Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #14: Sealife

Hello and welcome to the 14th installation of Modish Matrons, a creative link-up that my beautiful, charming and talented friends BEATE and TINA, as well as myself offer on the 1st day of every month. Join us with your interpretation of the theme or come as you are, we stay open for the whole month.

I was praising the sea so many times on my blog that you won't be surprised that for August, which was my turn to offer a theme, I picked Sealife. We are celebrating the life by the sea, with all the amazing creatures living in the ocean, with brave sailors on beautiful ships, with cozy beach cottages and gorgeous lighthouses - the sealife that draws so many of us, the sealife which we find so irresistibly romantic.

For my outfit, I mixed the new and the old. My blouse, necklace and platform shoes are from this Spring/Summer season, and the rest is old and remixed. I don't know why I wear the same hat for a few Modish Matron parties in a row - I guess I love it, and that's the best reason there is.

The pure silk blouse is from the Teresa for Eloquii collection (I wrote about it HERE, and I showed other items from it HERE, HERE and HERE). It has the most charming coral pattern with sea creatures in between: a crab, an octopus, a fish, a sand dollar, seahorses, etc. I enhanced the coral reef motif by adding the necklace from Talbots (summer sale). 

The platform sandals are by Clarks, you've seen the black version of them in THIS POST. I wore both pairs many times with different outfits, they are quite comfortable, last time I was wearing them for 8 hours straight - my feet were swollen a bit by the end of the day, but it's rather normal for a long and warm day. 

Talking about living by the sea, we took these pictures at Des Moines Marina which recently added a parking fee to help maintain the public marina and the park which we enjoy visiting a lot. It's only $1 per hour or $5 all day parking, and Des Moines residents can purchase a yearly pass (you can find all the information HERE). Paid parking isn't unusual and can get pricey in a busy downtowns such as Seattle or Tacoma, but it's quite uncommon in our suburbs and small towns, as there is plenty of land available. But in this particular case, we feel it had to be done - marinas aren't easy to maintain, and definitely not cheap, and since we love visiting the Des Moines Marina, it feels good to chip in.

I love twilight - the time of day when the sun meets the moon. The light is so soft and flattering on anyone and anything... You can see the moon on one side of the harbor and the sun on the opposite side, and as any transition, there is something magical about it.

As the moon rises over my harbor, the sun sets down quickly, hurrying to light up the other side of the world, so somewhere there in Europe my dear friends can start their day. And I know, I just know for sure that the ocean that lays between us separating our continents, will connect us some day.

Blouse - Teresa for Eloquii
Jumpsuit and purse - Old Navy (old)
Hat and sunnies - Lane Bryant (old)
Necklace - Talbots
Earrings, bracelets - gifts
Shoes - Clarks via Nordstrom Rack

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  1. its the teresa blouse!!! now i remember! such a beauty and made for you with the cute cut and the orange-y, quirky print!! the matching necklace is just wow!!!
    the jumpsuit seems perfect for a boat trip and looks great on you - the jumpsuit queen. and no wonder you always wear this hat - its a perfect hat for you - anyway what theme your look has.
    once i started from a harbor like this to a sailing trip around san juan islands.....still fond memories.......
    gorgeous photos!

  2. I could have guessed that you chose the theme this time, Natalia! Your outfit is beyond fabulous. What an amazing blouse and necklace and how clever of you to build on that coral theme. The jumpsuit is oh so cute. You've really nailed it here. Love the twilight photos at Des Moines Marina, which is a beautiful setting. Lots of love xxx

  3. LOVE IT!!!!
    - www.inmyjoi.blogspot.com

  4. Oh this blouse Natalia is soo cute. And this necklace! You look stunning in it. Your pictures are great, and I love the sundown by marina. I'm enthusiastic about our project!
    Thank you Natalia! Much love and much hugs, dicken Matronendrücker :), Tina

  5. I love that blouse and necklace and can see why the hat is a favourite! Great fun! xxx

  6. I saw your outfit at Tina's site and I thought, how amazing it is. Now seeing all the details it looks even better! I love your necklace!
    Have a nice day! Hugs from Germany!

  7. The cropped jumpsuit is so fabulous with the coral printed bliss that you accented with that complementary necklace, what a stunning combination! I saw it on instagram and swooned. Love the hat, I can see why you choose to wear it again and again! Win check your links later tonight firmly bedtime reading!!
    Happy mid week! 💋
    Xx, Elle

  8. Ok the blouse is blissful, but I do apologize for my spelling snafu !
    I have trouble with this timy font, it is high time I wore my reading glasses!
    💋 Elle

  9. Such an awesome blouse, I adore that coral and sealife print!, and it's even more awesome with the add of the beautiful necklace!. Love your brilliant accessorizing!, those sandals and the cute bag!
    Gorgeous and inspiring!

  10. Bardzo mi się podoba Twój kombinezon:)))zawsze masz śliczne dodatki:))))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  11. I love how you took seaside as an inspiration....it is really the perfect inspiration. You created a beautiful outfit. The other ladies look lovely as well!

  12. Your colorful hat looks so wonderful with your hair. No wonder you love it; it has great striping and perfect for the coast! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!