Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I find myself gradually getting into thrifting more and more. My interest in it did not start with this blog. I started collecting "old stuff" a while ago, at first rather sporadically visiting antique shops and places like Goodwill or Salvation Army. I bought a bunch of used clothes for myself and baby Anya when I was still pregnant with her back in 2002. And a beautiful bright Mexican vase, which I bought probably for a buck at about the same time, is still with me, moving from state to state and from house to house.

But with my reborn interest in style, I started visiting Goodwill more frequently, and lately stop by about once a week while waiting for Anya during her dance class. This week, I found the cutest vintage Crock-Pot (slow cooker) back from the 1970s - my father, an electrician by trade, will fix a new cord for it, and it will be as good as new. For $11, it's sure a treasure to keep and cherish even if it isn't working. The style and mustard green color bring me memories of my early childhood (I'm the 70s baby) - we used to have armchairs in this color, I think my parents still have one of them at their dacha. And another item I bought this week, was this jean jacket. I loved the shape, the color, and it was in a great condition too, just like brand new - well worth $15.

But this colorful Australian aboriginal art scarf I bought a year ago or earlier. I don't know for sure if it's vintage, though it looks like it can be. The label says: 
"by Heil
hand wash
blah blah
made in Japan"
And there are words printed on the scarf, blended with the design very well:
"Designed in Australia for Barker Souvenirs, Northern Territory"
You can find scarves by Heil at Etsy or Ebay, some sellers declare them vintage acetate scarves. I honestly don't know, and it doesn't matter to me too much one way or another, but I love aboriginal designs and bright colors - they make me happy!

The scarf works really well as an accessory for my black and brown dress, wrapped around my neck this way...

...or worn as an ascot... 

...or folded and tied the way we used to wear scarves when I worked for a newspaper back in the 90s)...

...and if anything else fails, I'd just display it proudly on my head!

My shoes are also vintage-inspired, by Rieker - if you are looking for a comfy sole, do give them a go. They offer quite adorable vintage looking booties and sandals!

So what do you say, which way should I wear my aboriginal scarf? 
Choose from the answers below:
A) on my neck
B) on my head
C) on my purse
D) in my hand
E) frame it and hang on the wall
F) all of the above and more
G) none of the above, give it to a museum!

Jacket, scarf and purse - thrifted (Goodwill and antique mall)
Dress - Lands' End
Shoes - Rieker (old)
Sunglasses - Chico's


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  1. gorgeous! :-)
    dont give the scarf away!!!! ;-) wear it any way you like because - as you know already - it´s totally you! i´m sure it matches the half of your wardrobe. as does it with the striped dress and your fab bag! that jean jacket looks like made for you! that little "peplum" instead of the usual band does the trick. you really got a hang lately for cool and casual statement outfits!!!!!!

  2. That is a beautiful scarf! I would have been attracted to that myself. Reminds me of one I have here that I need to wear instead of leaving it draped over a nightstand. The pattern is just so unique. That dress fits you perfectly. I think I need to get back in to thrifting more as what's in the stores is just too darn expensive to be able to afford the luxury of lots of options in the closet. This is a great outfit on you!

  3. This reminds me of most of the art I saw when I was in Australia. All little dots, like pointillism. The colours are of course perfect for you. You scored big time. With the jean jacket too. It fits perfectly!

    I like it tied to the side best.

    I bought my first pair of Rieker boots this winter and have basically lived in them. They are the most comfortable thing I have put on. I had no idea they made sandals etc. I will definately be buying more of their shoes. Your booties are fab.


  4. What a fantastic Seventies-style outfit!
    I can't imagine a more perfect scarf to go with your love of warm, rich, earthy tones. I love it every way you've worn it but I'm leaning to the headscarf, you look both beautiful and glamorous.
    I can't resist a tourist souvenir scarf. I used to make them up into cushion covers and halter tops. Those Japanese scarves are usually 1960s or 1970s. A keeper. xx

  5. Natalia, you wear your scarf any way you feel, they all work so well. For what it is worth I tend to think the scarf is older and now classed as vintage as it was made in Japan and was probably sold as a souvenir, based on local indigenous art.It goes so well with that great denim jacket and your striped dress. Natalia, my dear friend, I see a self confidence in you coming through in every post, enjoy the process and in time you will not take it too seriously. Thank you for your always kind comments, I really appreciate them. xx

  6. Amazing post, Natalia, so inspiring. I love all the ways you have styled your scarf. My favorite is on your neck, in 90s style. Btw, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Jasmine ♥

  7. Interesting look, love the scarf and bag! xo

  8. My love of vintage started in my family as both my mother and aunt loved vintage, meaning stuff from th 20s and 30s. I had the chance to first shop second hand while in Holland in the 90s. I thrift now in Greece in special shops but also in my local market where they have big piles of stuff both new and used.
    I love your scarf any way you wore it anyway, maybe more in the head,more stylish to my eyes. I have my eyes open for a denim jacket, haven't found yet. But last week I found a military chaki jacket . I posted photos last week. I was looking for one for long time and was lucky to thrift one.

  9. F)

    I mean that is really the only possible answer...I do like how you wear it around your neck...but the design is more visible when you wear it on your head...so I'm torn between those those...and I maintain that F is the answer...that is all of the above and more.

    When it comes to vintage, I wear a lot of my mother's clothes. She is slimmer than I am, but she is also taller so that equals to us wearing the same size...


    1. It's the best if you can wear your Mom's clothes! I can't wear Mom's clothes - first of all, she did not keep anything - she gave all of her cloths to her younger sisters, and I don't think they saved any of it. So that makes wearing Mom's clothes extremely tricky. :))) Secondly, I gained a lot of weight and would not fit in anything anyway. But I do keep the clothes I made for myself 20 years ago or so - it soon will be vintage, and my daughter has a good chance to have and wear some family treasures. :)

      F is my kind of answer - I just had fun with it! I can also see it as a home decor thing. :)

  10. I like this look and shoes are great. Second hands are my favourite places to shop. I wish I had at least one here and it is a mistery to me why there is only Oxfam and not even one regular second hand. Each time I'm in Poland I try to visit at least two second hands to feed my closet:))
    I choose F:)

  11. This scarf is amazing. I am really fond of scarves. I like how you wear it on head - it looks amazing with sunglasses. And thank you that you remind me that I am missing some denim in my wardrobe. But I shoudl find something very thin, weather here so hot.

  12. Great scarf-wearing inspiration, dearest Natalia (I love it as a head wrap!!) I agree that the colours and pattern work wonderfully well with your striped dress...and your "new" denim jacket makes me want to create another outfit with my own - asap!! P.S. Those shoes are awesome!! XOXO