Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mountain Peaks

Yesterday was the day to admire and conquer some snowy mountain peaks. To complete that challenging task, I started with my bimonthly visit to Erica which always makes me feel like I'm on the top of the world. Erica is my hairdresser and one of the first people I got to know after relocating here from another state. We know each other for almost 10 years now, and I can't imagine my life without her. As usual, I had a fresh pixie cut, great chat over a cup of chamomile tea, and waxed my eyebrows and upper lip where I have some random hair. I also returned to my favorite and I almost want to say natural copper red (after a side trip to brown for the last couple of months) - I was born a redhead, literally, but then changed into a blond, and finally dark blond as I grew up. So it really feels like coming back to myself when I color my hair copper red. Thanks, Erica! I think everyone needs their own Erica in their life.

Then I met Justin in a local cafe, we grabbed some yummy sandwiches and went to Edmonds, the charming small town that we enjoy visiting for antiquing/thrifting/one-of-a-kind retail shopping, having great meals, taking leisurely strolls and ferry rides to Kingston - a little village across the waters of Puget Sound, on Kitsap Peninsula. The views from the ferries are simply breathtaking, especially on a clear sunny day. On the one side, you'll see the snowy Mt Baker (and Mt Butcher, and Mt Candlestick Maker... just kidding), and on the other side, the snowy Mt Rainier. Two gorgeous peaks topping our beautiful landscape.

There were two other snowy peaks that needed to be taken care of that day, those that are topping my body. I made a mistake of ordering bras online, taking advantage of the famous Nordstrom Anniversary sale and thinking that I pretty much know my size. I couldn't have been more wrong! The bras were way too small, but not around my chest, as I ignorantly thought when I tried to put them on, rather, they were a few cup sizes too small for me. So when I went to return or exchange (I wasn't sure which), the shop assistant/lingerie specialist named Emily measured my under-breasts circumference and was immediately ready to fetch me a better fitting bra. "But...what about HERE?" I asked, pointing at the breast circumference, again, rather ignorantly (what do I know, that's what they teach about figuring out your correct bra size, using a special table). "Oh we don't measure it," Emily said. "It's not accurate." I was left speechless. How on earth can she know what would fit me then?

She was able to identify my size unmistakably by just looking at my "mountain peaks"! The very first bra she brought was perfect, and I mean it, PERFECT on me! I didn't know, or rather I forgot that bras can fit so well. I had a similar experience with Nordstrom before, but that was years ago. I remember being amazed, but for some reason I thought their bras weren't affordable and later I decided to try other shops. That was wrong, wrong, wrong! That just couldn't be more wrong on my side. If you experienced something WONDERFUL, never look back! If you were AMAZED once, stick with it, whatever it is, do not try to find something "more affordable" (which really wasn't, in my case). Anyway, I'm not preaching at you - that's my advice/reminder to myself. You can use it or ignore it, it's totally up to you. But I know I will only go to Nordstrom for bra-fitting, they really know what they are doing! I'm just sharing it from my heart (and from the grateful mountain peaks), it is not an advertisement. Apparently, their staff goes through a 2 month training after which they are able to "size you up" in a blink of an eye. Miracle.

Victoria Clipper is a private passenger ferry 
connecting Seattle, WA (USA) and Victoria, BC (Canada)

Who can spot the Space Needle?

My colorful jewelry are thrift finds, I told you I had a good luck with thrifting/antiquing lately. 
I wear these beads and bangles all Summer long, they go with everything!

The lace top is also thrifted, from the Blue Boutique (a Goodwill boutique), and it was a cause of some confusion in the general public who crossed my path yesterday in Edmonds, WA. Emily (the Nordstrom lingerie expert) found such a perfect color for my skin tone (I would never be able to do it myself, I always went for beige or nude thinking that those are supposed to be my skin tone, in fact I needed a pinkish tone, duh! with my pinkish skin!), well, anyway, she did such a good job that people were staring at my boobs all day long, trying to figure out whether I had anything under my shirt. I noticed stares from both some men and some women, with a different flavor of anticipation on both sides. "How interesting!" from gentlemen, and "How scandalous!" from ladies. Interesting? Maybe. Scandalous? Who, me? Never! Staring at someone's boobs is a bit scandalous, but then, who am I to judge? I totally understand. It's hard not to notice snowy mountain peaks when they are...well, there.

Top, necklace, bracelets - thrifted
Hat, sunnies - old
African basket from a corner market (last summer)
Pants - Ashley Stewart
Platforms - Clarks (via Nordstrom Rack)

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  1. gorgeous post!!!
    and a totally beautiful outfit - very very chic! all the pieces - blouse, pants, shoes, hat, bag, jewelry.... - are pretty on its own - but together they´r much more!! you look like a 30s movie star on vacation!!
    only the hat goes in the way of your new hair´do - not much to see of it :-)
    strange behavior to look that investigative at someones boobs - and even comment! ts. i only buy bras in an "analog" shop - since ages i go to the same chain which makes a wide range of sizes and have always chic designs in big sizes too and trained, nice staff.... tried cheaper options - but NO - poor fit that goes really bad after a few wearings.
    the mountains in the background look very snowy for summer!
    tons of hugs and much love to you!!! xxxxxxx

    1. Haha, I am glad you appreciate it, Beate! Those are very tall mountains, they are snowy year-round. I thought I looked 1970s, shows what I know! :) But I love 1930s, probably my most favorite period in fashion and music. I guess the 70s borrowed some lines from the 30s... As for people, well, they look - nobody commented, that would be too rude, but I could read their inner monologues. :)

      Bras are essential to life! :)

      Lots of love!

  2. Wow Natalia xou live in a wonderful area. Those mountains are great! öhm and I mean the snowy mountains :))
    You look absolutely fabulous, I love your laceblouse and this pants are great! To buy a good bra, is an adventure. I have found a well fitting brand by myself. Emiliy done a very good job Natalia ;)
    Much love, Tina

  3. Your post made me smile in so many ways, starting with the Mt Butcher and Mt Candlestick Maker joke! But, joke aside, the views of the snowy peaks are magnificent. You are so, so lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Belgium is just plain boring compared to it. Your outfit is just perfect. Love those colourful pants and your thrifted jewellery. And the lacy top, obviously. Which brings me to the other mountain peaks: a perfectly fitting bra is such a joy and yes, I am always amazed lingerie shop assistants know your size just by looking at you. I am sticking to the same brand too, quality is definitely a must when it comes to bras! Lots of love xxx

    1. Belgium is famous for its cozy fairy-tale-ish towns!! It's what's so wonderful about European countries, the ancient history, the gorgeous architecture, the atmosphere! But you are right - America is absolutely fantastic when it comes to nature, such wide spectrum in just one country, and the State of Washington (and I believe Oregon too) has 4 different nature/climate zones, amazing! I live in appreciation of this beauty for 10 years now.

      I am glad I made you smile, my dear Ann, it was my intention! Lots of love!

  4. Those snow-capped mountains are glorious, what lovely photos. Your outfit is fabulous, too. I do love the wild print of your trousers and those colourful bangles.
    Us Brits love Marks and Spencers for bras. Best underwear ever. xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Vix! I thought this wild print and colors would be to your liking! Don't you love it when shops know what they are doing, especially in such a delicate matter?

  5. Często do Ciebie zaglądam i podziwiam :))))widzę że pięknie się ubierasz i odwiedzasz fajne miejsca:)))śliczna bluzka:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))))))))))

  6. Dear Natalia, you look wonderful in your 1970's vibe outfit, the bright pants work beautifully with the lace top. Your snow capped mountains are certainly quite a sight. So pleased your other peaks are now happy in their new bra, their definately is a learned skill to fitting one correctly.Enjoy your week.

  7. I agree with 'polyester princess', Your post made me smile in so many ways!!. Finding a good bra fitting is like finding gold!, and is also very important to find the perfect color for your skin tone (mine is 'almond' and it has taken years to find it), even if it means that people would stare at your peaks!;DDD. Your beautiful lace top is a fab piece!, and love your bijouterie, and colorful pants!.
    Fabulous landscapes!