Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catch the Wave

I want to thank you all for such wonderful comments to my last couple of posts - and for sharing your stories and feelings. I think it might help those who are going through their youth with a similar confusion or perplexity, and wondering if life gets any better. It does! Our insecurities are not easy to work through, but not at all impossible. Our relationship with ourselves, and essentially our life does get better with age.

On to this outfit. I know I post a lot of outfits lately - one could say I'm on fire. What can I do? I feel like something inside of me finally opened up. I think I tried a little too hard earlier in my style journey, now I'm much more relaxed, I caught the wave - I don't try to come up with an unusual combination, instead I listen to the mood I'm in and just go with my instincts. I want to thank Melanie for this realization - it was something she said in a comment to me, and it really struck me like lightening. In styling, just like in any form of art, you as an artist really need to feel what you are doing, much more feel than think it over. I finally, finally get it - I learned how to catch the wave! OK, maybe not like "learned it all", miz fancy pants, but I'm on the right track, I know it!

I just love this outfit - and I wanted to share it, even though there are only three quick pictures Anya took of me before I left this afternoon (went to an antique mall after a long day of writing, just to relax a little, and bought me another Russian platok for $25 - gorgeous!). I found this chevron skirt back in 2013 on the sale rack at Lane Bryant, and immediately fell in love. It's polyester, but such a soft stretchy jersey fabric, and I just love the choice of colors and the zig-zag design. I wore this skirt a lot. But this week, when I had a little free time and popped into Goodwill, I found a matching top - in my size, perfect condition, and only $5.99. I imagine the many ways I would wear it - with this skirt, and as separates, so many possibilities, how could I resist buying it? So this was my very first styling, pretty straightforward, but I really like this outfit. My waist is not as tiny as it seems here, I have quite a round tummy these days - so it's a nice illusion, but I think I also learned something important here. I actually used to think that my natural waist line is lower than it is. Here is a hint. When you gain weight, cute little folds appear on your back. They sort of point out where you should put your belt - they define the smallest part of your torso. Such a nice little tip from mother nature. I think I wore belts in the wrong place all of my life! No wonder they seemed so uncomfortable to me.

And I just love these two patterns together. Only the vinyl carpet bag is vintage in this outfit, but I think the whole ensemble has a nice retro vibe.

It's been a busy week - I came back to swimming, went for a long walk with my parents yesterday (we used to walk a lot, then stopped for a while, now we're back in the saddle again), and I almost finished an exciting project which I will be ready to share with you over this weekend, maybe even as early as tomorrow - stay tuned!

Top - thrifted (Goodwill)
Everything else is old from my closet:
Skirt - Lane Bryant
Cardi - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Tights - Hue
Shoes - Dansko
Purse - thrifted (antique mall)



  1. You found the matching top on a different occasion?? That is amazing! Or rather, it found you is probably more like it. I've had some funny synchronizations with clothing articles like that too. The universe must really be our friend to cause such fun little pleasures to happen. Either that or we're just good shoppers...but I tend to think it's a bit more special then that.
    I know blogging really does help us to find our style and our voice in ways we probably couldn't with other avenues. I know for me blogging has helped me narrow down what works on my body and what doesn't. I enjoy dressing more now.
    I've always loved your unique outfits and muted color tones and I love the confidence and zest for life you share of yourself through you blog.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I cannot believe your luck to find the matching top! SCORE!!!

    Melanie is a bit of a guru like that.

    I love the pattern and the colour in the outfit. Just gorgeous with your hair.


  3. Yes, Melanie is spot on, it is all about feel. Over-analysis and rules take the joy out of dressing.
    How fortunate to find the matching top to that skirt, the charity shop gods were certainly smiling on you that day. xxx

  4. loooove this missoni ;-) outfit!!!!!
    the bag is perfect with the skirt&top! and how cool that you found the top. or the top found you! and the best of all - you found your waist!!!!!!!!!
    big hugses!!!! xxxxxx

    1. I had to look up Missoni - I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to designers. Yep, very much Missoni, now I know!

      I'm very happy that you appreciate this outfit - because you certainly were the fairy whispering in my ear that day. I felt your presence! xxx

  5. such a serendipious find!, love how the top and skirt creates the illusion of a dress, love the pattern, love the color combo with the teal cardi and pretty violet shoes!, and love that you're feeling comfortable wearing a belt!, and looking gorgeous!!
    And still loving your bag!

  6. That's so amazing to find the matching top later on at Goodwill! I thought it was a dress until you explained and I was a bit confused when you said 'skirt'. These colours are so you and so gorgeous. As you know, I admire them on you and enjoy then vicariously. For some time now I have been really aware of what did not FEEL right, so it seems logical that when I figured out what I wanted to wear it was mainly about feel. Sometimes it can still be confusing though because part of me wants to feel like a creative, artistic, funky sort of person and yet when I put on clothing that could be described that way I feel like I am in a costume dressed as a funky artist. Perhaps my sartorial journey is about finding out that there is more than one way to be a creative, funky, artistic looking person, or else that I can be that person without having to look the part. If I tried to look like everything that I am it would probably be a bit of a hot mess anyhow.

    Artists and writers find their voice or their style eventually after they just keep on creating. In the process of that creating there is often lots of copying, experimenting, dabbling in a variety of styles and being influenced by others until eventually what you produce is authentically you even though it was arrived at through the influence of others. Dressing can be like that too. If you have a personal style you put your own spin on clothing. You are a really good example of that because you love to play with different styles. So there is the Natalia version of classic or the Natalia version of boho. I am waiting to see the Natalia version of punk. ;-)

    About finding the waist: I read once something about tying a string around yourself just under your ribcage and letting it slide down. The place where it rests will theoretically be the smallest place prior to the width of you hips which the string won't be able to get past. I don't see how this would work for every body shape (particularly not the so called apple shape) but there seems to be a certain logic to it. One is looking for the smallest part of the mid section. I just cannot stand any pressure against my waist and haven't been able to ever since getting pregnant. If I wear a belt loosely there is such little difference then between my waist and hips there seems no point in emphasising it. A cylinder with a belt in the middle does not become an hourglass. LOL A waist belt suits you. I am glad you found the comfortable place to put it.

  7. I need to check twice to make sure it is a skirt and a top...not just because they're a matching pattern but because they fit so perfectly they seem like a dress.

    You certainly look like you have caught the wave of inspiration....such a gorgeous look! thanks for sharing!

  8. What a stroke of luck to find a top that EXACTLY matches your beloved skirt, dearest Natalia!! Of course you couldn't leave it behind; not for that bargain price...and certainly not for all the future styling possibilities!! Your vintage carpet bag complements the pattern of the top and skirt perfectly...and the Dansko shoes are wonderfully appealing, too!! XOXO