Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rock On!

This was a couple of weeks ago, on a warm sunny Sunday, when we went shopping for The Real Adventure Man (a.k.a. Justin) and found, to our delight, colorful shirts and a few pairs of shorts just to his liking and in his size, and since there are semi-annual sales right now, the prices were good as well. Later, we planed going to a park and at first had something particular in mind, but when we were passing Steilacoom, a charming old town on the way to our destination, I noticed a beach park that we haven't visited before, and spontaneously decided to stop there.

The park's parking lot was open to locals with a special permit or to anyone else for $5 per day. That is a little unusual, because most of our city or town parks are free, but even more unusual was the way we had to feed this vintage parking meter. It's a good thing I had a $5 bill with me, nowadays I rarely carry cash since everything is paid with a card or even via phone. Not here! To fit a bill into the slim slit designed for coins, I had to fold it a few times. It was fun though as it made me imagine and experience old days, and you know me, I am pretty old-fashioned. 

Have you noticed my red skirt reflection and did you see Justin?
He says by the way that such parking meters used to be everywhere, and even when he worked in Seattle 
a few years back, their parking lot had the same parking meter.

We spent a couple of hours relaxing on the sandy beach, watching the world go by. All sorts of people would come and go: romantic couples, groups of teens, families with kids... At some point, Justin noticed a little girl digging at the sand behind our backs. He didn't thought twice about it and didn't even mention it to me until later - but when we were ready to leave, I found another painted rock! It was just the next day after we found the seal rock that made me reveal my big secret to you! And again, it was just perfect for me - look how it echoes my outfit! Maybe that was why the little artist decided to hide it near us?

We took a few pictures of my outfit right before leaving, in the last rays of sun which always gift the softest, warmest light... And I love that Justin caught the red and blue train passing by!

A hidden painted's so simple, and yet so heartwarming, so magical when you find one. A little love from someone who doesn't even know you. If you aren't in a good mood, it will cheer you up. If you have a sorrow, it will give you a hand to comfort, as if it was a kind friend. And if you feel good and dream a new life dream, it will whisper in your ear the words of encouragement and support. I kept this rock for a few days and then let Anya re-hide it in another park, for someone else to find it and be surprised. To pass our love. We love you, Tacoma! Rock on!

Skirt - Teresa for Eloquii
Denim shirt - thrifted (also shown in a few outfits HERE)
Hat, sunglasses - Lane Bryant (old)
Jewelry - gifts or thrift finds
Sandals - Dansko via Nordstrom Rack
Purse - old

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  1. such a summery color combo, love your red skirt and your cute sandals (they really rock!) and all your accessorizing!, you look gorgeous!
    And so cool that we can see the photographer's reflection on the photographed object. So playful!
    Fabulous pictures!

  2. Natalia you look amazing and this little find is wonderfull :) What a luck, Natalia!
    Your earrings are sooo cute ;)
    Much love and a big hug Tina

    1. I am sooo happy you noticed my earrings, Tina! I think they are so adorable! Hand carved out of wood and painted! :)

  3. Red, white and blue are such a lovely combination on you and how fortuitous to find a rock to match your outfit!
    $5 for all day parking? I think your head would explode if you visited the UK. It's pretty rare to get free parking and in some cities you'll have to pay in excess of £30 for a day.I've never seen a parking meter like yours, though! xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! Glad it was something new to you. Yes, here too, in the cities, busy downtown, parking can get crazily expensive. But in suburbs and small towns it is typically free! :)

  4. You're looking fantastic in your red, blue and white combo. That skirt is simply divine! And how lucky you were to find another painted rock! I love that parking meter, which is a true piece of modern history. And I totally agree with you: Justin did a wonderful job catching that red and blue train. It really enhances the photo! Lots of love xxx

    1. The funny thing is that he didn't really notice the train! Serendipity at its best! :)

  5. you´r wearing my outfit!! :-D
    ok. not exactly the same pieces - but thats my uniform: a blouse with a full midi skirt - both colorful usually, mostly patterned. flat sandals, cute bag.
    but you added a hat!
    no need to say that i looove your look and the gorgeous photos!!
    that parking meter has a interesting technology - never seen such here. things you learn while blogging.
    and - another stone! magic! i like to paint some and release them........
    much love to you!! xxxxxx

    1. I think you will love painting rocks, they say it's addictive!! Very therapeutic too. I am happy that you love this outfit and recognize it as "yours"! I don't do it on purpose, but I realize that you influence my sense of style, and I am happy that you do! <3

  6. Such a delicate lady today! I too love the train running around the shore like a colourful bead necklace.
    That parking meter was worth the five dollars, it was so cool! Rock on Tacoma and Natasha and Justin!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. It was absolutely worth it, no complaints at all. :) And I had exact same thought - the train as a necklace, so sweet! <3

  7. Love the red eyelet on you , with the dotted blouse! Fabulous and how cool to have found a painted rock, am done that matches you, a lovely coincidence! You look lovely on this adventure. I wish we had more parks near me...oh well..
    Yes, rock on !!!
    Xx, Elle

    1. You have Central Park! :) :) :) Thank you, Elle, I thought that the pattern play (blouse/skirt/jewelry) was pretty good. :) <3

  8. Your pretty blouse and beautiful red eyelet skirt looks so good on you! I love the detail. You look fabulous in hats and I love this style on you. What a lovely area for the day and cool painted rock! :-))
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. What a fun straw Fedora, and perfect for a sunny day at the beach! I love coming across unexpected artistic treasures! Thank you for participating in Hat Attack.