Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blue Era

A couple of outfits I wore earlier this month, but did not share with you.
The long 1990s floral dress was found at Goodwill the very same evening I went to buy the red crushed velvet dress. It cost me $3 - now that's a bargain, isn't it? The dress is in perfect condition, colors are as bright as if it was brand new fabric. it seems there used to be a belt (a couple of belt loops suggest it), but actually I enjoy how loose it is on me - for a change. The dress got mixed reviews, from total adoration from a few strangers on the streets, as well as my daughter and husband, to not-sure-what-to-make-of-it from my parents - they are not used to seeing me in long loose dresses like this one.

To mix things up a bit, I also include this outfit with a new pinafore dress from ASOS Curve made of thick sturdy denim. I used to have a pinafore dress in my early 20s, only it was a long one, made of thick wool - I loved it. So it is both new and not so new style to me. I paired it with an old baggy "boyfriend" style cardigan - love the chevron design. To continue with the blue theme, I added my thrifted leather purse. This outfit was great for running errands - comfortable and practical, yet still far from boring.

It's rather unusual for me to wear blue, it has never been my favorite color, but I find myself attracted to it in the last year or so. While green is my old good friend - love it in any shade, always did and probably always will.

My romantic floral dress paired with textured tie dye denim jacket reminds me of 1990s movies. As I said, I have not worn this style before, but a lot of what beautiful Charlotte of Sublime Mercies talks about in her post 40s Frocks and 90s Grunge resonates with my perception. I must say it feels very romantic and feminine, even with such "tough" elements as a denim jacket and boots. Just perfect for a sunny promenade with my love.

Mt. Rainier as seen from Ruston Way, Tacoma

What about you - any 90s grunge or pinafore dresses lately? Or it's all things of the past to you?

Outfit #1
Dress - thrifted (Goodwill)
Jean jacket - Chico's (sale, last year)
Boots - Born

Outfit #2
Pinafore dress - ASOS Curve
Cardigan and T-shirt - old, Lane Bryant
Purse - thrifted (Goodwill)
Boots - same as above


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  1. How could you have doubted either of these outfits? The flowery dress is just wonderful, no matter what your parents say. It doesn't need a belt because the darts in it bring it in at your waist; your figure has a real hourglass shape in this dress. And your green and yellow outfit reminds me a lot of the Robin Hood outfit I posted recently, so, obviously, I love it. I think we're influencing each other aren't we? Won't it be fun to meet this summer?

    Thanks for the shout out in your post. Glad I got you to show your 90s dress.

    1. Yes, it would be fun! If I can make it...

      I liked both outfits when I wore them (if I don't like, I just change), and I loved the photos Justin took. But I don't post all the outfits, sometimes I can't even explain why. I was happy to read your post, and it reminded me about the dress I wore in early March (it was March 8th actually). I'm glad that you inspired me to dig it out. :)

  2. Easy, relaxed style, perfect for summer... And why not experiment with blue? The greener shades of blue mix so well with your existing wardrobe, and you already weat denim!

  3. Two wonderful outfits, I'm glad you decided to share them.
    The first one has echoes of Curtise with the bold florals, denim jacket and boots. Love it.
    The pinafore is lovely, too! xxx

  4. you, standing by the birch trees and lake with that romantic dress and ornate jacket, looks like a art deco advertisement for a easter trip to russia :-) and maybe thats it what your parents irritate.... that dress with its midcentury peasant charm hits to close home? this is what my mom called "granny-dress". and you know - i love that look! with the boots and all! and i love how comfy you look in it - centered, happy!
    the pinafore ensemble is so fresh and fun! perfect for a day running around - this girl is working :-)
    as for the blue - this shades you´r wearing here are perfect for you - the great thing with blue is it can be so much. and it combines so well.
    happy weekend! hugses!!!!!!

    1. That's insightful, Beate - I think you are right about "too close to home". My parents are both originally from a village, and Mom prefers city style both in her home decor and her outfits. I like both city and country, though I have not lived in a village and don't know the first thing about it. But I do appreciate how down to earth and genuine life can be in a country. Though my perception is very idealistic, of course. No milking cows for me please. :)

    2. That's interesting about your mother. It makes sense to me. I lived in a tiny, red-neck village/town of 4,000 in remotest Canada when I was a kid and I HATED it!!! So much intolerance and cruelty. I did not feel free to be myself at all. I moved to the big city as I hit my teens. At about 17, I went back to visit. I was wearing one of my kooky cool outfits and my grade 6 teacher said, "I'm so glad you moved to the city. Now you're eccentric. If you'd stayed, you would have been just plain weird."

    3. Sounds like you had a perceptive teacher! I grew up in a small town too. I know that it is not easy at all to be even just a little different in such an environment. Kids who were "too tall" or "too plump" were often made fun of. My Mom loves memories of her growing up though, she truly cherishes people who raised her and wrote a history of her village (there is a link on the top panel - Family History, her site in Russian). It was a very kind community - they overcame a huge hardship together and helped one another. But there are ways where she separates herself from that village girl, style is one of them. Both of my parents are very stylish, and that's for sure is a "city thing".

      I, on the other hand, grew up in a city apartment, got a university degree, worked and lived in a city - and yet now I find myself much more interested in a simple life, close to nature, following my own inner rhythm and nothing else. I do appreciate some of the variety that city life offers, but don't want to live in a city or have a city decor in my home. I think we are all mixed like that. :)

  5. p.s.: thanks for the snowy mount rainier! beautiful! :-))))

  6. I adore that pinafore dress on you! Super cute.

    I think blue looks wonderful on redheads. It is my favourite colour though.

    Oh how I miss looking at the mountains.


  7. I love love love the outfit with the green dress and cardigan. Great colors! I'm also a new convert to blue since my daughter's wedding is including a dark navy. It's now sparked a new appreciation for it and it really does go with so many things doesn't it? These pictures are gorgeous! That little boat is just so cute.

  8. Artists are very brave people. I always feel naked when I expose my writing - so yes, I know. But it's all we have - our naked souls, that's where it all comes from. You are incredibly talented and brave, and I'm learning from you.

  9. I absolutely love both of these outfits...and you wear them so well! I'm seriously impressed with your style...and is it just me or lately you have started to be more bold in your choice of clothes? whatever it is, keep it up:)

    The maxi skirt is paired so perfectly with that unique denim jacket...and I just love the yellow and green combo. it looks great with the cardi on and off.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! I'm a style wanderer - and compared with what I wore for a few previous years, I wandered a long way. I know my style might not seem especially original to extremely original stylistas, but I know I had a long and brave journey, considering the starting point. As for being bold... I'm a bold person, and it reflects in my choices of clothing at least from time to time. As I I'm becoming more confident in my inner self, I'm becoming more adventurous in clothing choices. At least, I think that it's how it works for me. Though there were years when I was being very bold and actively going for my dream, and did not have any interest or inner energy for fashion. It's not necessarily parallel lines. I think there are plenty of people with bold clothing, but living a conformist life.

  10. OMG! This outfit with a cardigan is so great. Dress is cool too but I keep staring at the outfit with sweater:)