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A Merriem-Webster dictionary online defines the French word potpourri (literally: "rotten pot", a name for a meat stew popular in 17th century) as "a mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent" or as "a miscellaneous collection". In the last September post, I decided to bring you a potpourri of my outfits, suitable for a transitional season. I wore these ensembles either in Spring of this year or in Fall a couple of years back, and even prepared photos for publication, but for whatever reason changed my mind and did not post them before, with one exception, when I posted and then changed my mind and deleted that post (yes, my mood can be that changeable - women, eh?). In this mix, I threw together a bunch of colors, shapes and styles; some leaves, petals, and even some bark; and a few classical paintings to make my potpourri more interesting and palatable. Have I stirred up your curiosity? No more introductions then - dive into my recipe!

Pot Pourri, 1897 by  Herbert James Draper (1863-1929)

Part One: PETALS

I wore this pansy dress with a long textured sleeveless jacket and bright magenta suede loafers last April. Not sure why I wasn't satisfied with this outfit. Now when I look back at these pictures, I find it rather lovely. (I wore this dress slightly differently HERE.) For a more Autumnal feel, I would change into velvet booties, perhaps olive green or burgundy, how royally they would look!

Magnolia from Point Defiance Park (April 2017)

Part Two: SPICES

Last May, I wore this crazy mix of patterns and textures while living in a castle (if you don't know about My Life in a Castle, read HERE). It was surprisingly warm weekend, so I mostly wore a summer dress or these linen pants with a matching kimono (HERE), but evenings were still quite cool, so I was glad that I brought extra layers with me. I used the rope belt from my linen suit to give myself a little waist definition, and wore black socks with my sandals (smart additional use of summer footwear). My ring and earrings are cinnabar, bought at different times and different places. You can see this tapestry coat (it actually is made of a woven fabric - it isn't a print) in other combinations HERE and HERE, and this poncho sweater HERE.

For Saint Dorothea's Day, 1899 by  Herbert James Draper (1863-1929)

Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington (May 2017)

Part Three: HERBS & BARK

A Young Beauty Holding a Bouquet of Flowers by Fritz Zuber-Buhler (1822-1896)

This one was from October 2015. Rust and green together is one my favorite color combination, and I was longing to create. The dress and hat are from an inexpensive brand Charlotte Russe. My shawl is a Russian platok that my parents bought in Russia and brought while visiting us a couple of years ago, and my booties are very old (10 years or so), from Spanish brand Pikolinos. The earrings are really unique - they are hand-carved from birch bark, traditional Russian folk art example. 

Part Four: LEAVES

What can be more natural than painting women with flowers...
or painting women playing a dress-up, right?

Dressing Up by Fritz Zuber-Buhler (1822-1896)

And the final part of my potpourri - another Spring outfit which, thanks to layering, as well as saturated colors, actually reads as rather Autumnal. See what I've done here? I wear a T-shirt under my sleeveless dress (also shown HERE and HERE) and a cardigan of a similar mustard green color, and I can be as warm as I need. I also had a light scarf and denim jacket that early April day, in case I get cold. The photos were taken on our walk in Point Defiance Park, after which we hopped on a ferry to islands, just spontaneously... that is another reason why I love taking pictures - they really do bring back vivid memories of our days!

With these images of a blooming Spring garden, I leave you to enjoy my colorful and fragrant potpourri. I'm very curious what ingredient was your favorite? Or you, like me, appreciate the mix?

You see, what the Merriem-Webster dictionary does not know yet, is that a person's style can also be defined with the French word potpourri. A miscellaneous collection, a mixture of things, not exactly well thought out or even sorted out, gathered mostly at a whim, and living together in a "jar" - this writer's closet. Perhaps a little strange, uneven, sometimes trendy, other times out of fashion, and certainly unlike any other potpourri out there.

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  1. Natalia I love all these styles. I love the differences and creativity in all these looks. Sooo much better than always wearing denim and shirt, soo boaring. I think autumn is the perfect season for you.
    Enjoy your weekend, my dear friend. Looking forward to tomorrow:)
    Huge hug Tina

  2. What a lovely post, Natalia! Some glorious outfits punctuated with stunning art and glorious blooms.
    I had no idea about the first definition of Pot pourri, rotten pot indeed. I think the delicately scented bowl of beautifully preserved petals is far closer to your lovely outfits.
    Herbs and Park is my favourite, featuring those glorious spicy tones that I always associate with you, a nod to your heritage with the shawl, the quirkiness of your trilby and ankle boots and that wonderful green nail polish. Gorgeous. xxx

  3. Wszystkie zestawy piękne,trudno wybrać ten najładniejszy:))))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

  4. This post reminds me of Beate and Sacramento with their flowers and art. Imagine eating " rottenpot"... Yum yum 😬
    I really love your linen suit one and the one from 2015. You look so confident and relaxed in the former and so sweet and demure in the latter. Oh and I looove your writing!
    Have a lovely rest of the weekend. Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Wow, so many great transitional outfits to choose from! My favourite is herbs and bark, with that fabulous rust and green combo. That shawl is fantastic! I love the hat too, and of course those birch bark earrings! Wonderful stuff! Lots of love xxx

  6. i almost missed that post, have to talk to my radar station....
    and i would have missed a lot!!
    not only in numbers of outfits - but in quality! so many fabulous ideas for wearing light clothes in chilly conditions. and all that wonderful textures, colors, patterns and shapes......
    and all this inspirational art! great!!!!
    hugest hugses & much love! xxxxxx

  7. You're so creative, Natalia - I love this fashion and art idea. Herbs and bark is my favorite, but all these looks are original/fabulous. xox



  9. I seriously thought I was looking at Señora Allnut in the "Part 2, Spices" picture! But no, it was you Natalia, being very creative and artistic - great fun! What a potpourri of art and outfits you've given us here. I can't choose one over the other, they're all fantastic! Your Russian shawl is perhaps the best. There's something bohemian and a bit decant about the long fringes and the rich colour - love it!

    1. actually, the 'spices' outfit is something I would like to wear, the stripes, the different layers and shapes!, so much fun!
      I always enjoy this kind of artistic inspiration, the paintings, the colors, all the different styles and colors. Really love this post!