Saturday, July 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #13: Safari

Our July theme was offered by Beate, and it sounded like this:
Heia Safari: What would you wear if you only could shop your closet for packing that suitcase.
Now, that's a challenge! Anyone could feel puzzled if not defeated by this theme! Anyone but fierce and fearless MODISH MATRONS (insert drum roll here)! Tina and myself followed Beate's lead and created our own versions of African travel worthy outfits. As always, I cannot wait to see the girls' interpretations. Please join me - let's go visit BEATE und TINA

I used to own a few safari style pieces, but at this point it isn't my favorite style, and I had to get down to basics. A travel to Africa calls first of all for comfortable clothes made from natural, breathable fabric, a hat for sun protection and leather walking shoes. The rest was left to one magical thing - iMAgiNAtiON...

Dear Mother and Father,
Justin and I have just arrived in Africa. It was a long and rather exhausting journey, but now we are finally here. Our ship left New York on time, and we crossed the ocean uneventfully and without any major troubles. We were caught up in a storm once or twice, but other than that, the ocean was blue and beautiful. We were followed by a swarm of vicious sharks for what seems like hundreds of miles, but other than that, it was really all nice and quiet. Our captain was the most competent and lovely Pennsylvania born fellow whose grandparents emigrated from Sweden. We knew we were in good hands. Who else knows about seas and boats if not Swedes. Oddly enough, the ship restaurant menu did not offer any dishes with pickled herring, which Justin really counted on, but there was plenty of chicken.

Upon our arrival to Cape Town, we were greeted by a telegram from Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. I am sure that you remember our dear old friends Martin and Osa from Kansas who spent quite a few years studying, exploring, filming and writing about Africa and made quite a few appearances in all the main American newspapers (you can read the articles attached to my letter, right HERE). Justin and I had been assisting them doing research and working from the New York Public Library. But of course, you know Justin too well - he does not have the nick name The Real Adventure Man for nothing. So when the Johnsons needed our assistance in their current expedition, we both were extremely thrilled. To be asked to assist these excellent explorers not only researching, but actually exploring this least discovered continent and work on writing and filming with the legendary Johnsons who have already made a history! Oh my!

In the telegram, Martin and Osa instructed us about a train we had to take in order to meet them here in Kenya. They assured us that our trip would be very safe, so we did not have to worry. We followed the instructions and took a train to Kenya. Oh the beauty we saw all around us! Justin made a good use of his new camera and took many photographs of all sorts of wild beasts. Lions, tigers! Elephants, zebras, giraffes! Antelopes! Rhinoceros! Before our trip to Africa, we only were able to see some of them in a zoo park. And of course Mount Kilimanjaro is truly magnificent!

A few short days later, you can finally find us here, at the White Rhino Hotel. Martin and Osa, being the most delightful friends, booked a room for Justin and myself, as well as two rooms for our dearest friends from Europe who are supposed to be here shortly. You must remember them, dear Mother and Father, as I've told you a lot about Tina and Beate, the lovely and adventurous women, and their brave and courageous spouses. 

White Rhino Hotel is built in a surprisingly substantial way. We haven't seen our room yet, as it looks like Martin and Osa are out for a walk in the village and haven't left us a key to the room. They must have adapted to the local climate quite well. I am tempted to describe this heat as unbearable though, and I am wearing a dress made of the finest batiste from Northern France, which was found at the most exquisite New York shop! 

While waiting for the Johnsons' return and our European friends' arrival, I documented the latest details of our journey in my journal, while Justin made a use of his photo camera again. At first, we found it surprising that locals had almost no interest in such an exotic to them modern tool, only to later realize that the locals by now must have gotten used to all sorts of tools, including film cameras that Martin and Osa use in their work.

The heat is getting positively unbearable... and where are the Johnsons, anyway? 

Well, dear Mother and Father, it is time to wrap up my letter to you - my first letter from Africa. I will write as frequently as I can about our life, work and adventures on this beautiful and little known continent. Promise to not worry about us. Africa is great! And I assure you that I always wear my amulet - Grandmother's beautiful earrings. It was so generous of the Queen to give them to her, so sweet! Justin sends his love. 
Your daughter, Natalia 
White Rhino Hotel, Kenya, Africa
July 23, 1934.  

Photos by Justin
Sepia "print" by me
Location: West Hylebos Wetlands Park, Federal Way, WA
(not too many savannas in our Evergreen State) 


My safari outfit:
Dress - Teresa for Eloquii
Hat and sunglasses - Lane Bryant (old)
Shoes - Josef Seibel (old)
Queen Earrings - Chico's (old)
African basket from a village corner shop

Justin's safari outfit:
almost exclusively from Cabela's
Walking boots - Ecco's

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  1. natasha! loooove that post very very much!!!! <3 <3 <3
    what a genius idea with the letter! and you totally get the tone of a naive, middel class, american woman! absolutely gorgeous! right out of the writers closet!
    when i saw the collage i slapped my head - of cause - justin is wearing this look 24/7! and the real adventure man made some very beautiful photos of you!!! you´r a fabulouse couple!
    thank you for the invitation to kenia ;-D
    this dress is the white sister of that dead chic blue one - right?! its perfect on you! you remember me on katharine hepburn in "the african queen" :-))) if you not have seen the movie you definitely should - its a really great one!
    let me hug you! sending you lots of love! thank you for that marvelous party! xxxxxx

    1. I am tickled to know that you loved the post! Thank you for the idea - it throw me off at first, but I loved that from the challenge, came much imagination! Yes, those are sister dresses. They are fantastic, I love them so much!! Even Justin said that I should fill my wardrobe with pieces like these! :)) Thank you for the movie recommendation, I will certainly watch it. Justin watched it before and loved it!

      Lots of love and thank you for the great party, my dear!!

  2. Ohhh Natalia! I have not the right english words to say how great I find this post!
    I love all thes words, the letter idea, it's a great time trip I looooooooooooooooooooove it all! Stunning dress and accessoires. Love Love Love!
    Much love and many big hugs Tina

    1. My dear Tina, you've said everything you needed to say to make me extremely happy! Giggles! Thank you for this wonderful party!! Lots of love! <3

  3. What a smart and charming idea, dear Natalia!
    Thank you for the honest letter and documents of your adventurous journey of 1934. Your're a really original and pittoresque couple coming to Kenya. Simply wonderful!
    You made my day!:-)
    Best regards

    1. And you made my day, dear Sieglinde! Thank you so much for your warm and enthusiastic comment! <3

  4. I love it all Natalia!!!

  5. Wonderful, dearest Natalia -
    a letter novel, a photo story, an outfit reminiscent of "Out of Africa" - you staged the Safari theme perfectly and very entertaining! And great also your "Adventure Man" in his outfit as well as the photos he took!
    Thank you for this brilliant post
    and hugs from Austria,

  6. Piękna sukienka:)))bardzo klimatyczne zdjęcia:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  7. Oh My! You three outdo yourselves! It's Canada Day here and as I had a few minutes before meeting friends for music and fun in the sun, I stepped into your imaginary world, wondering if you'd posted something new! Did you ever!! Thank you for the fun, all of you modish matrons! This is the best ever! (Except possibly your "I live in castle, Natalia, which I didn't think could be outdone!) xo

    1. Wahoo! Happy Canada Day! Happy 4th of July! Happy safari! And happy creating!!!

  8. Natalia, what a wonderful post! Love all those photos made in a vintage style, they indeed look like being taken in the 1930s. Beautiful and interesting writing and simply fabulous dress!

  9. What a brilliant post, your humour shine through and I love how you got Justin on board with his signature great explorer style.
    That dress is perfect for a time travelling safari and you look fabulous in it.
    I think in real life both of us wouldn't fare well on a safari, with our love of colour we'd end up being eaten by tigers! xxx

    1. Oh my dear, you made me laugh!!! I hope we won't be eaten by tigers!!! Beate and Tina will come to the rescue! Lots of love :)

  10. I loved reading this post, Natalia. That photo of you and Justin is a perfect accompaniment to your clever story. You are such a gifted writer. Fabulous dress too! xxx

    1. Thank you for your kindness, my dear! It means a lot to me that you loved my writing! <3

  11. I can only agree with everyone , this is a very clever post and I enjoyed it very much. Your dress is perfect for an African safari , very ''Out of Africa"and Justin is the perfectly attired companion. Bravo my friend!

    1. Thank you, Jill! It was a joy to create this post, Justin and I had lots of fun! I watched Out of Africa many years ago, will have to watch it again now! <3