your outfit looks warm and comfy. Love the color of your pants and that beanie and scarf combo is so cute. xoxo

  9. Oh yes, a hiking outfit has to be bright. if you've ever seen the time Krista came to visit you'll see us up a mountain in the English Lakes in neon! Love those trousers and the gorgeous scenery you're lucky enough to have on your doorstep. xxx

  10. Definately the right colour for a hike in early winter, you really lighten up a grey sky. Wonderful scenery, such a joy to share with your parents.

  11. Your two legs are twin rays shining from my screen! I can find you easily in all the shots.
    What lovely lush place with amazing waterfall. Looks like a nice time with your parents. I love the shot with Justin crouched down. Does he do this a lot? My fatherinlaw was always joked about, that he never could stand up straight to take a photo. Always leaning back or to the side!
    I love your colourful scarf and beanie brightening your neutral jacket. Wool is great in the rain isnt it? xo JJ

  12. oh yeah, you look warm and lovely like sunshine, such a cute beanie and fabulous pants!! gorgeous and comfy!! and such amazing landscapes!!
    I'm glad we share that sunny vibe!! Winter is knocking the door, but de can keep sunshine inside, dear lady!!
    besos & gracias

  13. How lovely! and also so wonderful your Parents are visiting (you and your Mum are the double of each other, I looked at all the pictures, you two are so glamorous!) the pictures are beautiful, such gorgeous scenery and quaint is the perfect description of your neighborhood, so pretty! I loved your Peter Pan pose too and your fabulous outfit, and yes to colours on grey days x x x

  14. My parents used to live in Abbostford...only about 15 minutes from Bellingham. Funny enough all of the times I've visited I've never seen their historic downtown. We were always at the big crappy mall.

    When we lived in BC we hiked all the time and these photos really remind me of how much I miss it. Yes it is rainy, but where we lived on the Island we got less rain than the mainland and there were always flowers, no matter the time of they year.


  15. Love to see you with your parents, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are true sunshine, dear friend
    TIME TO VOTE today dear friend . Time to really look at each other( Rosy and I are excluded )
    Tons of love.

  16. lovely photos and location...I really like to see bright colours worn in winter so I must say I really love those pants...fantastic outfit. The beanie and the scarf are a great combo...and good to hear that beanie has kept to dry...we also had a lot of rain this year but yesterday was just a perfect dry, cold and sunny winter day. Today it was cloudy but I was volunteering and spend all my time indoors so I didn't care.