Sunday, March 22, 2015

Who I Am

I spotted this dress at Lane Bryant earlier in the Winter, and fell for it - maybe, because it reminded me of two dresses I had in my early 20s (both self-made). 

I was not sure whether I'd be comfortable to wear it - the length is shorter than I'm used to (they actually call it a "mini dress"), and even though it's not exactly a body conscious shape, it is still pretty "conscious", again, for what I'm used to. But pairing it with one of my Russian platoks (shawls) made it a perfect dress for me.

One of the dresses I made in my 20s was almost exactly the same style, only black, and the other one almost exactly the same color, only a "coat dress" (or a "blazer dress" perhaps would be a better description), with two rows of buttons and a blazer type collar. Both mid-knee length, they looked striking and felt very much "me". 

So in a way, this dress is a bridge to my younger self. Only such a brightly colored ornate folk detail as platok is rather a new development for my style. And that's what hit me. I for the longest time was wondering to myself, why on earth I'm so attracted to the conservative simple lines of pencils skirts, blazers, sheath dresses... I don't work in an office, I don't have to be conservative or whatever-appropriate, I live a free creative life where only I am my own boss. And yet I love this type of clothes... but I discovered a secret to it.

I love pairing it with such an unexpected wild element as colorful Russian platok - then the outfit sings a very different song, creates a very different story. Uncompromising, dynamic and very alive. And probably this eclectic mix is the best way to define me - the best that I found so far, at least.

Dress - 6th&Lane
Shawl - Russian platok, gift from my parents 10 years ago
Earrings - Chico's
Clutch - Cole Haan
Booties - Ecco (we are becoming good friends, the new booties and I)

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  1. I love this combo, Natalia. It defines you and looks great on you too.

    Jasmine xx

  2. It's a lovely dress, and the perfect background for colourful accessories. I love simple, streamlined clothes for the same reason: they set off a statement necklace or a scarf so beautifully, make the details more noticeable, or let colour take centre stage.

  3. just beautiful!!!!!!
    would wear this too exactly like it is! love this jewel tones and of cause the platok!!! i would have lots of fun to make you such tailored dresses - perfectly fitting and the right length - as canvas for your pretty accessoires! :-)

  4. I love this colour on you. The shawl does make it look more "you".


  5. I think you are exactly right, Natalia - the addition of the colourful platok changes the outfit into something very different from "office wear", and unexpected combinations are often the happiest! That shade of emerald is stunning on you, and of course the floral print of your shawl is beautiful. Gorgeous! xxx

  6. yes, I would have to agree with you. The addition of the traditional garment completely changes the feel of this dress...makes it more unique and a lot more fun. The dress itself fits you nicely and I like the colour but paired with that scarf it is a bloody brilliant combo!

    I always liked what could be considered 'office attire'...and would include pencil skirts, blazers, blouses and shirts. I just feel better about myself when I wear such clothes...and I like pairing them with something unexpected or adding a DIY element to the look. Usually a necklace I made myself or a clothing items I have painted I think you I really get what you mean!

  7. It's the perfect back drop for one of your Russian platoks. Colorful but like a blank canvas ready to accessories. I love simple piece like this. I often find that they're hard to find in stores.

  8. WOW! I love your style , that dress is gorgeous and scarf ... MARVELOUS!

  9. Do you know I had an almost identical dress in the 1980s, too? The shawl transforms it into a smart formal dress to something a lot more stylish and meaningful. Those shoes are fab! xxx

  10. I find that I'm attracted to green. If you think about it, you don't see to many people wearing it...the brighter shades. You look lovely in this shade. It looks so pretty with your hair. The shawl makes it even more pretty.

  11. This dress is such a wonderful colour and shape and the perfect background for your platok. Your booties and clutch the perfect finishing touches.

  12. It's interesting that I too had a very similar dress back in the 80s but in blue colour. I used to wear it for lectures at the university very much. Love this shade of green, looks great on you. And of course, platok transforms the dress into something so unique and even more beautiful.

  13. oh yes, love the way you've accessorized it your way, such an amazing platok, colorful and pretty printed!, it makes the whole ensemblo look different!. Even if I love the simple lines and bold color on your dress, it looks way better and more You this way. Gorgeous!

  14. natalia,
    I love this green dress on you, it is a soft green that reminds me of ferns and springtime . I also love the keyhole neckline, That scarf, with its rich parade of jewel tones is just right---
    xx, Elle

  15. Oh gosh, Natalia, this post gave me the "warm and fuzzies". You match your scarf with heart and soul. Kudos for taking my prompt way beyond the superficial. Now I'm wondering which of MY scarves matches the inner me. Thank you SO much for linking!

    1. Forgot to mention that I love the keyhole detail at center front. A nice little zing to the lady-like dress.

  16. Look at you! Summery legs, sophisticated (!!!!) dress ... and you manage a genuinely bohemian (in the classic style) wrap. Lovely, and the complete mistress of your favorite colors, yet again. So sleek.

  17. The dress with platok looks great. Without the platok I didn't really like it as much. When you added the platok you created one of my favourite outfits of yours.