Friday, September 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #15: Inspired by Nature

Hello, dear friends, and welcome to the 15th issue of MODISH MATRONS!
This month, Tina is leading the way with the theme she offers - Inspired by Nature! And what can be better, especially when I am such a huge fan of green? And, as you will soon discover, I am not the only one. Do visit my adorable friends TINA und BEATE to see all the masterful details of their, naturally, GREEN outfits!

I got the idea for my outfit while sorting out pictures I took recently at Bloedel Reserve with my phone. Perhaps, you will even recognize this tree from other photos in my post HERE. What always strikes me about forest, woods and other natural areas, is that they only look monochromatic at the first glance, but if you pay attention, there are all sorts of hues and shades of green, from bluish to yellowish, and they coexist in a perfect harmony next to each other.

So I wanted to create a monochromatic green outfit with items from my closet. And when you work with what you've got (meaning, not purchasing anything new for the occasion), it can lead you to some very unlikely combinations, but somehow they came together quite nicely for a one-of-a-kind ensemble. The jumpsuit is celebrating its 4th year in my wardrobe and, as I discovered on the day of the photo shoot (oops), is in need of some repairs by now. The linen blazer is by Talbots, and the original cost is quite high for my standard, but at a thrift shop it was under $17, brand new with tags! Talbots means quality and classic designs, but I also love this company because they are not shy with colors. The only thing I'm not crazy about is a polyester lining in linen clothes - I suppose it's designed for offices with air conditioning, not for being out and about.  

The new pair of golden sandals is by Clarks, and I love the timeless design. It was a gift from my daughter, since I spent a gift card I received from her for my birthday back in May. I used an additional discount for a black pair (no such thing as too many shoes, right?).

The tapestry backpack is pretty old - I had it when I lived in Russia and left it there for my nephew (then a school boy). Years later, Mom brought it here for Anya, so it made a whole circle. It also needs some TLC, so I guess I am starting a mending pile. The little lion is a character from a popular Soviet cartoon, and it always puts a smile on my face. Both brooches (if you noticed, the Little Lion has a friend!) are from Chico's, bought with a deep discount. The earrings are from the same brand, bought a few years earlier.

It was a hot day, and we kept ourselves busy, running from one place to another, so I wore flip-flops and no jacket. I thought that the addition of the linen blazer + golden heels would make a nice outfit for a seaside dinner or something like it, when the temperatures cool down. I would also wear it to an office or a business meeting - it would make me think refreshing thoughts about walks in nature. :)

Join us! What outfit would you wear inspired by nature? 

Jumpsuit - Ashley Stewart (old)
Linen blazer - Talbots (thrifted, new with tags)
Jewelry - Chico's (different years)
Sandals - Clarks via Nordstrom Rack
Backpack - from Russia (old)
Sunglasses - Lane Bryant (old)

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  1. totally love how you "dressed up" your green jumpsuit!
    (and i wish i were near you so i would do your mending pile while you telling me stories :-D )
    clarks makes some fine vintage-looking shoes - they look totally late 70s or even 40s! fab!!! the animal brooches are very sweet yet chic - perfekt with the earrings.
    you know a have a love for items with a story behind - like the little sack with the lion - its traveled fare, more then most people :-)
    that we are all green today is wondrous and - on the other hand - not. it makes me very happy <3 <3 <3
    hugses!!! xxxxxxx

    1. We are definitely connected at some mysterious level, you, Tina and me! :)
      ps Love the idea of mending/storytelling! :)

  2. Loving this look & the shades of green!!

  3. SO much like the lovely forest, your mint and olive outfit is gorgeous and harmonious! The comparison is spot on! Also love girl friends outfits as well, very beautiful.
    The tapestry bag is quite special too, whimsical and rich looking !
    Enjoy the long weekend.
    Xx, Elle

  4. Being a great lover of woods and forests, I can only agree that there is such variety in the available colours and textures, all blending in magnificently while unique at the same time. Green is such a great colour, and I'm being drawn to it again and again. I love your jumpsuit (I really need one of my own) but I especially love how you complimented it with that amazing linen jacket. The pretty brooch and earrings have my full approval too! Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love xxx

  5. You look great in green Natalia! This jumpsuit is wonderfull, perfect match with this linen blazer. I love our MM project so much Natalia, and it's wonderful we all choose green :)
    Big hugh and mach love, Tina <3<3
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Pięknie wyglądasz w tym zielonym kombinezonie:)))ślicznie dobrane dodatki i bardzo fajna torebka:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))))

  7. I love the deep green shade of your jumpsuit. The beaded brooch and earrings are beautiful!

    Emma xxx

  8. Dearest Natalia,
    your nature-inspired outfit has great class - a great combination, your overall and the blazer! Wonderful green nuances and very nice accessories - I like to believe that the lion makes you smile, and certainly gives you pleasure too
    the butterfly and the ... is it a hummingbird on the backpack with the pretty history?
    I am this time again joining MM - with a dress in wood shades and a leopard print belt. Another dress in green would also fit ... sometimes I can not decide what is the better MM look ;-)
    Hugs and best wishes, Traude
    PS: In my current post I also wear Clarks Boots: They are the red ones in my "classic car outfit" ...

    1. Great to have your outfits here again!! And yes, you spotted right - it's a hummingbird!
      Lots of love!

  9. lovely color combo, those greens work together in an unexpected way, which is fabulous!. Lovely accessorizing too, I like all the details and your shoes look very glamourous (and comfy!)

  10. You nd Tina are a perfect match!
    I love how you've glammed up your jumpsuit. What a versatile piece, it is! xxx

  11. You look enchanting in this green outfit. That jumpsuit looks great on you and the blazer is lovely as well. I'm a big fan of green!