Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Again

Spring! And Earth is like a child
who has learned many poems by heart.
For the trouble of that long learning
she wins the prize.

Her teacher was strict. We loved the white
of the old man's beard. Now we can ask her
the many names of green, of blue,
and she knows them, she knows them!

Earth, school is out now. You're free
to play with the children. We'll catch you,
joyous Earth. The happiest will catch you!

All that the teacher taught her—the many thoughts
pressed now into roots and long
tough stems: she sings! She sings!

Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy)

Frühling ist wieder gekommen. Die Erde 
ist wie ein Kind, das Gedichte weiss; 
viele, o viele.... Für die Beschwerde 
langen Lernens bekommt sie den Preis.
Streng war ihr Lehrer. Wir mochten das Weiße 
an dem Barte des alten Manns. 
Nun, wie das Grüne. das Blaue heiße, 
dürfen wir fragen: sie kann's, sie kann's!

Erde, die frei hat, du glückliche, spiele 
nun mit den Kindern. Wir wollen Dich fangen, 
fröhliche Erde. Dem Frohsten gelingts.

O,was der Lehrer sie lehrte, das Viele, 
und was gedruckt steht in Wurzeln und langen 
schwierigen Stämmen: sie singt's, sie singt's!

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

Снова весна! 
И земля ученица кончила труд свой, 
на сотню ладов будут теперь растекаться и литься 
Много, о, много звенящих стихов!

Строг был учитель, укутанный в иней.
Если же спросим сегодня поля:
Что это значит зеленый на сини?
Может, о, может ответить Земля!

Смейся, Земля! 
Это счастье победы празднуй с детьми!
Кто-то самый веселый смех твой поймает,
обгонит полет.

Всё, что запомнилось с прошлого года,
Всё, что впечаталось в ветви и смолы, 
в недра и корни - поёт!
О, поёт!

Райнер Мария Рильке (перевод Зинаиды Миркиной)

Dress - eShakti
Faux leather biker jacket - Eloquii
Shoes - Dansko

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  1. fabulous post!!
    love the poem and thanx for doing the german version too - just was half on the way to google to find it :-D
    this dress is so gorgeous and you look beautiful with your lovely smile in the sun - under the cherry tree! epitome of spring!!
    and i love that you did no accessories - it adds to the lightness of the moment!
    justin has outdone himself with this photos! such joyous atmosphere! happy spring my dear!
    huge hugses from the woods - which feel like siberia again - 10cm snow & icy winds & -10°C!

    1. This Winter dance with Spring is strange and awkward this year, isn't it?
      But we know that Spring is inevitable! Continuing Rilke's metaphor, maybe Spring has just a few last lessons to learn and poems to memorize! :)
      Lots of love!

  2. I love Rilke. Great poet. Natalia thank you for these stunning pictures. Spring! And you look so amazing in this cute dress. We have snow again, bäääh I look your pictures again.... Spring!
    Huge hug Tina

    1. It is coming, Tina! Just a few more poems to memorize! :)

  3. That is such a moving poem, Natalia! Thank you for sharing and making my heart sing! I am so in love with your dress: it is fabulous in every way. The photos are heart-warming too: I especially love the one where you're tilting your face toward the sun, soaking up her life-giving rays. And I totally agree with Beate that cherry blossom is the epitome of Spring. Lots of love xxx

    1. I am so glad it is moving to you too, Ann! I wonder whether you understand German? I wish I could appreciate the original poem, but alas, my German is non-existent these days. But the Russian translation is simply divine! Lots of love!

    2. I understand German, Natalia, and I can speak it a little too. I'm glad to be able to read Beate's and Tina's posts in German, and only have to look up the odd word. xxx

    3. I had a feeling you do, Ann! I would like to some day.

  4. We are such suncentric creatures.
    You really epitomise spring in this dress. Beautiful backdrop and lighting. The little ducks!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. We are, aren't we? Especially here, after a long and almost sunless winter...
      This is a local migratory sea duck - Barrow's goldeneye, they are amazing!

  5. The prose, this dress, magical dogwoods in bloom... what a fabulous feast for the mind and eye!
    I am with you all the way, yes to spring. Welcome !!!
    But it is still not here yet ...
    Gorgeous red jacket too!
    Wishing you splendid spring days ahead!

    1. Spring was a bit capricious this year, wasn't she? :)
      Thank you, dear Elle!

  6. What a beautiful dress! This blue pattern with red flowers is so lovely. It looks so pretty on you. I also really like your subtle make up with just a bit of shimmery effect. Very sweet & appropriate for the spring. The red leather jacket is the perfect way to finish off this outfit. You look radiant! very beautiful and happy:).

    What a nice location as well! That almond tree is wonderful.

    Rilke is a great poet and it was lovely to read him in different translations...and what I shame I can't read him in original. I couldn't understand the poem in German, unfortunately I'm still not familiar with this language. Beautiful poem!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! I am sure Rilke's poem is wonderful in German. The Russian translation is very beautiful, I think. Such unusual metaphors!

      There are at least 3 or 4 hypotheses about that tree! :) I thought it was a cherry tree, but I am no expert! I looked up almond trees, and they are closest to this particular one, and I am sure you are familiar with almond trees, so you know what you're talking about, unlike some Siberian girls who are not very informed about cherry or almond trees! :)

  7. How lovely to see Spring - we're still in the depths of winter here!
    That dress is gorgeous, the jacket is perfect with it and the setting is lovely, too.
    Send us some of that warmth, will you? I've forgotten what bare arms feel like! xxx

    1. Thank you, dear! Spring is coming, and I am happy to send you some of our warmth and sunshine (though it got chillier here too in the last couple of days).

  8. Lovely dress and beautiful shots! I'd love you to join my weekly #linkup Hun. #chicandstylish over at Jacqui x

  9. dear lady, you make us feel all those inspiring spring breeze, the flowers, your dress, your smile in the sunshine!! and the pretty poem to lift our spirits!
    (I'm late on my commenting, but couldn't resist this the blooming party!!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Monica! I am glad you made it to this blooms & poetry party! :)